Job Hunting/Seeking Tracking Software?

Anyone here use Job Hunting/Seeking Tracking Software? If Yes, which do you recommend?

I am so disorganised with my job search that I have giving after job hunting after 3 months of dole bludging.

It's just so discouraging because with excel, I can hyperlink to the web page but the job gets deleted, and I have to enter the data etc, I have given up, when people call up, I have no idea what the company is about or even which industry it is in, it's so embarrassing.


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    put the job details into excel?

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    Just use

    Maybe create a *.pdf of the Job Description with the Employer Name in the File Name.

    Use an Answering Machine so you can screen callbacks, then when they call and leave a message, you can call them back on your terms.

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      Thanks for this. I’m keeping this tip just in case I get made redundant while on parental leave as my company has announced job cutting.

  • +2 looks pretty good, free plan includes 40 jobs.

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    Last time I was looking for a job, there were several I really wanted, so I'd know about those.

    The ones that I applied to as a safety net, I was just honest:
    "As I'm sure you would understand I've applied for a few positions. Can you please refresh my memory"

    If you can't remember after they tell you the position title and the company. You probably didn't want the job

  • If you need a program to job hunt, youre doing it wrong

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