Belong Sim Confusion

Hi all,

I ordered 2 belong Sims. One has a $20 credit and the other doesn't. Now the Sim cards are mixed up and I don't know which one has the credit on it. How do i find that out and choose the Sim card which has $20 credit on it.


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  • Have you activated them yet?

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    Try making a call. If you are using the one with the credit, you should hear a ring….hang up. If you are using the ine without any credit.. The call won't go through and a message should play saying you need credit to make the call.

  • Guys I haven't activated them.
    And that is the pickle.
    If I activate it and if the Sim card doesn't have credit then I will miss out on the 20 bucks?

  • Try to activate them, but do not finalize the final step.
    Somewhere along the way there will be a step that you have to choose which plan and the site will advise you how much credit you got on the Sim. That is when you will know which sim got credit and then you can stop.

  • @ resmansg - will try this tomorrow and update.
    @ RM - no I haven't yet.if I activate and port and if it's a wrong Sim I lose $20.