Solar Recommendation for Canberra

Hey gang,

We own a 3bd house with 3 adults and been looking around at different solar options, I don't now much about solar's at all, during the day we're mostly at work apart from weekend but things are bit different wfh at this stage and if we're at home we do use central heating quite a bit.

Not looking for anything crazy, Had a quote from someone who rang me from facebook advertising for $4K for 6kw system after rebate, he wouldn't really give me too much details and I asked him to email me the details of package which he didn't as well.

Anyone have good experience with company around CBR and suggest what to get and what to look for ?

I am in Dunlop north facing if it makes any difference.

Thank you,


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    Google solarquotes, it'll give you everything you need to know.

    • Thank you have had a look, very useful website

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    Yes use so you get quotes from trusted people who aren't going to do a horrible job and then disappear before you can get them to fix it. They also have really good information so you know what brands are better than others, and also how the whole thing works so you can be a more informed consumer.

    I am in Canberra (also dunlop [dungregor] facing north! Does a interesting looking 2 story cream coloured house on a corner sound familiar?) and ended up going with ECG Electrical and they were really great. Cost around 6.5k with good panels and good inverter (one of the other quotes was a similar price but had the less good brands)

    • $6.5K for what size?

      • Sorry 6.6kw

        This would be the size 99% of people will have, only smaller if their roofs don't have enough space or more if they have 3 phase power

    • Heyy, good to see a neighbor here in Ozbargain haha, I will be getting quotes from them soon, just tossing up between to see if it's worth the investment

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    In particular, handy to read this article

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    That's who I use. (regional NSW)

    Couldn't get solar put on because the 100 year old roof can't support it, need to fix the A-frames.

    Keep getting SMS after that from the supplier we wanted to use. Latest one was a
    CEC approved 6.6kw system for $2650

    Edit: Might have to get that roof fixed now.

  • CAn you name the supplier?

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    You need to go thru solarquotes files… takes a bit of time…. I am in Canberra (Bonner) and an looking at SolarHub and Solargain. Not the cheapest but I figure pay extra 15% for someone who will be around in five years.

  • Thanks you fellow Oz-Bargainers, I watched a whole video on solarquotes website and just checked our past few bills and they were all below $400 quarterly, so just thinking if it's even worth the investment

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