Wilson Parking $5 Evening and Weekend Parking When Booked on App @ Wilson Parking


$5 Night and Weekend Parking
Whether it's finally catching up with mates, a long overdue date night or family fun day Sunday, Wilson Parking helps you do more of what you love with $5 flat rate parking on nights and weekends.

Do more with your day when you book your $5 night and weekend parking on the Wilson Parking App at many of our capital city car parks.
Check your state.

Not sure when offer expires, maybe someone can let me know.

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  • Sweet deal given the crazy prices of paring in the CBD!!!

  • Nice! This is how much parking in Sydney CBD on the weekend used to be 9 years ago; it's gone up 300% since then …

  • Thanks for posting OO

  • I dont like these pre-booked spaces. I booked once and when I turned up at the car park, the place was full. I had to drive all the way to the top, turn around and drive back down. I thought they would have allocated spots for pre-paid parking. It was really annoying. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • I'm not sure about other carpark companies offering a similar service like Secure, however Wilson have never offered reserved spots for those who pre-book, as someone who's been using Book A Bay for basically a decade.

      If that happens, just complain to them and see if you'll get your money back. It also says in the terms and conditions that pre-booking doesn't guarantee you a spot. Pre-booking just means you save money compared to driving in on the day and taking a paper ticket.

    • When you exit, buzz them on the intercom and they'll usually direct you to another nearby carpark and buzz you in there instead.

  • So how do this work?
    Do we prepay and rock up to the car park?
    Do we still get a ticket at the boom gate or it grabs your rego number at time of booking and opens?
    Sorry, I’ve never used this before… never parked at CBD and only ever looked for free parking at shopping centres.

      • book online and select which card you want to use to enter the carpark (either the one you've used to pay or another one)
      • rock up to the carpark
      • instead of taking a ticket, use said card you selected to enter the carpark with and tap it against the tap and go reader
      • Boomgate will recognise your credit card and open for you
      • When you leave, tap the card and boomgate will recognise the card and let you out
  • This offer is also available online via Book A Bay; no need to download another app

    • I have a feeling this guy works for book a bay

      • I have a feeling you don't read comments before commenting 🙄 Do you see an Associated/Employee tag?

        as someone who's been using Book A Bay for basically a decade

  • tried it out, only can book for next day?

  • Not working for me at the Brisbane Quarter carpark for Weekend Parking despite the carpark being part of the deal! Trying to book for this weekend and it's coming up as $9. Not a huge difference I guess.

    • Worked for me when I said I was entering at 9 a.m. and leaving at 4:30 p.m. for Saturday. What date and time were you trying to book?

  • Booking car park newbie here. Do you need to specify the time that you will be entering and leaving? Say for example I book for 10am arrival and 8pm departure but I’m running late (babies are difficult to predict!) and end up arriving at 1pm and leaving at 10pm. What happens then?

    • It's an hour either way i.e. earliest you can enter is 9 a.m. and latest being 11 a.m., If you leave two hours after you said you were going to leave, you'll end up being slugged for whatever the rates are at the time. e.g. if it's an all day rate on the weekend, you'd be up for $15 plus credit card surcharge if you booked at Citipark Sydney. in addition to the $5 you paid for your booking. You can leave at 5 p.m. if you want however.

      • Thanks for that explanation! Am I correct in saying then that when dealing with an all day flat rate like this deal, I need to mail my arrival time within one hour but I should put 11:00pm as my exit time to then be covered for an exit at any time during the day without having to pay extra?