Issue with Jabra App for Elite 65t?

Just got my new elite 65t from recent deal a week ago.

But I noticed that if you turn on the left bud after connecting the right one, the app still shows the left one as if it's still off (faded out).

Sound still coming out from the left bud though, it's just the app doesn't seem to update the state of the left bud if you turned it on after the right one.

Anyone else have this issue?


  • Yeah I get this sometimes, the solution is to press and hold the lower button panel on the bud that hasn't synced until it disconnects, then press and hold the button again to re-sync.

    • Turning the left one off then on again doesn't update the state of the bud on the app.

      The only way for me to fix it seems to be turning the right one off then on again after making sure the left one is already on.

      Still annoying imo.