Love N Care Pandora High Chair review and information

Hi Ozbargainers,

I've been searching for reviews regarding a particular high chair and I can't seem to find anything other than 1 poor review on product review which was labelled under another product of the same brand.

The item in question is the Love N Care Pandora High Chair

I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with this chair and their thoughts on it.



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    I'll give you a tip for free, don't spend $400 on a high chair, you aren't going to use it that much.

    • I wouldn't spend that much on THIS highchair, this can be had for @$220 at the moment which I think is fair when compared to others.

      The only ones I considered around the 400+ point are the stokke tripp trapp and kidsmill up (+ all the extras they charge you for) which can be used till they're in their early teens.

      • Early teens? You'll have trouble having teens have dinner with you, let alone sit in a high chair.

        I wouldn't spend $200+ on a high chair, they all do the same thing, they all get filthy, they are all only used for a short period of time.

  • +1 for Tripp Trapp if you're still considering it. I've got 2 and they're really great once the kids can walk and climb up themselves. Before that point, I used the Ikea high chair as it was cheap, easy to clean and we didn't need it for long.

  • I used an IKEA high chair to begin with but my son preferred to sit at the dining table with a little booster on the dining chair from just after 12 months. He’s now 16 months old and the high chair is packed away in the garden shed. I’d be cautious about spending a fortune on one in case you don’t get much use out of it. The Tripp Trapp ones sound pretty good though!

    • Ikea definitely, I have 3,.one at each parents house
      easy to clean
      hose it down if its that bad
      or buy a for 30 bucks
      can get the cushion if the kid in skinny or just a towel

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