Smart Light Switches - What to Purchase?

I bought my first smart plug the other week and it's very much got me interested in what else to update in my home. I'm very much a novice and looking for advice.

What I'm leaning towards is upgrading my light switches. Lots of down lights in my house. I have 3 dimmer switches. And one 3 way switch. I also have a light switch that only has red/white wires. Using Google Assistant.

In true OzBargain fashion: what products should I buy? What are the best deals?


  • Philips Hue have been on sales for a while now and the most popular variety around.

    Nanoleaf are pricey but can create some great designs.

    LifX and others exist too but less popular and don't save you much.

    Links take you to top posts for some inspiration.

    • None of these are downlights.

      Downlights are either MR16 or GU10. It would be prohibitively expensive to get each downlight in a smart version.

      • Philips does sell downlight bulb but replacing them will be prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately for OP, most smart switch will need neutral wire so you'll have to pay one way or the other to get you whole lighting system smart

    • I figured it'd be easier to go down the light 'switch' route instead of replacing individual bulbs.

  • -2

    Most switches require a neutral wire, which isn't in use in Australia. So in other words, you're SOOL.

    • All recent (last 15 years at least) house wiring will have a neutral to the switch. Not required but standard practice.

      • Most of the wiring has red/black/green wiring, except the walk in wardrobe which has red/white on a dimmer.

    • You have no idea what you are talking. Pretty much all houses built in the last 15-20 years have the looping done at the switch meaning there is a neutral at the switch.

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