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20%-80% off RRP of Selected Board Games + $9 Shipping @ Advent Games


Over 2500 board games have had their prices reduced to 20%-80% off RRP @ Advent Games Stocktake Sale

$9 Shipping (FREE over $300) Australia-wide for the duration of the sale. (Ends June 30th, 9pm AEST - all sale items while stocks last)

You'll find categories grouping titles together by discount to help with the browsing:

20% off RRP
25% off RRP
30% - 45% off RRP
50% - 80% off RRP

A few examples for you:

Legendary: A James Bond Deck Building Game $84.95 (RRP $150)
Masters of Renaissance $59.45 (RRP $85)
Pandemic: Hot Zone – North America $26.95 (RRP $40)
Paranormal Detectives $41.95 (RRP $70)
Tapestry $74.95 (RRP $150)

Titles currently out of stock at the start of the sale have been switched off to allow better browsing - if you're unable to find something, it's likely sold out.

All shipments are via AusPost, box packed with padding, no satchels!

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  • Some great games here!

  • OMG where did you get that website? 1998?!

    GREAT prices though! :)

    • +5 votes

      Heh, close to! We've been around for a long time :) (Happy to take any and all recommendations for good teams for full website builds - just difficult to know where to start or who to trust on that)

      • +10 votes

        Make life easier and migrate to a hosted platform like Shopify (if you have limited resources/budget) or Magento/BigCommerce if you have more to spend.

        We have an in house dev team where I am (it's a fully custom platform, but we don't do regular ecomm/retail), we also have a Shopify store for a side business (very quick and easy to get setup, but quite limiting in what you can do).

        I'd happily recommend these guys https://www.overdose.digital/

        I know them through the SEO scene, and they're legit, unlike 99% of the industry. eComm is also their specialty.

        Also, just placed an order, and came close to spending a lot more. Some cracking prices there! Gloomhaven for $175 is great for anyone who doesn't have it!

        • I looked at them they say they work with my company as shopify is something we are exploring for some side projects.

          Pretty sure they don't. However we see this all the time we have one small thing and then suddenly people puff their chest like we are a partner. Really makes me skeptical about the companies that do this though.

      • Yeah Kapone gave some good avdice there. If you want to full rebranding and marketing work along with the website, Your Creative in Melb are great as well, they love board games too!

        • +3 votes

          That's brilliant, thank you folks! Exactly the sort of advice I'm after from people who know. I can't afford to drop a big pile of money on something that never appears or works.

          Full rebrand needed, custom code, then support for when I break things. :)

      • I actually prefer a website like this.

        While it doesn't have the whiz-bang factor, it loads quickly and the catagories on the left side are well thought out and easy to navigate.

        I hate loading a website and it has all the sliding banners and menus which I need to hunt through to find what I want.

      • What Armaboo said. Too many widgets and complex scripts just do my head in. So many agencies try to cram in bells and whistles that only benefit the advertiser, not the client's customers. IMHO…

      • Oh wow! That brings back memories…. 1995 calling

      • A bit like http://drive-in.com.au/

        But then I guess it make sense for a drive-in movies website to be from the 80's :-)

      • +3 votes

        Oh man, if only I could crack out my old Geocities page!!!

      • There was a mob that built web sites like that back in the day. They used the name Higher Source (or maybe Higher Sauce, I forget). Everyone was talking about them in the mid 90's. They ended it all and moved on to bigger things.

        The one remaining example of their work is here.

  • Crackin website, fast, informative, info dense :)
    Love it.

    Cities skylines the board game, didnt even know it existed.

    • +1 vote

      It definitely rewards deep diving. It can get a bit hectic when the Out of Stock titles are showing, though!

      Would love to try the board game myself - showing 77hrs on Steam, nowhere near what I thought it was, thoroughly enjoyed it, though!

  • Would love some game recommendations

    • Absolutely! It's definitely a "how long is a piece of string" type question, but I love to help if I can.

      Any recent board gaming experience? Looking for family? Friends? Solo? Couple? That's often the best place to start. :)

      • coup and codenames are two recent ones I've liked

        • +10 votes

          Some bluffing and some co-op deduction - I like it!

          Kakerlaken (Cockroach) Poker - hilarious bluffing fun. Likewise all your One Night Werewolf titles for a fun night of group lying and accusations. :) And I've not tried it, but a lot of folks adore Decrypto as the next step on from Codenames (but you might find it too similar - I'd recommend a vid for that). Also First Contact which is due back in stock in a few days - brilliant team deductive game, but not on sale.

          If you fancy stepping more in to strategic games, everything I recommended in the post below is a great jumping off point. I'd also add in Machi Koro, Obscurio or Mysterium, and perhaps some Roll & Writes like Welcome To, or Second Chance. Lets everyone get playing together, though not in an interactive manner. Roll & Write category

          • @Advent Games: I’ll second Decrypto, I’ve played it with a few different groups that have all played Codenames and everyone’s loved it (more than Codenames for pretty much everyone I think). We found it a little clunky to start with but once you play a round or two it definitely clicks and watching a how-to-play video really helps

        • Take a look at Paranormal Detectives

      • Recommendations for family with 5-7 yo kids please.

    • Some recommendations:

      Ticket to Ride
      No Thanks
      Settlers of Catan
      Sushi Go Party
      Liar's Dice
      Love Letter
      Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers
      7 Wonders
      El Grande
      Memoir 44
      Puerto Rico
      Time's Up (R&R Edition)
      Just One
      Incan Gold
      For Sale
      Coloretto / Zooloretto
      Wits & Wagers

      Not exhaustive - but 5-10 of those games will give a nice starting point for a gaming collection.

  • Some legitimate deals on there! Good stuff.

  • Some good prices, too bad I don't have friends to play this with :')

  • What about games for me(dad) 11year old and 9 year old .. have got king domino and king of tokyo so far we like ??

    • Carcassonne is a great game to get into :)

    • +5 votes

      Sticking with the K's which are on the shelving next to me, I'd definitely recommend Karuba and Kakerlaken (Cockroach) Poker.

      Karuba is a great, rules-light path laying game
      While Kakerlaken Poker is a beautifully short, hilarious game about lying and catching people out in lies / truth. (All the kids that age I've played it with adore lying). :)

      Further afield from a single letter I'd also recommend Carcassonne, Adventure Land, Azul, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, any of the EXIT escape room games, My Little Scythe, Meeple Circus, Ticket to Ride (of course), Takenoko.

      Just off the top of my head! That's a good mix - everything from Co-op to Dexterities within that age range.

    • Dixit, Ticket to Ride, Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert for you to check out, off the top of my head.

      • My family really likes Dixit.
        It is creative, easy to pick up, and doesn't take too long.

  • my hospital network blocks your site as “gambling” hahaha guess I gotta wait until I get home

  • No monopoly? :(

  • Have an 8 and 10 year old and currently they love Exploding Kittens and just plain Uno. Have got munchkins and sushi go for them too. Any recommendations for co-op type games for 2-4 players?

    • +1 vote

      Absolutely! Right off the bat I'd say my number one pick at the moment would be Zombie Kidz Evolution. For that age range it's really quite brilliant, provided you don't mind the zombie theme. It covers the co-op ground, it has a legacy element in that you can work towards "Achievements" each time you play like a video game, and it's just a lot of fun with the right amount of decision making v. random.

      If you've done any Escape Rooms I can thoroughly recommend any of the slew of Deductive Escape Room style games - EXIT, Unlock, Deckscape, Escape Room The Game, Adventure Games. Although with all of them, some have a higher age range / more adult themes than others. So best to check the age info / content blurb first.

      Then there's the gateway style co-ops - Castle Panic is a great place to start to get into the vibe of co-op games (although it's out of stock at the moment). Likewise Forbidden Island / Forbidden Desert. Hanabi is also a fabulous game for deductive co-op - played in complete silence! :) (Some kids can't handle that though, I know from experience) :P A step up from those would be Magic Maze - another game played in silence but far more strategic, and hilarious at times! (Also frustrating). I've not tried it yet but apparently Meeple Party is very good. If they're into Sci-Fi, The Captain is Dead series is amazing, possibly for an older crowd, though. (I find it hard to judge, sorry - every young'un is unique!)

      Then perhaps once they're older there's games such as Pandemic, Mysterium, Paranormal Detectives, etc which can be absolutely fine for those age ranges, you just need to make your own mind up on the themes.

  • Good deals!! Ordered couple of times from Advent Games, always a pleasure!

    Have to resist.. i want Tapestry..

  • Awesome, I've been keen on slide quest for awhile now.

    Just wish you had a copy of Mattel ghost fighting treasure hunters as well.

    • I don't understand why Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters hasn't made it to Australia (officially).

  • Any games to recommend that are simple yet fun like codenames, catan, ticket to ride, dixit etc?

    • King of Tokyo, Sushi Go, Colt Express, Zombicide

      • +2 votes

        Absolutely, second all those. Depends on the age range for Zombicide, but I've never seen King of Tokyo not hit, it's a blast.

        Simple yet fun - Kakerlaken Poker, Camel Up, Can't Stop, Decrypto, Drop It (brilliant game, I never have a bad time with it), Galaxy Trucker (not as simple as it first looks, there are some rules, watch a vid, but building those ships is hilarious), Ghost Blitz (Geistesblitz), Men at Work / Meeple Circus / Flick Em Up / Rhino Hero (these are dexterity stacking / destruction games), Pictomania (one of my all time favourite Pictionary clones - it's just hilarious), Deep Sea Adventure.

        Whew! That's just from titles on the shelves - the lists are extensive! :)

        Hope that's a good start!

  • If the rep is still around, is Nanty Narking sourced from the kickstarter (and therefore including the metal coins), or without? I realise you're retail, but also know many Aus board game sites buy from ks with a retailer pledge. Figured the high "pre-discount" price may suggest it's the version with coins. Thanks in advance.

    • This one's just the retail edition, sorry fergmonkey. Our local RRP tends to get set pretty high by the suppliers. And in fact, I think it's already sold out! :(

  • Do you have sushi go? (Will it be coming back in stock?)

    • +1 vote

      I'm hoping it'll be back in stock end of next week! (post-sale, unfortunately). :( It's currently turned off to clear viewing space

      • Any recommendations for 2 (or more) player games? Aside from wanting sushi go, the games we have liked are codenames, bananagrams, anomia, exploding kittens… (can’t remember what else we have), along with classics like yahtzee, uno, clue. Hope that’s enough to give a bit of insight into the style of games we like.

        I am hoping to buy pandemic, just thought it might be worthwhile to grab another 1-2 games with it.

        • +1 vote

          Absolutely! If you'd like games which are specifically crafted for 2 players, I'd recommend starting the journey here:

          Games For Up To 2 Players

          From the 2p section, games I'd thoroughly recommend (without checking to see if they're in stock) - Patchwork, an excellent Tetris style game about quilting, Battle Line or Schotten Totten (possibly my favourite 2p game - but it's quite thinky), Codenames Duet if you enjoyed Codenames, it's a great 2p co-op variant, Mr Jack - a Scotland Yard style hidden movement game, Robin of Locksley I've not played yet but have been very keen, it looks like a great design even if the theme doesn't really work with it. Kahuna is great, as is Targi. And if you like trick-taking games, The Fox in the Forest is without a doubt one of the best trick taking games out there, and specifically designed for 2, and there's a Duet version for co-op play.

          And for games that play well with 2 but do more players, I'd probably refer to the other lists here. :) (Not Dixit or group style bluffing games, though).

          Hope that helps a bit!

  • well there goes $100 I wasnt expecting to spend!
    Nice work, kids will be happy and will be great to get them off a screen for a bit

  • Some great prices and I love the helpful comments from OP. However, just a question, I had some items in my cart yesterday but the price has gone up since. Any reason for that?


    • An item I had in my cart this morning has jumped $21! Curious to know the reason as well.

    • Hey Lurker, unfortunately the titles that are on the shelf are put up at a bigger discount (and a bit of a loss) to move them on out and make way for new stock. However if a game sells out, I have been checking today to see if it is still available at a supplier. If it is, I've opened it up to special order from the supplier, but not at the original price because there's no need for me to take the hit on it. :)

      Hope that makes sense! So anything in your cart that has gone up in price has sold out since you put it in cart, and has now been made available again but at a more normal discount.

  • Many games are cheaper elsewhere, found a few that are not, so check people.

    In saying that, got some nice deals!!

  • Any chance to have PARANORMAL DETECTIVES in stock? looks like I missed it :(

    • Unfortunately not at that price, sorry Auzzik. :( But I've turned it back on at 25% off RRP. So a BIT better than normal, but not as good as it was.

  • Have been looking for a decent copy of Oceans for ages! Didn't know you were only a few suburbs away, so will make sure to check out your site more regularly :D

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