Dual Screens vs larger curved screen

I have had dual monitors in the past and am going to refresh given the end of financial year is approaching.

What are people doing now? I can't imagine having two curved screens side by side (tell me if anyone is doing this??)

My monitor arms support up to 40". I have been looking at the Samsung 28 inch 4K UHD Monitor (UE590) but is this too much having two 28" monitors side by side?

Is it best to get a larger curved screen that sits directly in front of you or keeping the dual monitor concept. How large can you go in inches before having an adverse effect. I have only had 24" screens side by side in the past.



  • I've got a 32" 4k monitor and 2x 24" monitors in portrait either side.

    • That sounds awesome. I am think I would run out of room.

      • It definitely helps to have a large desk.

  • The UE590 is a bit awkward on an arm due to the location of the vesa mount, do not recommend.

  • I have 32" 4K at home and 40" 4K at work… 40" is too big IMHO. 32" is the max I would comfortably go without a curved panel — unless you're an Excel fanatic, where curved spreadsheets would probably cause headaches 😂.

    • Would you dual mount the 32" screen or would that be overkill?

      • I used to use 24 vertical next to 32 horizontal at my old work and that was already as wide as I would think reasonable… I think 2x 32 horizontal would be quite a bit overboard.

  • +2

    Sounds like you should be looking at what's called a Super Ultrawide.
    a 49" Super Ultrawide is essentially two 27" 16:9's into one monitor with no bezels in the center.

    this is to show you what a 27" 16:9 looks vs a 32:9 or Super Ultrawide.

    • Thanks Axelstrife, that is very helpful.

  • The new Samsung Odyssey G9 is coming out later this year.

    It will probably be the best monitor on the market.

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