This was posted 1 year 7 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nikka 12 Year Old Blended Japanese Whisky (700ml) $199 + Delivery (Free over $200 Spend) @ Nicks Wine


Was looking at prices for Nikka whiskies and came across this gem from Nick's. Free delivery for orders over $200. Treat yo self

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    i think you mean down from $250?

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      Haha my bad, was too excited at the price to post properly

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    Huge discount. Lets rush

  • Deal of the decade

  • good?

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    Japanese whiskies have rocketed up in price. I have a bottle of Taketsuru 12 year old that I bought 5 years ago for $100 at Dan Murphy's. It's now $350 and sold out.

    • i purchased the whiskey OP has posted in japan for about $70 aud in 2018. its nuts.

      • Yes same and this one wasn't too bad.

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      I agree prices have definitely inflated, you can probably get a better value whiskey at that price point. Demand is outstripping supply and most of the old range is being discontinued.

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        I remember reading in 2015 that Japanese distilleries were discontinuing age statements, so I went out and bought a bottle. But now that the price has inflated so much I have two conflicting feelings. I don't want to drink anything costing $350. It violates my Ozbargain feels. But I also wish I had purchased more.

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    Why people would pay $200 for "blended", "12 yr old" whiskey is beyond me. The finish on most jap whiskey aren't even that great especially for the money.

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      Its a sad day when a drink of whiskey has been turned capitalist. I almost feel like this rush buying of jap whiskey is like the FOMO in the stock market.

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      This is perfectly describing blue label..

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    This is not a good drop, nor a good price.

    Nikka make some great whisky, this isn't one of them. Go pick up the straight from the barrel, or any of their single malts over this.

  • Some Japanese whiskies are not even made in Japan. Research before you pay inflated prices.
    I bought a few bottles in Japan for $30 last year which are selling $100+ here. Good drum but $100+, too many better drums.
    $200 can get you 18 or 21 to, or some cask strength or distillery versions, real Scotch.

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    Impressive, more or less on par with the cost of getting this in Japan.

  • I have this whisky in my collection. It's really light, not my preference of choice.

  • Can anyone recommend a decent Japanese whisky to try which doesn't cost so much?

    Been quite a fan of Makers 46 which is quite reasonable for the price.

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      Nikka FTB. Usually runs 75-80$, good drop and is cask strength.

      • Thank you, will give it a go.

  • Nikka Black is my fav. Bought this by accident while I was in Japan, it’s so clear, almost taste like water at 37% alc, a pallet cleanser between diff whiskies. Again, cost is a fraction in Japan compared to pricing here.

  • Japanese whiskey with an age statement are now overpriced. And the price does not reflect the taste nor the experience other than a lightened pocket.

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