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[NSW] Free Annual Pass for All NPWS National Parks (for Pension/DVA Concession Card Holders)


This is a long running ongoing deal..

I mentioned it in the Boodeer/Uluru free pass thread and it got a few likes so I figured i might as well post it as a deal.

Who is eligible to apply for an NPWS Concession Pass:
-Australian Pensioner Concession Card holders
-Holders of an Australian Veterans Gold DVA Card embossed with ‘EDA’ or ‘TPI’
(from any state, not just NSW)

Who isn't eligible for a concession pass:
-War widows or White DVA Health Card holders
-Student concession card holders
-Transport concession entitlement holders
-International pensioner or seniors card holders
-Australian Disability Parking Permit holders or Mobility Parking Scheme permit holders.

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  • Waiting for the Qld border to reopen so I can go camping in northern NSW NP again.

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      The local councils and national parks here on the Northern rivers are having talks about a crackdown on Qlders on the beaches here. Mainly the 4wd mobs that come down but also just a general check for fishing licences, non compliance of dog rules ect.
      So if your fishing or on the beaches have your licence on you and read the park/beach rules. The fines can be pretty savage if they do this stuff in conjunction with police(for speeds and normal road rules on the beaches)

      *Hopefully the border will open soon so we here can head north again.

      • My NPWS Annual Pass expired before lockdown, so will reapply after border opens.

        Not a fisher, no dog, & no 4WD. Know about license requirements for recreational fishing etc.

        Just visit to relax, enjoy nature & see friends in the area as I've done for years.

      • Especially savage dogs that attack ppl. KEEP YOUR DOGS ON A LEACH….REGARDLESS OF THE RULES

    • There’s parks open? Apart from Broadwater the other big ones seem closed

      • It's an annual pass that can be renewed each year, so all good for when things open back up…

  • Yep….problems with 4wd Queensland hoons tearing up beach tracks,illegal camping,unleashed dogs,illegal fires on the pristine beach between Lennox Head (Ballina shire) and Seven Mile Beach (Byron Shire).Where's the Rangers? Locals are over it….

    • Sadly, I don't think that problem is restricted to only your area or only done by Queenslanders!
      Locals are over it… Everywhere.

      I hate it!

      But this is a common complaint about different groups, almost everywhere in the world. I've heard it so many times in my travels.

      As usual, the problem is only seen as caused by outsiders…
      (the obviously different number plates reinforce the belief - Confirmation Bias)
      People often excuse "locals" for behaving the same way.

      On the Gold Coast long ago, the "local" surfers hated people from Brisbane for crowding out the waves. Fights erupted. But those complaining were often new arrivals to the Gold Coast themselves…

      It's a common phenomena - people see a problem caused by others, but not by themselves. First studied in the environmental field with soil erosion. Farmers only saw the problem on others farms, not their own.

      But not to say the problem doesn't exist!

      I keep clear of the busy Byron region, preferring quieter areas much further South.

      It's a beautiful area - why spoil it!

    • The issue isn't isolated to up there, I've spent the last couple of weeks way down south at Cockle Creek and Bruny Island in Tassie, on the weekends all the lads in their 4x4's have been out in force hammering along the beaches and doing drunken donuts in the camp grounds…

      On Bruny Island I saw the local copper every day I was there, he was doing his best to be visible to discourage them, but most remote National Park areas have so few rangers/cops and all the lads have UHF radios, word gets around fast and they have no hope of catching more than a couple of them…

      • Unfortunately the "lads" think that by doing that, you'll camp in another spot. Its their tactic they use to have the place to themselves. I know first hand. High ICE usage around that area and they can be pretty dangerous to approach. Such a shame because its one of the best spots in Tassie to camp

        • I'd NEVER approach that "type", for that reason, you don't know how they'll react.. Even without ice, lads with a few beers in them want to show off to their mates so if you say anything it could result in slashed tyres or such… (you never really hear of any issues in Tassie but it's best to avoid confrontation and/or issues)

          I just avoid the designated camp grounds and NP camps on weekends, pick spots in the state forest or the likes, or like the last couple of nights I stayed for free out the back of the Bruny Hotel and bought a couple of beers the first night, a pizza the second, and fish'n'chips the 3rd, to pay my way and give them a kick-back for the free camping spot…

      • Trouble in paradise…

        Love Cockle & Bruny. First visited 30 years ago. I think there were problems back then, fueled by alcohol & no visible authority.

        Remember a "10 Days on the Island" festival years ago, the effect of outsiders plundering seafood around the shack communities was a hot topic.

        • The locals tend to obey size and bag limits for crays, abalone, and scallops in their own back yard, travellers often don't, so yeh, that's an issue, particularly in Tassie which has stricter limits than most states…

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      South Ballina to Broadwater Beach is the big problem as it's not policed, it's not serviced by council rangers as South Ballina beach to Broadwater(different Shire when you hit there)is actually Crown Land and they're responsible for it and Ballina council rangers have no jurisdiction over it. And don't Qlders know it.
      It gets smashed from Friday to sunday most weeks and hammered on any holiday break; Dogs, motorbikes,quad bikes,camping,fires, above high tide camping, and the 'lads' in their 4wd's…

      It's the closest unpatrolled and policed beach with no permits required this side of Bribie or 1770 and the new freeway brings the Gold Coast here in under an hour.

      It's truly awful what happens there.

      • So no one from NSW goes there?
        Or ever breaks the rules - come on!
        Never realised NSW is a State of Saints😂

        You must be pleased with the border closed to most.

        Why complain here - contact the relevant authorities & try to stop it.

        Suggest creative solutions like blocking entrances at peak times. NSW vehicle inspections, license checks, + alcohol etc testing at entrance points could put them off. (It's for their own safety! And might pay for itself.)

        (I've used that loophole of Commonwealth Crown Land to camp (minimally) in what is now Noosa NP - Alexandria Bay. State Police & Rangers couldn't touch us until ownership changed. But we made sure there was next to no damage & was walk in access only.)

        Hope it stops!

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          The majority of offenders are from over the border(just by sheer weight of numbers…you have to be here to witness it) but yes of course at holiday times it's open slather and the beach is inundated with the uninformed and vacant.

          All your points are good ones but no one wants to pay. Trust me,myself and many other local users have complained but the council says it's not their jurisdiction and the NSW Crown Land Dept says they do not have the manpower to police it. so it's the classic bureaucratic run around.
          National Parks would like to see the beach closed to all vehicle traffic, their case gets stronger every long weekend and holiday break. I'll be gutted if that happens along with the many many aware and caring users but I can't see the mayhem that happens now lasting for too many more years.

          We're absolutely rapt! with the border being close lol.

          So yeah, we're constantly complaining to the relevant authorities but all to no result.

          • @Luc: Yes, land holders won't do anything. There's nothing in it for them, just costs. So you need a different approach!

            Treating it as a health, environmental, safety, traffic, etc issue is a possible solution, imposing fines. That gets around most funding issues.

            Close access points. Check legislation about use of vehicles on the beach.

            I've used the court to make changes. Check precedents. Get support from other communities with a similar issue. Maybe get some legal advice.

    • You make out as if Queenslanders are over running 2478

      • Don't worry, Qlders complain about those Cockroaches & Mexicans taking over up our way & moving in. Very quiet now😴 The way I like it😉

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    Thanks Op!

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