Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Console, Should I Sell?

I was lucky enough to get a preorder for the animal crossing edition nintendo switch from the new batch that came in.

I unfortunately just found out I will be out of a job in a couple weeks. I don't think its a wise idea to keep onto it until I get a job once again..

I know I can cancel my order although I know that people are selling them on ebay. I don't like the thought of charging people the high prices that others are charging but I was wondering what the opinions of Ozbargainers would be? Would I be an idiot not to?

I didn't plan to sell for a profit but in my situation I have been told to sell it on ebay to help with bills till I get myself settled again.


  • There's a morality scale to be considered. Only you can make that decision for yourself.

    Good luck with job searching and hope you move on quickly with minimal downtime.

    • Appreciate it, yeah I wouldn't feel too good but I was a little worried that maybe it wouldn't sell? Or it might not sell for more than what I paid which was $469?

      Thanks, appreciate it

      • There's probably a large number of them that'll hit market soon. Over time once it's fully sold out, the price will increase as supply diminishes. Do take into account eBay/Paypal fees which can be heft and wipe out a large chunk (over 10%), plus then delivery on top.

  • It depends on how much you need $469 to survive whilst looking for a job. If you really need it I'd say that buying it in the first place was not a good idea so either try to cancel your order or sell it on.

  • Do what you feel is right :)

    • EDIT: RespectMyAuthoritar has changed his comment since I wrote mine, so the part in italics may be obsolete.

      I respectfully disagree and think that morals definitely do have a place in society and OP's question is valid. Buying a lot of these consoles at price and selling them for inflated prices is not something I would be comfortable with either.

      OP, having said that, selling one single unit in these circumstances is fine I think, because you did not enter these circumstances willingly. So sell it if you feel like it, guilt-free! Or cancel it, guilt-free! Go with whatever works best for you, and good luck getting a new job.

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    If you need the money and someone out there really wants it then there is no reason why you should not sell it at a premium. Someone who is willing to pay is probably going to be happy to pay because It will hopefully bring them happiness and you a few extra dollars to get through this highly disruptive period.

    It is no different to someone who buys and sells shares or property or any other type of investment. Or a shop retailer - would you deny them a living because their markup on an item is 50%? 100%? Also remember all the people crazily hunting down caramilk chocolates or stickeez or ooshies and paying nutso prices for them.

    Your best bet is eBay because it has a large number of people always looking to buy. Just remember that your markup needs to cover eBay and paypal fees both on the cost of the item and shipping. Eg if it cost you $100 then allow say 16% markup to cover eBay and paypal fees.

    However if the product is that much in demand you can also list it on gumtree. That way you will not have any fees at all. I think you may also be able to pre list it before you receive it. To save even more hassle you could possibly change the shipping address to that of the buyer once they have paid. (Just make sure you hang onto the cash until they receive it in case anything is not right). Warning - Do not pre list on eBay, they don’t allow that but I believe Gumtree should not be a problem.

    Hope that helps and best of luck with job hunting and everything else.

    • Agreed. If there's someone willing to pay secondary market prices for something then I don't believe there is anything morally wrong about making such items available at those prices.

  • I got one too, keeping it for my BNIB Nintendo collection ..
    I checked eBay today and noticed they’ve massively slowed down since the re-stock the other day . Only one ACNH console has sold, and that was for $699, and tons have been listed that haven’t sold.
    Stores are restocking on the 10th of July, so people are waiting until then before they make a purchase. Once they all sell out again on the 10th of July, they will probably pick up traction again, albeit slowly..

    A big reason as to why they were selling for so much is because people thought they missed their chance. They thought it was limited edition and already completely sold out. Had people have known they could buy a re-run i highly doubt they would have paid double the price…

    It’s going to take months before people start having those feelings of FOMO again.. so it really just depends how long you can hold onto it. I don’t think you’ll ever have a problem selling it at RRP.. but I don’t think there’s much profit in them anymore (not anytime soon anyway) like I said before, there’s a ton listed for $699 that haven’t sold. People are struggling to make $200 on the sale and that’s before eBay fees. There are so many other ways you can make money by buying and reselling deals from ozbargain.. this console is a risk because it’s a higher cost item and stores are being restocked on the 10fh.
    But when reselling, of course that’s a risk you have to cop..

    In your position, I’d probably be leaning more towards cancelling the order and having the $469 back in your account, rather then, best case scenario, making $200 profit if someone finally decides to buy it at $699, and then having to pay $70 in eBay fees, more in PayPal fees and then postage as well, not to mention if the buyer claims it was broken or something and you have to refund it and pay for return shipping. When you’re out of a job, to me, the $469 safely in my account from a refund is way more lucrative then the possibility of $100ish profit after all the rimarole of selling it, posting it, and paying back eBay fees, and taking postage into consideration, and hope to god the buyer is honest And doesn’t file a chargeback or PayPal request, or claim it’s broken. Etc

    UNLESS - you can hold onto it for a few months and won’t need that money. Then it could be a little more worthwhile if they creep back up to the $900-$1000 range.

    OR - if you can manage to sell it locally/pick up on Facebook marketplace to avoid eBay fees and postage. You wouldn’t be able to get eBay prices, but you may be able to slap a quick $550 or something on it and sell it quite fast and pocket the $80 profit.
    Just be careful though, again for me this isn’t lucrative because I’d be too wortied about scammers running off with the item. The stress for $80 profit is barely worthwhile. I’d literally just cancel unless I had the means to hold onto it for a number of months without desperation to sell it. But that’s just me. An anxious and careful worry wart. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • If I was in your shoes I'd flip it for a profit. Scalping isn't right but you're in a tight spot yourself and not just trying to make a quick buck at someone else's expense. You're doing it to get by.

  • I dont see why people enjoying their lives in a capitalist society would have anything against buying at lower price and selling higher to make a profit. That is essentially how the economy works. Saying it is immoral to do that essentially condemns all retail businesses. You did spend some time searching for good deals, snapping up pre-orders, bearing the risk of market crash and scammers, which justifies the mark up/profit. A well functioning secondary market can reflect the true value of sought after merchandise.

    If anyone prefers a state mandated pricing, pls go to DPRK and our beloved supreme leader will make sure you are supremely satisfied.

    • The problem is these "scalpers" are not actually trying to get a product for themselves to enjoy, it's simply to buy an in demand item and resell it for their own profits. They are not a registered business buying from a manufacturer at wholesale and selling for a profit at a retail as part of a supply chain, but an end-user who is buying at full retail (fair) price and selling at a higher (unfair) price for these goods. They're no different to these toilet paper or baby formula hoarders. Scalping tickets to events is now not allowed on eBay or Gumtree, I don't see why this should be any different.

      By buying up all the stock of a limited edition item, they're preventing normal people who would actually buy and enjoy the item from being able to get one/afford one. Sure you could say that's capitalism, but it's definitely scummy behaviour. The kinds of people that do this are the narcissistic kinds of people who have no empathy for anyone else and simply only care about their own desires.

      The best way to fight it, is simply not to participate leaving them with empty wallets and stock they can't push. I want one, but I refuse to pay more than the $469 retail it costs.

  • I think you should resell it but at a slight markup.

    That way both parties benefit

    You (seller): get some much needed $

    Buyer: managed to get an animal crossing switch at a good price (small premium).

    If I didn't already pre-order the animal crossing switch I would be more than happy to pay a small premium for the switch.

  • @0burntice0 did you end up selling this? I have missef out a fair few times now but a few mintues (i am a bit slow on the pc) and have been looking to get one for retail price