Groupon: Hack for 'New Customer Only' Condition in Groupon??

Had availed a Salon's groupon deal last year. Would like to buy again but the fine print says that its for 'new customers only'.
How do they verify?
How does - buy gift for someone work in such cases (repeated gift)?

Whats the best / working Hack for it ?

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Groupon Australia


  • Use a different email address + postal address + credit/debit card.

  • Gmail doesn't actually need the period symbol in your email so in a lot of cases you use it multiple times ie.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]


  • I doubt the groupon system will deny or filter out non-new customers for that specific salon. It would be up to the salon themself to determine who is new and who isn't. Doubt the salon would remember you, unless you went there very very recently. Think about your your past salon experiences, have they ever asked you for you identifying info (that you can't take anyway)? Maybe use a new phone number though.

  • I suspect Groupon doesn't stop you buying (it could be for your partner, friend, etc) but is more likely a stipulation by the Salon.
    If you can't take the risk (eg no one else you can give it to) its probably best to call the Salon & ask.