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2x LEGO Architecture The White House 21054 $225 Including Delivery @ MYER


Basically a 25% discount if you buy 2 of them . Normal RRP $299.98 for 2 or $149.99 each .
Also you can add a 5-8% egift card discount if a member of the providers .
Official LEGO site has a limit of 1 :)

My bad you can choose a $20 - $30 set ( or any other set in the deal ) with 1 White House and it works out like eg $20 + $150 = $170 less 25% = $127.50

https://www.myer.com.au/p/lego-stranger-things-the-upside-do... I think is good value at $262.50 each with another item following the example above .

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  • +11

    Does it come with Orange Man minifig?

  • Includes golden President Trump Minifigure looking out the window at BLM protesters 🤣🤣🤣

  • +2

    comes with protestors and po po striking reporters and camera crew?

  • +3

    make sure you have a pack of Cheetos

  • +1

    Does Lego have an Alien Space craft? (Similar to the one on Independence Day.)

  • whitehouse with black backgrounds

  • +3

    A tremendous deal!

    Big beautiful building, I like it!

    Great great people you OP are!

    • I will build the most… BEAUTIFUL model of the White House, you've ever seen! Other countries don't have scale models like we do, let me tell ya.

    • Is this made in Jyna?

  • +8

    No need to buy 2 of the same. Just buy the cheapest item on the buy-2 deal and it will still change the total price to 25% off of each item on checkout.
    Alternatively, just return the second item later and still enjoy 25% the one item you're after, has worked for me many times.

    • LOL I was doubtful at first but I checked and you're right.

    • +1

      I like the way Snrub thinks!

  • -1

    Bunker for internet troll to hide in?

  • not authentic, does not come with the snipers on the roof or the surface to air missile systems.

  • Needs the bunker for presidents to hide in.. Not accurate!

  • If anyone wants to go halves, please PM me.

  • Thanks. I didn't know about the 50% second set deal and actually finally got hold of Stranger Things.

  • +2

    Dang, this is the old kit that didnt have the added riot fence

  • +2

    Aww, you have to buy the fence and looters separately :(

    • +1

      from soros.com?

      • Dunno, but there'll be hell to pay if the looters only come in yellow.

  • If you're a Westpac cardholder remember $10 cashback off $100. I remembered too late (bought 6% off gift card through Reward Gateway instead) :-(

  • Left wing outrage mobs and Antifa battle pack sold separately.

  • Reminds me of Money Heist.

  • +2

    It is now $119.99 delivered on Myer Ebay site

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