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Creed Aventus Eau De Parfum 50ml for $289 + Free Shipping @ My Perfume Shop


I'm a long-time perfume & cologne lover, but was tired of paying retail prices when I knew it could be sourced from authorized wholesalers for much cheaper.

I was also tired of the bland design and customer experience offered by traditional "discount perfume stores", so I decided to launch my own perfume store - myperfumeshop.com.au

We sell 100% authentic fragrances from leading brands. Our range is small, but I personally put my name behind the authenticity of each product.

One of my personal favourite fragrances has always been Creed Aventus, so I'm offering it on my store. Reach out if you want the batch number for the products, as this is how you can verify its authenticity.

I also offer free shipping on every order, no matter the value. All orders are hand-picked and shipped personally from Marrickville, Sydney.

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  • I'm not sure what forum is best for this deal but I don't think it's this one. Who needs a $320 perfume sitting in their pjs at home?

    • Consider spraying your pillow with a puff or two of perfume before bed. Makes the dreams sweeter.

      CREED is fantastic though but this isn't a good deal on one, cheaper elsewhere.

    • Lets not be critical, yes Creed is expensive but the stuff is good. There is a large community out there and they will buy this, Creed being one of the brands that rarely go on special.

      $10 cheaper than chemist warehouse is ok, but i feel nothing to dash out and buy.

  • Yep, readily available elsewhere for less (chemist warehouse). Nice try.

  • Sorry mate, not a bargain. $299 at Chemist Warehouse. If I've made a mistake on the difference between your product and CW product let me know and I'll remove the neg.

    Also, I'll say it again. New members should have restrictions on posting 'associated' content. At the very least after some experience to OzB they'd realise people will price check every 'bargain' posted.

  • Just buy a split from ebay, around $130-$150 for 50ml I think. To be honest though, not impressed with this fragrance anymore. Must have been reformulated because projection is much worse than it was a few years ago.

    • What's a split?

    • Batch variations are common with this house. Some people like it, others don't. At the bottom of the bottle is a code, Year, Fragrance and Batch. Some batches are sought after, others less so.

      With the new owners I expect to see more of this discounting and probably more consistent batches.

      Got a quite a few 100ml bottles myself (not aventus, others); some don't have cheaper alternatives. I do think they are a little too much…I didn't pay anywhere near what they are asking here in Australia.

  • woah creed on ozbargain. This is what I wear and that is very expensive for 50ml

  • You're joking right 50ml for $320. 100ml is like $400. This is no deal, affiliate spam really.

    • +10 votes

      WAHHTTTT !>! You mean to tell em that buying in larger quantities makes it cheaper per ml?

    • Are you joking? Have you never bought cologne/perfume in your life? The bigger bottle will always be better value for money, and that's not really unique to cologne's.
      Engine oil is another example, and there's plenty more.
      Not that I'd ever pay 289 for 50mls of cologne.

      • I have alot of private perfume. Why would $289 be a bargain for 50ml of perfume? I get my creed perfumes 100ml for $300-$350. This isn't a bargain.

  • Looks like he lowered the price but hasn't changed the title.

    Poor guy probably went into business thinking he was underselling but didn't actually realise he'd been paying for price jacks.

  • anyone who loves aventus, you should try the clone of aventus, the absolute best one is from a dubai company, the house of armaf called club de nuit intense man its like 100ml 60 bucks online. read the reviews it performs the sme or better than the real one.

  • I was just posting a comment about Armaf , and a few have before me. Super good alternative. I'm always on the lookout for creed at good price and 289$ for 50ml isn't good value.

    • +1 for Armaf Club de Nuit Intense. If you cycle between a few fragrances and don't wear them every day, this is one to have in your collection. I bought a tiny vial of it on eBay for $16.95 and it took me weeks to get through it.

  • Mont Blanc explorer is also a very good alternative however the dry down smells different than Aventus.

  • I still have 2x 60ml of the "god batch" from many yeas ago. Barely use it cause I love it so much. Hope it hasn't gone off haha

    • I'm jelly. Is it from the z13 batch??

      • No idea, I’d have to dig through some very old emails to find the batch number. It was one where a famous perfume reviewer on YouTube referred to it as the god batch and it turned out highly sought after. I think there might have been a B05 in there somewhere?

        I only payed $120 for both including shipping from the US!

        • Well if it ever runs out or goes off, dua fragrances sell some replicas of the older batches. One was pineapple lemony batch and the other was an oakmoss smokey batch. But they are around 100$ a bottle.

          • @Shnibbles: Cheers. I found the old emails but there’s no mention of the batch number. The person did a split over at base notes and he mentions it’s supposed to be one of the best batches and close to the first batch ever released in 2010.

            I’ve only used a 3rd of my first bottle and I’ve had them since 2012 according to the email lol

  • Bought a 100ml tester from a Facebook group for $200 posted. It’s a 2019 batch, but I still like it

  • Oh you're paying too much for perfumes man. Who's your perfume guy?

  • Thanks OP. Will probably grab a 100ml from Chemist Warehouse when they have their 10% off sale again. $350 for 100ml is acceptable from Aventus, even for the newer watered down batches.

    EDIT: Your selection is on point tho OP. Any chance you could source:

    • A*Men Pure Havane 100ml
    • Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male 125ml


  • CREED AVENTUS is really nice. but super strong and lasts ages. one proper spray is enough/close to too much. YMMV.

  • Not sure why this has Negs looks in the ballpark to me and cheaper than most other bricks and mortars and even other popular retailers like peony. That's local stock, can always import it cheaper through fragrancenet but that's not for everyone. Would do my research buying from ebay/amazon as you might not be getting genuine juice.

    If you get and do a deal on Green Irish tweed I would be interested OP, couldn't see it on the site but have bookmarked.

  • Don't suppose you have any 2015/16 batches do you?