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Try a different fragrance every month and build your unique perfume collection πŸ™Œ

Be part of ScentClub for only $9.90 for the first month (with code SCENT10, $19.90 thereafter on monthly subscription) or get $10 OFF for the half-yearly and yearly subscription.

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ScentClub was created to help fragrance lovers discover new scents and build their unique collection. It’s common to get overwhelmed with so many fragrance options to choose from. Often it ends with you getting a giant bottle of perfume that costs big $$$ and then becoming bored of it a couple of weeks later.⁠
With ScentClub the whole process of exploring fragrances becomes a breeze! From $14.90 a month you will get a scent that matches your profile. Simply sign up, fill out our Smart Perfume Quizβ„’ and our experts will pick scents specifically for you! So, every month you will receive a personally selected scent from the comfort of your home. It’s that simple and convenient!⁠
Would you rather be in control and pick your scents? No worries, we have you covered as well. We have more than 200 fragrances available for you to choose from. Simply add them to your Wishlist and our experts will use both the Smart Perfume Quiz and your Wishlist to pick your scent!⁠
We hope to have you as a part of our fragrance lovers fam! ⁠
Join the Club to start this amazing journey with us!⁠
With love,⁠
ScentClub team! πŸ’™β 

"It's so exciting to get a surprise scent in the mail each month!! I just love the concept of Scent Club and so far the perfumes I have received all smell soo beautiful!! Such a great gift idea too πŸ™Œ" - Imagin, Australia

"The quality of the fragrances I am getting is amazing! I have been receiving some perfumes that normally I wouldn't try, but they all smell delicious and I am using them every day! Last month I got Sauvage by Dior and have been getting lots of compliments!" - Andre, Australia

"Such a great service! I've been a subscriber for 5 months and I love all of the scents that I have received so far!" Sarah, Australia

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  • Please, let us know in the comments if you have any questions! You can visit our FAQ at https://scentclub.com.au/faq/ as well!

    With love,

    • What is the size of each shipment?

      • The whole idea of the ScentClub is for you to try new scents and build your unique collection in a fun and convenient way 😍

        On retail, the average price of an 100ml bottle is $210. But you are limited to one perfume, one choice. We send 8ml (average of 140 sprays) of the best designer fragrances in the world. That way you can have one special fragrance for every occasion πŸ”₯

        Thanks for asking,

        With love,

    • +1 vote

      We actually have a good selection of colognes as well!

      You can check them through here

      And in more detail through here:

      Thanks for asking!

      With love,

  • To be honest, for males, I don't see the value in this.

    Value of Offerings
    I have scanned through the male fragrances on offer and the vast majority of these fragrances can be found at discounters such as Chemist Warehouse, which are far cheaper than your department stores (Myers/DJ). The most expensive of the range would be the Creed Aventus ($459/100ml @ Myers or $409/100ml @ CW), however, the rest of the bottles are all below $200/100ml easily - even when we use department store prices. This differs to one of your comments where you mention that on average the price of a fragrance is $210/100ml, is that comment based on including expensive niche perfumes?

    ADG Profumo - $140/100ml @ CW / $190/100ml @ Myers
    CK One - $33/200ml @ CW / $89/200ml @ Myers
    Tommy Bahama Blue - $49/100ml @ CW
    Ralph Lauren Polo Black - $109/125ml @ CW / $149/125ml @ Myers

    Range Selection
    The range itself is also limited, if you're offering 8ml decant on a monthly basis you would want to provide more attractive and new fragrances. For example, Dior Sauvage, a widely popular Dior fragrance line, your site only offers the EDT version which is the oldest (2015) and cheapest out of the range ($140/100ml @ CW) that now has an EDP (2018) and Parfum (2019) versions. You're missing other popular mainstream lines such as Chanel Allure Homme line, niche lines (e.g. Parfums De Marley/Tom Ford), any YSL products and Bleu De Chanel EDP/Parfum variations. All of which noted are not commonly found at discounters.

    You're offering 8ml decant of a fragrance contained in your selection, customers are not able to choose specifically what they are going to get aside from having a 'wishlist'. One month you could get an Aventus decant which would worth it $36.72 ($459/100mlΓ—8ml), but that's 1 fragrance from a 5 page list. The next month I could get 8mls of CK ONE, where based on the Myers price noted above would be worth $3.56 ($89/200mlΓ—8ml) or Polo Black worth $9.53 ($149/125mlΓ—8ml) . But with most of the fragrances offered being worth less than $150/100ml using department store pricing it's just not worth it with the current per month pricing plans ($19.90/$15.90/$14.90) subsequent to first month promotions. Especially when they are locked in for 6-12 months for the fixed plans.

    OzBargainers are much better off going onto Ebay ordering 2ml to 5ml decants of a fragrance that they're actually interested in specifically and there a number of Australia fragrance decanters that have a wide selection of fragrances - often larger than department stores. If they are lacking knowledge on what's the best fragrances, simply Google for an article or watch at Top 10 youtube video - even ask OzBargain for recommendations. Alternatively, if they have access to Myers/DJ, try the sample bottles to see what you like in-store.

    • Hi GucciGang!

      First of all, thank you so much for taking your time and exploring our range of fragrances and our service. We appreciate feedback and always take it into account.

      I would like to make some considerations about your point of view.

      This service was created for people that do not want to spend a lot of $$ at once on a single bottle, but still want to build a nice collection and explore new scents. Therefore, although we use the price of 100ml bottles as a comparison, we should compare the ones that are 50ml and below. The smaller the bottle, the more expensive it gets. As a distant example, it's always cheaper to buy a 2L bottle of Soda than a can. But you will lack the possibility of buying different cans, there is the problem os space to store it, etc. The same happens with perfumes (and therefore with our service). If someone does have the financial condition to buy all the 100ml perfume bottles they desire, plenty of space to store it and doesn't want our help to discover scents that match their profile, then probably this service is not for them.

      Second, comes the factor of our service being convenient. To look for fragrances, watch videos, check reviews, look for the right supplier, look for the best offer, takes TIME. We want to save time, we want to simplify to you the process of getting into the world of fragrances. Of course, if I can buy all the ingredients to make a meal at home why would I eat at the restaurant? It's convenient, saves time and allows you to have a new experience.

      About the decants through ebay, most of the prices there are without the postage. We have free delivery Australia wide, in the end our price ends up being more competitive. Not only that, but you get good customer service, the peace of mind that you are getting fragrances from a reputable source and you save TIME.

      When you do the math as to how much a 100ml bottle costs you are simplifying our service, and I understand your point of view. But we are not selling just an 8ml vial of the best designer perfumes in the world. We are selling an experience where you can actually immerse yourself into the world of perfumes for a very affordable weekly fee, having someone to help you in the process.

      Again, this service won't be for everyone. But, gladly we've been getting some amazing response from our customers! Customers that discovered scents that became their favourites and that they would probably have never tried it otherwise and customers that are loving to have the power of choosing which fragrance they will use for each occasion and are building their own collection.

      I understand that this service might not be for you, but for $9.90 the first month you can't go wrong. Didn't suit you? You can cancel anytime.

      Thanks again for the feedback Gucci!

      • Just to add one little thing, ScentClub is perfect as a gift!

      If you ever tried to choose a perfume for someone else, then you know how HARD it is.

      Oh well, with ScentClub there will be no mistakes. If the lucky one likes perfumes then they will love the ScentClub experience 😍

  • 140 sprays per 8ml equals 17.5 sprays per 1ml.

    My understanding is that the average spray count per 1ml is around 10.

    How many of your sprays equals to 1 spray of the usual 100-200ml bottles?

    I am wondering how long one of your 8ml bottles might last me.

    • Hi,

      This is a tricky question since each 100-200ml bottle has a different spray count depending on the brand.

      Usually, if you spray the perfume three times a day our bottles will last for a whole month. Being that our 8ml bottles last for an average of 140 sprays.

  • I bought from them before but cancelled after 2 months as I don’t finish the bottle in one month. Quick shipping well packaged but not a value for money.

    • The idea is actually exactly not finishing the bottle and creating a little collection.

      Each occasion calls for a different scent and ScentClub helps you to have the power of choice. Usually, you wouldn't use the same fragrance in summer and in winter, nor to go out to a club or to go to the office.

      Buying upfront big bottles of fragrance ends up being expensive, that's where ScentClub comes in.

      Gladly we've been having a lot of long term customers that love being surprised by a new delicious scent every month and build their collection!