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Steel Blue - Steel Cap Boots (Argyle, Whiskey) $99.95 (Was $199.95) Delivered @ Workwear Hub


Black Steel Blue safety boots. Half price and plenty of sizes for anyone looking for safety boots. I prefer the ones with zipper sides but for $100 can't go wrong. There are other boots on sale but not as big as a discount. I bought a pair.

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  • Free?

    • apparently…

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        My bad. Price included. Cut me some slack, I'm meant to be 'working'. :)

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    Blue Steel 😍

      • Right on 😍

        • one of my favourite movies.

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            @jv: Mirman. Everyone’s fave. Weird that image is hosted at Radio National.

    • Dam good brand.

      Most larger companies will let you claim safety gear up to a certain amount, so its always worth paying for the quality and BlueSteel isn't BS :)

      Do note, always order one size up from your shoe size and make sure the old shoes your getting the size from are aussie size as lots of shoes in australia for some reason don't use aussie sizes (I'm looking at you rivers) or will list BOTH aussie/uk and US size on the shoe (sometimes euro as well).

      That lesson cost me $170. So have it for free, or you know, pay for it if it helps you remember.

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    When we wore safety boots, they were the best brand that I found. Really good.

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    Use discount code "10DISCOUNT" for $10 off. But then it falls below $99 free shipping, add $9.05 worth of stuff to get it to $99 free shipping.

    • Did just that - excellent buy even if my preference would be to have a zip side.

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      I used the discount code "DREAMS10" and it took off 10% which would save more if you spend more than $100.

      • Got a free high vis vest because of you, cheers. Needed that.

  • Has anyone tried hiking in these?

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      Hiking in steel caps is not fun. They're heavier, and your toe heats up

      Get something with a more flexible sole, lighter, but has good ankle support

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      I hike in KingGee boots often, love them! No more sore big-toe after kicking into stones that stick out from the ground

    • I did hiking in Steel Blue boots a week ago. My only issue was they weren't tied tightly enough, so it rubbed on the back of my foot.

    • Wouldn't try in heavy boots - it increases fatigue more than if you're carrying weight on your back. Best solution is trail running shoes.

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        Good for a weight loss boot camp activities.

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      I wear the 'enforcer' which is a non steel cap boot they make. Designed for police and security.
      They are good sturdy boot and would be about as close to hiking boots I think they would make.

    • its the best, very rugged. excellent outdoors. I use to bump into rocks and tree stumps a lot, i can't hike without steel toe boots anymore.

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      I did the overland track (Mountains, rivers, bush, rocks, forest) in a pair of Riverinas (a model steelblue useto carry). I and a canadian dude who had this massive boots, were the only people who had dry feet, even when the shallow ice broke and your foot would slip through.

      I will say however, please note, if you have STEEL CAP caps instead of a plastic steel cap, in cold windy climates, the steel gets super cold and transfer heat out of the shoe and cold into the shoe. This is colder than you can imagine.

      However, in a more typical climate like qld etc. they are fine. I found the added weight beneficial as after a few kilometers with a pack on your back, and a kilo laced to your feet, you took care where and how you walked, where and how you placed a foot.

      It can be a hit and miss thing is all.

    • I have in these exact boots.

      I used to wear them on hunting trips, where they were never really a problem.

      I did take them on a fairly long day hike and they were fine, but they are heavy so you do start to fatigue. I wouldn't recommend buying them just for hiking or if you're planning to hike with them regularly.

      Regular runners are fine for easier hikes with good tracks if you don't want to buy dedicated shoes. Otherwise get a pair of trail runners

    • Very bad idea

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    Im pretty sure I have the tan version. They're fine - they're work boots, so not really life changing

    OP, some sites don't allow zippers so ymmv

  • Does anyone know a boot maker that sells large safety boots? Like size 17-18 large. I found one in the US but the boots were about $500 a pair.

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    Does anybody know if these boots are ok for electrical work? I can't seem then listed as anti-static or with electrical hazard protection.

    • All Steel blue are anti static. Only the Torquay EH has hazard protection from what I read.

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      I think it depends on your workplace rules. Normal steelcaps are fine for electrical work in Australia as long as the cap isn't showing.

  • Are these made in Australia or Indonesia?

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      My last pair were indonesia (or vietnam?) not australia.

      My first pair were local made I believe.

      Either way, the quality was the same (5 years for the riverinas, 4 years for the arglyles).

      Switched to steel cap sneakers last year, liked the lighter weight, but doesn't provide the same stability so going back to boots. So went back to steel blue.

      I will admit though, I put in masseur inner soles in my second pair of steel blues within a month, the included inner sole didn't cut it.

      Steel, lots of love for the company (or atleast there products)

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    note: no side zip.

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    Great ass kickin' boots…

  • i have them for 3 years, it starts to have a crack at the side and water leaks inside when wet,
    imo just buy the similar pair in bigW for cheaper price.

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      I went that route with my first pair of steeltoes, albeit from target not big w, and they fell apart after 9 months. 3 years is good innings for a work boot.

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        I initially read that as steelettos

    • Grab some silicon glue and problem sorted!

    • Blacksmith boots will last you 6 months at best lol

  • Now need one with zip on side like everybody acyually prefers lol

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      Not if you want them to last . Zips always break

      • I bought a pair of FXDs, the zip did fine but the whole boot was coming off the rubber sole within the year.

      • the zips on mine are fine, the 152s.
        my issue is a could of splits between the sole and boot

  • Ah, dam it. I just bought a similar looking Kingee brand - pair of safety boost. Only if i saw this yesterday. I think Bluesteel boost are more comfy than Kingee

  • Anyone know how the sizing is on these? I'm usually a US 13 / UK 12 for casual shoes.

    Need to order one size up/down? I'm guessing your feet swell a bit if standing all day on site?

    • According to the site size 12 AU and UK are the same.
      According to Steel Blues i have in front of me they are marked as follows on the sole…
      Size 12
      Euro 47
      USA 13

      Hope this helps.

    • Check sizes in store before buy. I bought a size 12 and its totally different size from other brands.

    • I've been wearing this brand of boots for 7 years(1 set per year) and have gotten the same size I wear in asics and other shoes. No issues.

  • Anyone know how the sizing work for women?

    • These are the men’s version so slightly wider than the women’s. A ladies size 8 is about a man’s size 6.

      The ladies version I’ve been wearing for the last five years. Best boots ever even if they don’t have a zip.

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        Thanks, EmCKay. I've been wearing a cheap pair from Kmart and they're uncomfortable like hell.

  • Does anyone have any experience with these boots? How durable are they?

    • I'm about to go back to them after trying a few other brands.

      They last about as long as any other boot but I find them a lot more comfortable. I generally get about 2-3 years out of mine doing tough work in pretty hostile conditions (wet, mud, dust, oils, chemicals etc.).

      • I find the only issue is the inner foot bed wearing out before the rest of the boot. My solution was to put in the footcare insoles and replace them every two years or so instead of replacing the boots.

    • Replace mine yearly for work. My ex work ones become my at home work boots.
      I get about 18 to 24 months before the sole falls apart.
      The top is always fine but the rubber sole will wear aware eventually which I can't complain about.

    • I still have a pair of these from 5 years ago and they are still intact. (soles will probably last me til the end of the year at least). On some days I've walked 20 km+ in them (large construction site) and they've been very comfortable and provided good support through the day

    • very durable. I am able to add another 20+ meters on my kicks in my rugby league.

    • I got a good few years of heavy use, exceeded my expectations.

  • my toe wore out in my steel blues in less than 6 months. not even on my knees that much as they're (profanity) so i try avoid it

    • You had argyles with the bump camp? I've had non bumpcap versions for 3+ years and my toes are still fine..

      • i have Argyle Zip: Composite

  • New boots & belt on the way, cheers OP..

    Used '10DISCOUNT' code & 3.5% Shopback cashback also.

    Happy days.

  • Good price, comfortable boots, but I prefer the non-bump cap.

  • Yeah this brand makes a quality boot

  • Being wearing Steel Blue boots for years for work (provided free). Use to wear the elastic side ones up until the end of last year when I got the Argyle zip ones (because almost everyone else at work was wearing them) and my feet are in heaven now. I find the Argyles are much more snug (due to the laces) than the elastic side ones. I generally get new ones every year due to them getting dirty and having all sorts of chemical products on them.

    Just note that the whisky colour is brown not black.

  • Delivered the next day, good service.

  • Does anyone know if they fit same as Blundstones?

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      I have a pair of Blundstone 59's as well in the same size. To me the sizes run similar, perhaps the 59 is a tiny tiny smidge larger but not enough to warrant going down a size. Happy wearing both for long field days.

  • +1

    These arrived at 2pm on a Saturday (vic)! Thoroughly impressed with the postage, service, and the product.
    Also noticed my Blundstones had a tear after I ordered them! Win! Thanks OP.

  • Arrived today in Melbourne (from Qld).

    Came with a return form and Auspost returns sticker.

    Could not ask for better service

  • Now $79.95 with code EOFY20

    • says it's not valid

      • Sorry I think it was a 24 hr deal.

        • codes still works (ends 30/6/20) but excludes sale items

  • Thanks. I bought the boots and earmuffs that both was on sale.

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