NBN Router Suggestions (Will My Old One Work?)

Hey all,

So I'm finally getting my FTTC NBN connected (ISP: Tangerine) but I've not had internet previously at this place at all (been using 4G).

The above indicates my lack of tech-savvy-ness with these kinds of things.

My Uncle has given me an old router, and I'm not sure if it's going to work. It's a Belong/Telstra branded Sagemcom [email protected] 4315. I've done a bunch of Googling today and some websites/forums (incl Tangerine's "list of BYO Modems" page) indicate it won't work on FTTC, but others suggest it might in bridging mode (which is a whole new concept for my head to grasp - so there would be hurdles there).

  • Does anyone have any experience in using this router on fttc? And is it worth using this, or getting another router?

One thing I'm concerned of is that my connection will get set up, but I can't get the router to work and will be paying for NBN but not have access to it.

If I did opt for an alt router - Tangerine will send out a netcomm nf10wv that is "ready" for their network, for $120 (I could get it $10 cheaper at a local tech store).

  • Once again, is this router worth it? Or should I be looking at something else 'more reliable'?

Note I am in a single level old apartment with double brick walls. When I hotspot off my phone, it works if the hotspot is in one corner of the apartment and the device being used is in another.



  • Modem <> Router. Although you can get combined modem/routers.

    Eg nf10wv is a modem and a router. It's a basic model, reviews aren't great.

    • Thanks. So from my limited tech knowledge, my understanding was the nbn connection box is the modem and the device I then need for it to translate it to my devices is the router.

      Is that right?

      Does it matter if it is a modem and a router then? Why would that tech exist if the nbn box itself performs the modem part?

      • +1

        Yes, correct.

        Not really. Because people used them for ADSL previously, which didn't need an NBN box.

        • Ahh yes that’s what I thought it would be. Thanks!

  • Can you find a provider that provides a router? Most do if you sign up for 12-18 months. They will set it up for you and you can plug and play.

    • Yep, I can buy a plug and play one from the provider I want:

      Tangerine will send out a netcomm nf10wv that is "ready" for their network, for $120

      • He means you get a router for free with some providers if you sign up to a fixed term contract.

        Otherwise if you sign up on no contract, you have to pay for it.

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          Ah yes sorry I should have clarified; I only need NBN for 6 mo while I keep wfh. It’s possible that at the end of the 6 months I won’t keep it, so being locked in is not an option.

          And many of those that do lock in for 12 months end up costing more than Tangerine+router over the 12 month period, in the event I keep it.

          There are some that don’t lock you in but still charge a connection fee, so that is effectively paying for the router.

          Anyway, I had already decided on the ISP I want to go with, so I guess the question remains is the router.

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            @jjjaar: You might have to ring a few providers then and check if they can loan you a router for 6 months. I remember moving houses with NBN connection pending in 6 months time. Similar situation, didn't want to be locked in or pay a connection fee. Called a few providers, TPG agreed to loan a router for 6 months at no cost (it was a used one) but did the job.

            Might be worth a try….

            • @JohnWick1980: Oh that’s an interesting option, I might try that - thanks.

  • I'm also in the same boat trying to figure out if I can use an ex Optus sagemcom [email protected] 3864v3 to connect to Tangerine with a hfc nbn connection.

    Any tips would be appreciated

    (OP sorry to hijack but it's a similar issue, didn't wanna create a new thread)

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      No, all good. I’ve spoken to a friend who understands a lot more tech than me and he is convinced it will work to the point where he’s offered to come over and set it up for me.

      I’m still a few weeks away from this but I can let you know how I go.

      • awesome thanks!

        • I also found this video which appeared to be for non FTTB/FTTN connections:



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            @jjjaar: well that looks nice and simple.

            hopefully it's just as easy as that. I did just sign up to tangerine but they have to come install the connection first. I'll let you know how I go if I'm first

            • @CheapskateQueen: Oh same story for me. The race is on haha

              • @jjjaar: got nbn installed today but can't seem to connect with either a Sagemcom Optus modem or an old IiNet one. Called through their help desk and he's like well you've updated the username etc and all the settings are right so contact the provider (iinet/optus lol)

                Little ridiculous that I've got 3 spare modems and have to buy another one. What a waste.

                Will keep playing around and hopefully something magical happens. Let me know how you go!

                • @CheapskateQueen: Oh, good to know, but also annoying to hear.

                  I’m still waiting on my install, but your results suggest I may not succeed.

                  What modem have you opted to buy now?

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                    @jjjaar: nope spoke too soon!!! just connected.

                    I'm convinced the Optus Sagemcom is locked to optus because there really wasn't anywhere to update ISP username, but i got the iinet one connected just now. I don't know if the 85th time i tried doing it i finally did it right, or if there's a delay between "activation" and connection.

                    • @CheapskateQueen: Ohhh! Excellent. Now I feel more like mine will work. I actually have a friend who has an iiNet one so I might go collect that over the weekend so I have two on hand…

                    • +1

                      @CheapskateQueen: Got mine sorted yesterday! Agree the [email protected] router was useless and an iiNet was set up pretty quickly. Had a few calls to tangerine over the fortnight and they were great.

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