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Home Gym Resistance Bands Set £11.10 (~A$20) Free Delivery @ Bold Bands (50/120 LEFT)


I have around about 120 resistance bands sets left in stock in Western Australia.
(Only 50 Left)

Looking to focus on my international sales only so selling these at a ridiculous $20 each with shipping included.
(I am losing money on these but I wish to finish selling in Australia)

If you want a workout guide I am happy to provide you with a pdf to our Boldbands workout guide.

Please don't be alarmed when it asks you to check out in GBP, I warehouse mainly in the UK.
The amount still converts to $20 if you use the coupon code AUS60OFF

Follow us @:
IG: bold.bands
FB: boldBandsofficial

If you appreciate this deal we would love to hear from you when you receive your bands :)

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      These are issues we have had with a bad batch in my worldwide uk sales, however, i have not had one bad report in Australian sales.
      Hoping people i sold to with my previous post on ausbargain can vouch for me.

      • +2

        I had a read of the reviews. Sounds like the quality of that batch was terrible, however the consistent complaint was about customer service and lack of response.

        Are you drop shipping these from China? Everyone was complaining about delivery delays.

        • -1

          It was a bit of drop shipping and own stock.
          We had to drop ship from China due to stock of mine getting stuck in Polands custom clearance.

          We reached out to a supplier that let us down massively both with poor items and fake tracking numbers so we have been trying to fix the issues since.
          Hundreds of people just received our branded items and the overall response has been great, hoping to have some positive reviews soon.

          I haven't been drop shipping to Australia, I have been importing in and selling locally in WA via Facebook and Gumtree.
          The demand has died down a lot now with things fully opening here so just getting rid of this stock to focus on international sales :)

  • I picked some up, I'm hoping the quality issues you have mentioned are sorted because resistance bands can do some serious damage if they come apart when under load.

    • -1

      We have had 0 issues with the ones I have imported into Australia.
      I would have sold about 200 of these in WA alone.

  • +1

    I bought a set. I’ve had expensive rebel resistance bands fail..

  • Cheaper on ebay

        • +2

          Dude? Are they even the same?? What’s with the neg

          • +5

            @grasstown: Price, it appears you can get them cheaper elsewhere and that’s before even taking into account the reviews someone else provided further up.

            What’s with the upvote on the deal?

          • @grasstown: I honestly think they are.

            I could buy one from this Listing and one from this deal and I think I would have the same product.

            I wouldn't buy either though, safety concerns about this product outweigh the "deal"

            I guess call me a "paranoid Monkey" OP :)

            • @Kdw26488: Very paranoid :)

              But just because they "look" the same does not mean they are.
              I have learnt this the hard way lol.

          • +1


            What’s with the neg

            Well what's with the pos?
            Going by the feedback, the seller's a dodge.

  • +1

    Bought a set. I appreciate the sellers apparent honesty with the poor reviews. I was looking for something like this and what the heck, why not??

    • Thank you sir :)
      You won't be disappointed with these.

  • +3

    You haven't lived until you've been hit in the face with one of these bands.

  • Why not buy this from Amazon AU for $29 delivered within 24 hours and comes with a lifetime warranty?

    • because…"I appreciate the sellers apparent honesty with the poor reviews"! is it a good reason? lmao!

      • -2

        ok, troll.

  • +1

    Placed an order. Paid $20.08 total MasterCard rates.

  • +2

    @OP: mate, nothing personal here, and I truly wish you luck with this deal. It does appear that you come across as a sincere person. It's just here at OzB we kinda look out for each other. I myself had my wallet saved many times because people put honest and informative comments. I made many purchases from OzB links, and so far it has been literally 100% satisfaction (knocking on a wood at the same time). And the amount of money I saved from the nominal RRPs is incredible. In my personal experience, OzB has been so far the best consumer/buyer-centric website in Aus, and to the huge degree it is because of the sound and rational online community that hangs out here (funny and witty comments are super-duper extra bonus :) )
    You came with a lot of noise on this deal, nothing wrong with that, though for my personal liking the extra noise raised some red flags. And at the first check, your deal didn't pass the test. Ok, you covered the past issues with the quality, and here people have to simply take your word on it. But price-wise, people already referred to much cheaper equivalent deals. Just my personal two cents here, but it looks like you hit this website as another online channel to push your stock. And I'm a bit cautious about that. You are coming rather strongly at the people who put very valid critical posts, that just doesn't look good, raises more red flags.
    @CecilTheChair: daym, I thought I did find the rock bottom price of $13.45 for this set, and then you came with your first Ebay link. Beat my price by 46 cents :). But the second guy (your second Ebay link) has 200+ sales of this item, so I feel ok paying those extra cents. I also had $5 off Ebay coupon which otherwise would have expired. So I'm happy paying $8.45 all in. That is 42.25% of the OP's deal.
    Peace out.

    • +1

      I don't think I have come across people rather strongly?
      I have just cleared up some of the concerns people have had with what they have found or seen, or opinions on bands based on previous experience.

      I don't rip people off, you can see that i am a highly rated Gumtree & Facebook seller.
      I do think that if someone is selling on eBay that cheaply you will have issues with them snapping or falling apart as per the experience KangaDrew has had.

      If you have any issues within 30 days I will be happy to give you your money back as per what the website states.
      I have had not one person out of the 200+ I have sold to in Aus complain about these ones, and have even had return customers.

      • I don't think I have come across people rather strongly?

        can't control how it's perceived.. been highlighted multiple times so perhaps you're not coming across as intended.
        Probably doesn't help calling out people out as trolls either..

        • Unfortunately, some people are only on ozbargain to troll and ruin sales for others.

      • FWIW, I didn't buy mine from eBay. I bought mine from fitbands.com.au who have suddenly vanished. The guy made a killing selling dodgy Chinese crap and now he's gone.

        Not saying you're dodgy, but the bands definitely are.

        • My bands are not dodgy, and I am not like a fitbands.com.au that are going to disappear in a week.
          I wouldn't put my face to them if they were.

  • +2

    I bought a set that look identical to this and the resistance is NOT as advertised. These images are stock images you can find on eBay, Groupon and other sites selling these super cheap quality Chinese bands.

    I was quite uneducated when I bought mine the first time around. You see, you can't have increasing amounts of resistance on identically sized bands. There's no logic behind that. And I assure you, there is almost zero difference in size between the lowest level band and the highest. I mean, you can even see that in the pictures.

    When I received mine, I didn't realise that to get even a basic workout in I had to use every single band at the same time. So whatever they are advertised as, rest assured - the advertised resistance level is false. Also, my handles broke within 5 mins, so the entire ordeal was a complete bust. The quality is well below sub-par on these inferior Chinese imports and they are a complete waste of money.

    I returned my cheap bands and spent a little bit more on some PTP Fit bands from Rebel - the quality is 10 times better. The handles are extremely sturdy, the bands increase in thickness as the resistance levels go up and the quality of the ankle straps and just every part of the kit was beyond expectations. I should probably state too that I don't work for PTP Fit or Rebel, but as a word of warning, please be mindful that you will get exactly what you pay for when you get these cheap quality kinds of fitness bands. I'm still fighting to get a refund on the ones that broke the day after delivery and wanted to share this so people can learn from my time consuming mistake to make a more educated decision.

    • -1

      Hi Kanga, yes there might be cheap alternatives out there.
      But I used these same bands to workout at home, as do all of my mates.

      I also use them as my main supplier for the rest of my business, they do not skimp on quality.
      Yes you can get better handles, yes you can get better hooks, yes you can get better straps.

      But for quality these are a really good deal for the $$!
      These ones definitely DO change resistance between each one and have not had any bad reports from Australian customers that I have personally shipped to.

      • +2

        I can't see any reason why these are not considered one of the "cheap alternatives" when you're simply using the same stock image that is being used for all of the "cheap" Chinese alternatives. And using yourself and your mates isn't really helpful to anyone though, as anecdotal comments don't really prove that the product you are selling is good quality, legit, authentic, etc. That's like if Instant Pot wrote a review for their own product on Amazon - it doesn't really count, right? If you have some NON stock images you can share on imgur that shows the bands are in fact extremely varied in thickness, I'm sure that will help people make a more educated decision.

        I'm sure you believe what you are saying, but if anyone does some research on resistance bands and compares the genuine ones against cheap alternatives, they will see that there is a massive difference between the bands. As I said, you cannot increase resistance without increasing the size and thickness of the bands. And sadly, I was a bit naive in my initial purchase for not realising this. Hopefully others can learn from my mistake and not fall into the same baited trap as I did.

        • +1

          Oh but in this Trumpian world,.we don't let science get in the way of a sale.

          Some bloke proportedly in Perth, posting stuff on Ozbargain, sold in pounds should be ringing alarm bells.

          Posting items using stock images rings more alarm bells

          Selling stuff which many people have bagged of poor quality rings even more alarm bells.

          Trying to justify it all with the "She's all right mate, trust me" attitude rings even more alarm bells.

          More front then Myer.

          • @DisabledUser35983: Lol ok, well atleast it brings the troll out of the woodworks.


            Take a look on here, i don't think i would be a gumtree user since 2004 as a highly rated user if I was suspicious.
            Like I said, i've sold 200+ through gumtree and facebook of this kind alone in WA.

            • @weavo: Oh, OK, so a random Gumtree profile is magically linked to the Boldbands website…. how exactly? I'm not seeing the connection.

              I'm also not seeing any response to my idea about posting some non-stock photos to show that your bands are genuine, or at least to prove that they are nothing like the cheap alternatives.

              If everything is above board, a genuine and authentic company can withstand some critical questions to ascertain legitimacy.

              • @KangaDrew: Ahh well, I was hoping that it would say in the recently sold my resistance bands.
                I am currently still running the ad for them so I don't know why it's not showing.

                I have genuine non-stock photos, such as my premium set:

                These are not being sold here in Aus, the ones I'm selling here are a standard set and just using my website to sell these outside of Perth.
                I have mostly sold via Gumtree and Facebook with pick up as the only option so I have not had to use my Boldbands website.

                I just took these photos just now so you can see the thickness varies between the bands, the thinner bands have less resistance.

                I can't believe I have to go to these lengths to prove its legit…

                • @weavo: I'm sure your "sale" is legit, but unfortunately, it's the quality that is the problem. They can barely be called resistance bands and the weighted resistance for each band is grossly over exaggerated.

                  As I mentioned from the outset, mine were identical to the ones you just posted - el cheapo bands from China. But if you think there is any real difference between the lowest and the highest rated bands, you may want to sub to an OZB Specsavers deal, because the difference is almost negligible.

                  This is how resistance bands should actually look

                  • @KangaDrew: Sorry, I still don't agree.

                    I am not a hardcore gym goer but the insides of the bands are hollow, and the difference between the yellow and the black is very noticeable.
                    The thickness between them and the "hollowness" varies.

                    My supplier is from China, yes, but they are great and don't skimp on quality.
                    As you can see from the reviews when we outsourced to someone different, there was a massive difference in quality, hence all the trouble.

                    If we were selling bands like the ones you're showing there then there is absolutely no way that this would be even remotely close to a $10 sale (minus the shipping).

                    Our premium gym set are a lot closer to that, however.

                    • @weavo: You don't have to agree, but the facts remain the same. I too am not an avid gym goer, having not set foot inside a gym since August last year, but using the bands for a proper workout required them all to be in use.

                      At the end of the day, they are identical bands to what I purchased. There is a very tiny difference between each band, but that tiny difference is negligible and pretty much insignificant over all. You may have a new supplier now, but the bands are still basically the same. The additional photos you posted show bands that are identical to what's on your website, so I don't really see how changing suppliers has changed the quality that much.

  • +1
  • Cheaper on ebay, reviews and discussion on trustpilot not re-assuring at all.

    • that's Trustpilot for the UK, not for Aus.
      We had supplier issues for international sales, I have the inventory on my doorstep and therefore also have quality control.

        • US Website
        • UK Warehouse
        • UK currency
        • Now selling and shipping stock from Western Australia
        • Mostly negative Trustpilot reviews ranging from delivery delays (which people should expect during covid) to extremely inferior quality products

        I can appreciate that you've likely got a truckload of stock you want to dump just to get rid of it, since the whole 'exercise at home' trend has died down due to gyms re-opening, but can you not see the reason why people would/should question this "deal"? There are simply way too many red flags here… regardless of how cheap they are being sold for.

        • I have been selling in Australia or should I say WA mostly privately through Gumtree and Facebook for about 3 months now.

          I have used my website/platform to sell outside of Perth, the reviews on trustpilot have absolutely nothing to do with these bands that I am selling.
          I understand by association it will raise eyebrows but I have proven that there is nothing wrong with my bands, and again hoping others I know that have bought from me on here or other avenues can vouch.

          And we are using the US version of the website because what is the point in using my UK website to sell here in Australia?

          I also warehouse in Hong Kong and the US, but most of my target audience is in the UK so mainly warehouse there.

          You can only have one currency to check out with when using Stripe as the payment provider.

          • @weavo: You haven't really "proven that there is nothing wrong" with your bands. You posted photos, sure, but they proved my point - that they are almost all identically sized and not truly weight rated in line with what the website is listing them as.

            • @KangaDrew: I guess I don't know how to prove the weight resistance, but all I can say is unless you have arms the size of small tree trunks you're not going to be able to bicep curl with all of them attached, which would lead me to believe they are not far off the total 45kg combined that is advertised.

              • @weavo: shouldna posted on ozb not wurf lol

    • shopify template with minimal customization…

    • +2

      Yes I made similar comments to his post back in May. Not having a dig but all these sales on gumtree/Facebook not sure how that pertains to quality cause there's no way to leave reviews on product after. There's also no method to review sellers.
      Fb and Gumtree are marketplaces where you buy at your own risk knowing there's no warranty. So again don't know how large volume of sale on that is indicative of anything more than people wanting to buy things cheap at a risk.

      • -1

        Oh, well while you're at it maybe check comments like this:

        CouponCrazy on 13/05/2020 - 23:53
        I got some off this guy from Gumtree lol. Selling out of garage which is cool and bands good but I'm hardly a fitness fan

        The bands are good.

      • -1

        Also, did you see any of those sales come back to this thread saying they got scammed?
        No, I didn't think so lol.

    • Why is our refunds/cancellations page a red flag?

      • +1

        Have you changed it in the last day or so? It talked about perishable goods yesterday.

        In addition your website states that no issues with shipping times, the reviews show that was not the case earlier.

        Your website also states “ we have had no reports of any of our bands snapping during use.” again from the reviews and your comments this does not appear to be the case.

        Red flags all over, not to mention price is lower elsewhere, including delivery. This is not a deal.

        • -1

          We don't have issues with shipping currently, the reviews are based on old orders.

          Again, if you read what I said previously, these bands are not what I sell overseas.
          I am using my website to sell these around Australia as in the past I have been selling these out of my garage around WA through Gumtree and Facebook.

          I feel you are too quick to neglect the positive information and look mainly for the negative, which in fact, have absolutely no bearing on the sales here at all.
          If the owner of McDonald's acquires Hungry Jacks are you going to not eat at Hungry Jacks because the reviews of McDonald's are showing that the burgers are terrible?

          • +1

            @weavo: When did you change the perishables bit on the website?

            We’ve seen one, maybe two positive comments, and multiple negative.

            Plus the price is still more than available elsewhere. And those places have a lot of positive comments on eBay.

            No deal.

  • +2

    Ordered before. Shipping time normal and quality better than some other online stores

  • +1

    Wow, Doesn’t seem to much love for theses guys. I previously bought one of these sets. Dunno if I’m just one of the lucky ones but my product was fine. I’m back at my local gym now but used them for weeks while my gym was closed. I didn’t have any quality issues either. Like many of the deals on ozbargain I just pulled the trigger and ordered a set. If the shipping takes a bit longer so be it. Tbh it seems that the OP just had a bad batch one time with a supplier that messed him around. Unfortunately it’s always harder to get good reviews than bad ones.

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