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$2 Big Mac @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


Found this deal on mymaccas app today. Slightly different from the Thickshake/coffee deals


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    So I take it the recent Saturday deals have finished now?

    Didn’t get one today.

    • Saturday deals are over, it was meant to be a $6 small mcchicken meal and a cheeseburger, but that has since been removed

      • boooooo

  • I got a $4 big mac in my app which has to be one of the shittest coupon deals since HJs added that $5 grilled chicken burger to their shake and win app.

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      I have a $2 regular coffee “offer”

      7-11 have regular coffees for $1 as normal price

    • You mean to say the normal price is more than $4? Those things are tiny though.

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        No, I don't. I mean it's not a good deal. Just because something is cheaper than RRP doesn't make it a good deal.

  • How are these deals? Everyone gets a random deal from maccas every other day

    • Yeh. It's come a long way from its useless buggy beginnings.

      • There are two concurrent deals which cycle through each user's app: One is a randomised / algo deal specific to that user (i.e. $2 Big Mac), and the other is a non-targeted deal for all app users (e.g. current $2 coffee deal that expires 30 June).

  • just a $1 cheeseburger for me

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