Kogan 28" Ultra HD 4K FreeSync Monitor, Is Any Good for Regular Work?

Im justing looking to buy new moniter on budget and found this kogan 4k monitor and for the price, specs looks good.
anyone using this? thought? advice?

Other option will be below kogan 2K monitor aesthetically its better, specs wise 4k one is. better.



  • It really depends what you are going to be using it for, but at the 27"-28" size 1440p vs 4k, I'd go for that 1440p one for most use cases. 1440p/QHD is really the sweet spot resolution for that size of monitor, and you are getting much better feature set on the 1440p monitor, such as an IPS panel (much better colour reproduction and viewing angles) as well as a 75HZ refresh rate, which makes everything a bit smoother feeling than the 60hz standard (essentially its refreshing at 75 frames per second instead of 60). My friend recently was browsing through some of the Kogan monitor deals, and he also ended up purchasing the 27" QHD one you linked after my recommendation as well.

    If you wanted something bigger screen size with the same resolution/panel type/refresh rate, there's also this 32" version of the one you linked:

    • hi, Thanks a lot for the response.
      Thats what I initially thought(QHD), but then 4k for $50more not bad as well. (will mostly use 2K resolution tho)
      Other diff between those two are 4k had 1s GTG response time, compared to 14ms on QHD model. not sure if it make lot of difference.

      Also Im not sure the real diff between TN and IPS panel. IPS is better in all sides or both has pros cons.

      btw, 32in is bit bigger for me.

      • honestly response time shouldnt be too much of an issue, the difference between 13 milliseconds wont be at all noticeable. TN generally does have faster response times and it is older tech so the panels are cheaper to produce, hence why they can sell 4k models at similar prices, but the benefits of IPS far outweigh any of the benefits of TN panels. I would never personally go back to a TN panel under any circumstance now that i am used to the performance of a IPS display. Think of it like the difference between an OLED television versus a regular panel, more expensive to produce generally but better colours and viewing angles (although IPS doesn't suffer from burn-in issues).

  • This is TN panel,looks like Samsung u28e590.
    I got Samsung ur55 28" 4k IPS panel from education store,only $425-$50(subscription discount code)