Where do you normally buy your rice and how much - Melbourne

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for new place to buy rice as woolworths and my usual price has increased their price. I normally buy 20kg medium grain sunrice for $34.

Can you share where do you normally buy your rice and how much?



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    coles, basmati rice (maharajah choice) when there are on special (1/2 price), normal price $19 for 5kg

  • Costco 'Kirkland' Thai Hom Mali Jasmine rice 20kg bag for $50. Great quality, fragrant. Supermarket Jasmine rice just doesn't compare taste or price wise.

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      Lol why would anyone downvote this?

  • Asian Grocery store, in 10kg or sometimes 20kg bags. We buy the Sunrice Koshihikari rice. Small bag is usually about $30 and big is about $50

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    Short grain rice, usually from Korean grocery stores (25kg for $35-$40)

    • Hi, can I know which korean grocery stores do you normally go for that price? thanks

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    India gate classic basmati rice at Indian grocery store. Only the best will do for family :D

  • I used to buy from an Asian store. Rose brand jasmine rice 25kg bags. Now we buy basmati rice that goes on sale for half price at woolie or Coles.

  • Because of the fool dumb panic buyers. That is why Rice price has increased recently.
    You need to shop around for a better price.

  • I wait until Coles has Sunrice Medium Grain Calrose White rice (or maybe their other Sunrice varieties) on special.

    That's usually a half-price special if I wait. Their normal price is 32 cents per 100g for the 5 kg bag. When it is half-price, that makes it very good value. (I'm disappointed that they stopped selling the 10 kg bag, but I can't have everything!)

    I buy Sunrice because 1) it's Australian and 2) it's locally produced to where I live. I like supporting the local economy.

    • Sorry to inform you there will be no specials with the hoarding period on again !

      • Are you a buying manager for Coles?

        Or maybe the supplier of the rice?

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      I'm not sure sunrice will be having too many sales coming up. They are struggling to stay in business.


      • Wow, that's a disgrace. Time to stock up on Aussie rice.

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    Sunrice Jasmine at Coles or Woolies, were Asian and used to buy from Asian grocers mainly from Thailand but as soon as we found out there was Australian grown rice we switched. Yeah it's pricier but it's local and we're supporting our own country/economy

  • Surprised to find 10kg Jasmin at Costco for $18 the other day .

  • Asian shop.

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