[Unobtainable Deal] Sony WH-1000XM3 $349 or $339 Shipped via App (Was $379) @ Amazon AU

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Best noise-canceling headphones on the market right now with USB C. The only caveat would be that it is NOT Bluetooth 5.0 and thus doesn't have automatic switching between devices.

Alternatively, you can buy from Kogan, but kogan had $5 shipping cost at the time when I purchased.


Featuring Sony’s industry-leading Noise Cancelling technology, the WH-1000XM3 pushes the boundaries of wireless headphone technology, to deliver an exceptional audio experience.
A refined design promises even better wearing comfort, whilst premium sound is assured, thanks to Sony’s HD Noise Cancelling processor and suite of other Sony audio technologies.

Next level noise cancelling technology
With the new HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1, the WH-1000XM3 suppresses ambient noise interference up to 4 times better than ever before.

Listen smarter with smart listening
Powered by SENSE ENGINETM, the WH-1000XM3 features Adaptive Sound Control, which automatically adjusts noise cancelling and ambient sound based on your activity.

Talk at a touch with quick attention
With Quick Attention, you can communicate without removing your headphones - simply place your hand over the right housing to instantly decrease the music volume.

Premium sound in high resolution
The WH-1000XM3 is Hi-Res Audio compatible, and reproduces improved sound quality.

It’s getting personal
The WH-1000XM3 is smart enough to optimise its noise cancelling performance by analysing your personal characteristics, like ear and head shape, hair style and wearing style, and calibrating its output to maximise audio enjoyment.

Noise cancelling made to fly
Unique automatic personal NC, and Atmospheric Pressure Optimisation automatically adjusts its noise cancellation level to adapt. This ensures that you’ll hear the best sounds at any altitude.

Extended listening pleasure
The WH-1000XM3 ensures you can enjoy your favourite tunes in maximum comfort with super soft pressure-relieving ear pads, a sleek headband shape to suit contours, and an improved, lightweight design.

Key Features

Wireless headphones with Industry-Leading* Noise Cancellation

New HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1

New light-weight design with improved fit and comfort

Sony | Headphones Connect App and SENSE Engine

Quick Attention Mode and Atmospheric Pressure sensor

Adjustable Ambient Sound modes, including Voice Mode

Google Assistant compatible**

Improved hands-free calls, thanks to multiple microphones and beamforming

Up to 30 hour Battery-life, with USB-C & Quick-charging

User-adjustable Power-Off settings

Includes a minimum 180-day supplier-backed warranty.

Here's some reviews from tech YouTubers.

Mod: The deal was posted on the basis it was new. The votes (51) and the front page status were also received on this basis/assumption, and it was not updated after 7 hours, it's not immediately obvious this is the case when viewing the listing. However the description and further down the page makes multiple references of the fact:

Product works and looks like new. Includes a minimum 180-day supplier-backed warranty.

This Amazon Renewed product is professionally inspected and tested by an Amazon qualified supplier. Box and accessories may be generic.

Moved to forums as keeping it published as a deal, with votes being based on a new item, would be misleading.

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  • Cheaper on Ebay using PMON20 from Sydneymobiles, comes out at $347.65. However, neither are really a good deal since it has plenty of times before come in much lower.

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    WH-1000MX4's coming out shortly. If your not worried about call qaulity and multi bluetooth connections to more than 1 device the XM3s still a good buy. The only catch is now whether you wait longer for a sale on the new ones at Xmas time.

    X missing in model title.

    • Thanks, Have just revised. Yep the call quality I've heard is not good compared to Bose QC35II

      • Mind you I have not had any issues really from my point of view for calls.

      • I often receive complaints on my mic quality when I use them for phone calls. Not sure it's some sort of compatibility/ setting, but I usually just switch to my airdots.

      • +1 for the poor call quality. One of my work colleagues uses his set for group calls and his audio quality is the worst of everyone's by a decent margin

    • Or clearance of the XM3. Believe there was some good deals in the past when new models were released.

      • I would be surprised if there is going to be much of a sale. Sub $280. Good luck if it happens and good luck if you can get one when advertised. Especially once it gets on OZbs listing. At the end of the day I think as long as you aren't paying the $499 RRP its ok. They are supposedly great headphones. I have the XM2s. The 4s are going to look the same as 3s, so may look at the 5s if the style changes.

    • Call quality is fine, i use these for work and no one has complained about my calls…

  • XM4's about to be released in a few days according to confirmed leaks

    • That will be early. Maybe in the States. We didnt get the 3s I think till later in the year. The 4s are coming hence why I thought I would mention it.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the silver ones are brand new whilst the black ones are refurbished products. Amazon haven't made this evident until you look at shopping options for the black one.

    • Good pick up. The black one says :

      "This is an Amazon Renewed product

      Professionally inspected and tested to work and look like new, with minimal to no signs of wear, by an Amazon-qualified supplier. Supplier performs a full diagnostic test, replaces any defective parts, and thoroughly cleans the product. Box and accessories may be generic.
      Includes a minimum 180-day supplier-backed warranty. Eligible for replacement or refund by an Amazon qualified supplier within 180 days of your receipt if it does not work as expected."

      No deal.

  • Over a years old and I will wait for the 4th gen

  • Sony store will price match this deal. I got mine from Sony store on Friday for $349! Great pair of headphones and outstanding noise cancellation.

  • Was able to get it around AU$270 on last year prime day lighting deal with cashback. $339 is still a good price recently but before cov-19 the good price would be below $320.

  • Some ozbargainers are still waiting for the price to drop below $300. I got them for 315 like one and half years ago lol

  • Anyone experience an issue that when ANC is on for a while it makes a wind hissing noise just on one side of the headphone? Check online there are some discussions on this but no one has any explanation. Mine is new with manufacture date Feb 2020.

    • Sorry, haven't had that issue personally

    • Yes. I've had a similar issue on the right speaker. It's intermittent and it seems to only happen after prolonged use. Maybe 90 mins or so?? I was considering returning them under warranty but it only seems to occur sometimes. I'd describe it as a crackle more than a hiss but my guess it has something to do with noise canceling?? Not sure…

      • I contacted Sony and shop for a return to investigate. It's a mix of crackling/hissing/static noise. I also find it is hard to replicate at a consistency but it will appear eventually somewhat between 15-60min of use.

        the same side also has a constant louder ANC background noise that makes ear fatigue and I feel that ear is more impaired when finish a session.

  • OP, you need to make it clear in the title that the black version is not a brand new product. They are refurbished ('Amazon Renewed Product'). I think that is v important to note.

  • As an owner of both the QC35's and the XM3's… my vote goes to Bose as the winner. The fact that I can have multiple BT connections and seamlessly switch between 4 or 5 different devices is a greater feature over USB-C for me personally. I also find the Bose to be more comfortable to wear for extended periods and they can't be beat when you're on a plane (which was the original reason behind the purchase - travelling and work).

    The XM3's are great, mind you. The noise cancelling and ambient sound control is still quite amazing. That's why I use them when I'm outdoors, in the gym, walking etc. And the touch controls for volume and playback (plus instant pause when they are removed from my head) are great features too. I don't like the fact they won't automatically shut off after a period of time and have often gone to use them when they were dead. Which is where USB-C comes in handy I guess. The quick charge is damn quick!

    • Bose are for every day use/blocking out office noise at work/travelling (both air and land).
    • Sony are for general outdoor or gym related activities.

    Hope this helps OZB's!

    • Oh and I paid about $280 for them during last years BF sale. So $349 definitely isn't a bargain IMHO, but I guess post-covid, pricing is all on the up and up now. The days of cheap electronics are behind us for awhile to come.

    • I thought they did have an auto off feature on the Sony XMs. I own them myself but haven't had the need to check out that feature yet.

      • Hmmm, if they do, mine must be bugging out because I've done a few tests and can't seem to figure out why it wont shut off on it's own. Might be needing a firmware update.

  • If anyone's considering these or the Boses, might also be worth having a look at the recently released Surface Headphones 2. They seem like they're superior to both in controls/features (they have USB-C and multi-device!), but fall slightly short on ANC, sound quality, and possibly battery life. Might be a worthwhile compromise depending on your priorities, considering they're $360 new on the Microsoft Store Edu (pm me if you're interested but not a student!).

    • I have both (work issued Surfaces and the Sony's I've had for a year or so). The sound is better from the Sony and the ANC, however the Surfaces are great for work, particularly how you can flip between laptop and phone sound. Also, better microphone in the Surfaces.