AutoMover Agency - Scam or Not?


Just wanted to check if anyone has heard of AutoMover Agency?

The buyer has asked me to sign up and then he "can give you a 24 hour inspection period to test the car at any inspection service you want and only if you decide to keep it they will move forward and complete the sale, I believe this is the safest way. I will pay the shipping costs and all the fees involved in the process, you will pay only the price for the car "

The price and kms seems too good.



  • Website looks too generic, no contact details, no address, no ABN etc. Wouldn't risk it.

    If it seems to good to be true (like a $128 12TB HDD)…………..

  • Completely legit, what could possibly go wrong? No red flags for me with any of this.

  • I don't generally trust any top-level domain that isn't a .com/net/co etc.
    Never seen .agency before.

    Also if you google their name + reviews there is absolutely nothing. It seems all that exists for this business is the website. Give their support number a call and see what happens.

  • This place says that the site you linked is a confirmed scam:

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  • Upfront fee scam, over payment scam, refund scam, or variations on these. There is no car. You pay the fee and that's the last you will hear, or there will suddenly be "issues" and you will need to fork over more money or more details…

    Domain Name:
    Registry Domain ID: e715115b89bc4198903754ecd1e426a5-DONUTS
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL:
    Updated Date: 2020-04-17T05:25:38Z
    Creation Date: 2020-04-12T05:25:33Z

    Website created very recently. Phone number on their website is NOT and Australian phone number

  • +1 vote

    Phone Support Not Working Due To Coronavirus Outbreak, Wa
    6220, Australia

    very convenient

    whoever you are dealing with is trying to scam you

  • Thanks everyone.

    Found one of those scam alert sites too.

  • I was scanned by the same thing !
    Is the sellers name Warren Dunn ,is he based in Darwin!
    If in dought get on to scam watch web site!
    Hope this helps you!

    • Seriously?

      Did you honestly think someone would ship a car, at their expense, to you to have for 24 hours while you decided if you wanted it? Then ship it back, at their expense, if you didn't?

      "You can't con an honest John".

  • AutoMover Agency utilizes insured, secured and bonded facilities. We provide warehousing, packing, crating, trucking and loading services out of our own warehouses in US, Australia, New Zealand.

    We own and operate additional cargo shipping companies in Finland & Norway and more worldwide destinations are covered by our affiliated organization member companies.

    What sort of car shipping business needs warehouses in 3 countries? Aside from all the other scam warnings above there can’t be a big enough market shipping cars internationally to make it worthwhile, and if they do, why is there no Japanese warehouse, one of the biggest used car exporters.

  • Wow

    There's another dozen or so car broker/mover/escrow sites that like to use the same stock images…

    Just out of interest.. got a link to the car for sale?

    • Just find any popular car that's miles under market value. Then if you enquire, the owner will be in the army etc, and the vehicle is actually in (insert somewhere on the other side of the country).

  • Cars are one thing where it should be hands on inspection, title changes hands upon payment and shipping arranged by the buyer.

    If you really must get a car that is in another state, spend up on plane tickets or go for a long drive with a mate.

    I just registered on Oz Bargain as i was searching to read about this agency. The seller for the car i am looking at is based in Melbourne and they wrote exactly the same thing to me. Word by word. That is a red flag straight away. FYI, i was looking at the Mazda 3 in Melbourne. You can private message me mrea0979 if you like, but i will be taking the information, emails to the police.

    I am distgusted in the world today. God will punish those that do bad to one another. Regard Peter