New Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander Purchase

So I went to get a 2019 model high end car and I got talked into a new model they had on the lot for 10k off the sales price.

I did leave a refundable deposit and now I’m thinking what better deal I can get.

RRP is $68k. They have offered $59k with rego and full transfers

Second hand 2019 is $55k with 10k on the clock but I need transfer fee (1500) and not 12 months rego

Looking to ask if anyone has got any cracker EOFY deal and if I can go to another dealer and get some extras thrown in ?

I did not want to spend $60k but would prefer to spend $55k for the same

Is this possible?

Car is Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander


  • Bait and switch. Perfect example.

    would prefer to spend 55 for the same

    You should have offered $55k for the new one.

    What year is the new one? Was it already registered?

    I did leave a refundable deposit

    Under what conditions is it refundable? Did you sign a contract of sale?

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    You left a deposit. You do want it.

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    It's a 13% discount already. More than likely an old stock demo vehicle they register to inflate sales figures.

    Your example $55k vehicle + stamp duty ($2,310) + rego ($835) + transfer fee ($41) = $58,168. Around an $800 saving for 10,000km.

    • Yep, is take the new one for that coin.

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    So you took the bait and switch on a version you didn't want and left a deposit now you want to go elsewhere to shop that around.
    1. Do your research into the model and spec you want before going into the dealer. This includes working out a likely price to deal with.
    2. Go into a dealer with an expected model and spec and stick to it.
    3. Go into the dealer with a budget and stick to it.
    4. Bargain for deal which includes any extras, mats, petrol, tinting etc.
    4. If the price and spec don't meet your expectations leave and go elsewhere.

    You should be able to get your deposit back within a time period if you have signed a contract. Read T&C.

    I actually think the salesperson did well and saw you coming. Did you want fries with that.

  • Why would the deposit be refundable.
    This is not an option to purchase so you can go shopping after signing looking for a better deal.
    You have signed a purchase order for a car and made a part payment.
    You own it or will be chased for 5% cancellation fee.

  • Regarding EOFY deals, it does depend on the model. I went to Mazda yesterday looking for a new Mazda 2 for my mum. All dealers have 1-2mths wait due to COVID shutdown of their factory. Plus they are having a sale this weekend. One dealer sold 6 x Mazda's 2's on Friday, and considering the number of people I saw yesterday I think they'll sell similar amounts. Another dealer sold 24 Mazda's on Friday.

    I've been told by multiple people dealers don't make much money off cheaper (RRP around $20,000) cars. The info comes from customers/dealers so I'm not sure how much truth there is in it.

    WRT the OP. Is the new car the same specs as the used 2019 model? Is the "new" car actually a demo model? If so I would try to get it down to $55k to match the 2019 model.

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    I went and looked at a new Santa Fe Highlander just last weekend. Right off the bat they gave me a price of $58870 (the AWD diesel). I assume I could have negotiated further but in the end I went for a Tiguan Allspace Highline as I felt it was better to drive and better looking. Admittedly the Santa Fe has more features and is a great car but ultimately my heart said Tiguan.

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      The VW has a great adaptive/sensory driving modes. The best i've used so far.

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        VW also has great customer service……………….or so my friends who have had VW/Audi's told me. Oh wait……

    • Hi Cainen, Thanks for this post as it make me think that I can get a better deal - Can I ask was that with a ABN for that deal?

      The car i left a deposit on was a Brand new no demo model - not even plates on it yet.

      I tried my other dealer and they said no way for that deal.

      Deposit is refundable - I have a clause I put on the Contract that I can pull out for 2 reasons - Just need to execute one.

      The model they have is exactly what i want. I have tried to get a cheaper 2018/2019 but at the end of the day it is $5k more for the brand new version which also is the TM2 model not the TM1. I just need to squeeze to get a 2.99 finance rate and i'll pull the trigger on this one i Think - Thanks for the assistance everyone.

      • Yep that was with ABN.

        • Ok Cheers, They said it would be $500 more if not with a ABN, I have one but don't want to get it tied up in a personal purchase

      • Hi ballabooyeah, wonder why its less expensive with ABN? Here in NSW, I think we pay more for ABN as business registration is little bit more.

  • There is a new one coming out next year if you can wait. Much nicer, especially the interior. Images already out. I'm waiting for that.

  • Yes I can see it is out in Europe already

    I have no car!

    Still torn to go with it or not..

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    I have double checked and the new model due to supply issues will not arrive till Jan 2021.
    I’ve pulled the trigger and got it for 59500 without a ABN

    Happy with it and collecting next week.Thanks cainen for your comment as this saved me $500.

    Love this forum, thanks all

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