Need Help with Water Inlet to Dishwasher


I did the installation of the new dishwasher myself, however, i am having an issue with water not coming out from the inlet to dishwasher.

I can't tell what's the issue from the connections of the pipes to the tap of the sink and to the dishwasher. There isn't any dishwasher before that.

If anyone can point me to the right direction so i can save some money not to get a plumber in, especially at the current situation, that will be really helpful.

Thank you.

Image 1 - the valve itself. It is really right, i can only turned it anti-clockwise by few inches.

Image 2 - The valve connector.

Image 3 - The valve splitter to the tap. There is water coming out from the tap.

Image 4 - Close image to the valve.

Image 5 - Main valve in the front yard.

Many thanks.


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    Don't risk it, but we all know how much a plumber can cost.

    Call The Good Guys installation service….will be much cheaper

    • Thank you. I will if i have to. I don't think there is anything wrong with the machine. No water is coming out from the water valve after i have turned it on.

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    I installed a dishwasher and didn't see there was a plug stopping the water.. It wasn't clear in the instructions to take it off. Check the hoses again for a stopper either on the back of the machine on the water inlet or the pipe itself. Test the water by turning it on slightly with it disconnected from the machine. If you get water coming out then has to be stopping somewhere in the machine itself. There's really nothing technical about it. It's just like the inlet hoses on a washing machine.

    • Thank you. There is no water coming out at all with the hose from machine disconnected from water valve.

      • Then like any machine trace it backwards to the tap under your counter or sink. There must be somewhere that's stopping it.

        • I did. If you look at image 3. The extended valve is connected to the valve for the sink tap. There is water coming out from the sink tap but not to the dish washer.

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    Seems you already know the problem.
    If there's no water, you're not opening the valve sufficiently, rig up a lever to get some more torque on the green valve.
    even take off the green handle and try to turn the shaft with a shifter.
    Maybe try some WD-40 to help[ penetrate a loosen it?

    I can't work out how that valve was installed? it looks hard up against the back of the cabinet.

    • Yes, i think i know the problem. But I don't know why the same t-connector connected to the water sink tap has the water coming out and not to the other end, which is to the dishwasher.

      I did apply more torque but i can feel like the green valve is breaking so i stopped.

      I have uploaded the back view of the valve. Image 4.

      Interestingly, the main water valve on my front yard is the same, and it is equally hard to shut it off. The valve doesn't turned at all, not even slightly.

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        Images are busted for me.
        Given your main supply valve is also knackered and you NEED to got it replaced at some stage, just suck it up and get a plumber out to replace both at the same time.
        At some stage you're going to need to replace a washer on a tap and therefore need to turn off supply to the house, so get it done now so you have a functional dishwasher.

        • Yeah, i think i will have to do that. I am getting my toilet fixed as well so might as well do it altogether. Save the headache in fixing these bloody stuck valves.

          Thank you.

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    valve might be seized inside? I had a main shutoff valve like that, and couldn't turn it off, used a wrench, the green handle broke off. never fixed or figured it out, sold the place.

    • Haha sorry I laughed a little. For a quick moment I imagined you sold the place because the green handle broke off.

      Yeah. It is stubbornly and weirdly tight. I didn’t dare to apply too much torque since I can’t sell my place, yet. Lol

  • Looks like a gate valve that often get stuck in the open or closed position from lack of use. Don’t try to force it too much In one go as it will snap the spindle. You could try closing/opening backwards and forwards in small increments and hopefully it may come free otherwise replace it with a ball valve.

  • Just unscrew the whole valve assembly and replace it with something new. Make sure you turn off the main valve first

    • Do you the mean the main water valve at the front yard outside the house? It is the same design valve assembly and it is stuck too.

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        Probably they got you a cheap valve bundle with the build. Of course you won't be able to change the main valve unless you know how to turn off the whole neighbourhood water supply. But the one under the sink shouldn't be too hard, better just grt the plumber to do it.

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    Did you replace a dishwasher or is this a new install? Im also assuming the dishwasher is not connected in these pics. It looks like the outlet for the green valve is at the bottom, but a bit hard to tell for sure.

    It looks like the green valve is ‘before’ the sink tap, but a bit hard to tell. If it is before the sink tap, then it looks like the green valve is stuck shut and will need replacing.

    You could conceivably put a T piece on the sink tap outlet and not require turning off the mains, but it might make getting the hose to the DW more difficult.

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      By the look the pipe came out from the wall and got split via a t Junction with both valve at either end, one was broken the other leading to sink still worked

      • That is correct. I am not sure if it is broken. My main water valve of the same design at the front yard has the same problem. It cannot be turned off. I am living in a compound of 4 units. I quietly went over to my neighbours’ main water valves, one has the same problem, one is turning fine but with some resistance.

  • Just to give an update to anyone who is in the same situation.

    What i did was i cut one side of the coffee cup holder rubber so i wrapped it around the valve to give me the extra grip that i needed. I twisted and turned couple of times and boom. Dirty water came splashing out.

    Avoid using any hard tools as it might break the valve.

    Remember to turn all water valves couple of times a year to avoid accumulation of minerals.

    I reckon it saved me couple of hundreds.

    Thank you All.

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