Samsung Galaxy S20 Vs Huawei P30 Pro Vs Oppo X2 Neo

Hi everyone, would be keen to hear some thoughts regarding which one of these options you would choose. They all have pros and cons and are relatively similar in price.

Tbh not really doing anything intensive aside from regular web browsing, FB, YouTube, Emails, taking family photos and videos lol

S20 4G Version

  • New
  • Highest Spec
  • Good camera
  • IP Rating


  • Most expensive
  • Battery?
  • Have owned Samsung before so not 'exciting' by it

P30 Pro

  • Cheaper
  • Overall still a very solid phone
  • Battery
  • Camera
  • IP Rating
  • Have owned a P30 which I rated highly


  • One year old
  • Video stabilisation perhaps not as good
  • Owned a P30 which I rate highly so perhaps something new would be better

x2 Neo

  • New
  • 12GIG RAM
  • 90hz
  • Form factor (best size & weight of all of them imo)
  • Cheapest
  • 5G
  • Video stabilisation
  • Novelty factor being new


  • SD765G processor lower spec'd than the above and even the P30 which I am coming from
  • Lack of IP rating
  • Camera? Not sure how it compares to the others or even my P30

Summary / TLDR:
S20 - best spec but most expensive potentially boring
P30 Pro - I feel is the best overall phone being a solid flagship still by todays standards and I know what I am getting however 1 year old
x2 Neo - Overall proposition really good however concerned a back step in terms of processor and camera


  • none wait next year for better 5g phones

  • What phone do you have now?
    If you have something like a S10+, well, I'd question if you really should upgrade at all based on your needs.

    Besides, nothing you said is intensive for a phone. Even high quality photos from the S20+ look worse when you apply those filters and compress them onto social media. Video recording could be the one thing that shows a noticeable difference, if you aren't compressing them much, and view them as Home Videos. But in that case, you might be better off using an older iPhone, as they're unchallenged in videography.

  • P30 pro for the win - I've had mine for over 12 months and I think it's awesome - 2 day battery life still!

  • Get the Samsung Galaxy FLIP or the Fold if ya wanna keep things interesting! :-)

    If you already have the P30 and wanted an upgrade then you gotta consider what you want in your phone. If it is larger battery, screen etc then the P30 Pro (at least you can still use GOOGLE SERVICES STILL!) is good or the Plus models from Sammy (they've been getting better with updating their devices…. finally…) And yes I would go for the 4G models, the 5G premium that phone manufacturers charge is BS….

    Though if your flipping your phones fairly regularly then i'd avoid paying full retail for the other Chinese brands. Samsung and the rest of Android do have the problem of not holding their values so reselling may be an issue for u? LG is the worst though lol, though you can snag pretty good deals on devices with decent specs (LG V series etc)

    Novelty/New factor wears off fairly quickly but for me I can never hold onto a device for more than 12 months lol…

  • Currently have the Samsung Galaxy S20+, traded up from the P30 pro. Wish I had stayed with the P30 pro.