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Bellroy: Tech Folio $289.17 (Was $459), Work Folio A4 $238.77 (Was $379), Travel Wallet RFID $86.40 (Was $160) @ Somedays


Select Bellroy items which are already on sale at Somedays Store can be combined with the SOMESOCIETY coupon code for an additional 10% off. Free delivery with purchases over $100.

Tech Folio Black $289.17 (Was $459.00)
Tech Folio Caramel $289.17 (Was $459.00) Sold Out
Work Folio A4 Caramel $238.77 (Was $379.00)
Travel Wallet Black RFID $86.40 (Was $160.00) Sold Out

All Bellroy items: https://somedays.com.au/collections/bellroy

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  • Somedays I may afford this

    • I've been buying wallets from Officeworks & eBay for past 12 or so years. They last a long time but I change them every 12-15 months -never paid more than $40. The guy who invented these $300 wallets is a genius & deserves vacations twice a week.

  • Great prices. Big fan of my Tech Folio

  • The travel wallet shown is an older model.

  • Some days…… i have to say NO…..

  • Wish that had a 15" version.. it's a no from me

  • Do you really need this though. Who carries a phone, tablet and laptop in the same bag? Most people keep their phone in their pocket and either carry a laptop OR tablet. It feels like a shoulder bag would be better. I've got a Fossil leather shoulder bag that I love and surely that would make far more sense for most people?

    • I think it's more a 'can' carry all of these at once but most people won't. So instead of phone + tablet you can use the space for a spare external drive etc

      The design isn't for me but Bellroy make nice stuff.

    • Laptop is Windows10 and joins the corporate domain, laptop is only usefull when sitting down at a table / desk. I have an Ipad, it's great for content consumption, not content creation, great when I'm on public transport or having a coffee, hate using tiny phone screens when leisure time is precious, content looks better on the Ipad than phones, so much more detail on those cat videos.
      But yes, if I'm carrying all 3, which I do often, they go into my shoulder bag or satchel with a handle. Sitting down with phone in pocket is uncomfortable.

      If I go to meetings I take my satchel (real leather not vinyl)….. it's an image thing to look organised, like wearing polished shoes, ironed shirt, etc, turn off phone and put into satchel, bad looks to have phone bulging in pocket when entering room or at interviews.

      Shoulder bags are good, as are satchels, but 13" kills it.

  • I have had a few wallets from them in the past, still use their hide N seek wallet, love it.
    Not cheap, but great, I would recommend.

  • Can't resist, thanks OP.

  • wallet and caramel tech folio sold out already….

  • How do they justify such extravagant price hike?


    "Order cancelled because lack of stock"

    They sure picked the right name for their store. Maybe oneday, someday.