Foo Fighters Live at Wembley Stadium 2008 via YouTube

  • Foo Fighters - Live at Wembley Stadium (2008)(Full Concert)

  • Foo Fighters - Skin And Bones (2006) (Full Concert) - Deal Post

  • Foo Fighters - Live in Hyde Park (2006) - Deal Post

Credit to hukd

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  • Good stuff. Don't forget Metallica is also doing a free concert every Tues Morning 10am AEST.
    (and a band member introduces each week and talks about stuff from the concert which is a nice extra)

    Last one was amazeballs.

    Metallica: Live in Melbourne, Australia - March 1, 2013

  • ha, I was at that concert. And at the Hyde Park one.. Great times.

    • Where did you sit, maybe you’re on YouTube.

      • Wembley was sadly behind the stage :s so most of the concert we saw their backs lol. Until they rotated the stage for us
        Hyde Park was somewhere in the middle of the pack. With a lot of people slowly getting very drunk. I might try and see if there are any gaps in the crowd where there are people passed out sleeping. There were a few like that near me

    • I may have seen you, I was at both too!

      • That’s awesome. Did you live there at the time?
        Which night did you go to Wembley? Wasn’t it over two nights?

        • I can't remember what i had for breakfast yesterday, much less which night i went to wembley 10+ years ago. i was stage right not bottom tier, i remember that

    • I was at the Wembley one. June 6th and 7th says google. I'd have to go back into my photo archive to figure out which day I was there. Not sure which date the recording is, or if it's a combo of both days. One of the roughest moshes I've been in. Great times. Loaded up on screen now and listening.

      • Pretty sure I was there the night before this one (6th). Reason being because as we were stuck in the rafters behind the stage, Dave called us out at the end of the show for missing the action down the bottom so they turned the stage towards us and gave us a set.
        That's missing from this video.

  • 3 Free concerts from the new Nickelback? Lucky us!!!

  • Out of interest, what's the normal cost to access these, given these are posted as a deal?

  • I was there on the friday night show great memories