Does adidas and Reebok Still Take Months to Dispatch? or Is It Safe-to-Shop?

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Does adidas and Reebok Still Take Months to Dispatch? or Is It Safe-to-Shop?


worst case i'll call them and be obnoxious…

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  • They are a bit slow on shipping but still acceptable. I got few orders during their SHARE YOUR STRIPES sale and its been dispatched.

    Return however is a nightmare. I am still waiting for a refund for something I sent back 2 months ago.

    Just make sure you pay using PayPal as it is easier to get resolution..

    • I'm just supposed to go away from home in about a month and I'm just worried they won't even dispatch by then…
      Happened with last purchases…

  • Reebok is taking substantial time. Purchased at June 8 and still order status says: order confirmed waiting to be packed. Got email saying their delivery partner has issue with distribution so expect delays.

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    I ordered Adidas on 15th of june and surpirsingly they appeared on my door step exactly 7 days later. I live in WA.

  • I never had an issue with that big addidas sale around 2 months ago. I received it around 6 business days.

    Have people still not received their orders? Surely not.

  • Adidas and Reebok use Toll.

    Toll was hacked twice - hence delays etc.

    Not sure if they have resolved their problems.

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    I ordered from Adidas June 16, got no shipping email but in "my account" the order says it was shipped July 18 and has a tracking number. HOWEVER, the tracking number is still "unconfirmed" and it's been a week now.

    In conclusion, I don't know where my order is :(

    Emailed Adidas support yesterday to ask so hopefully they get back to me.

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