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Global Hiro Shiro 7 Piece Knife Block Set $237.30 + $12 Delivery @ Victoria's Basement eBay


Missed out on the Ikasu set, but this has the same knives albeit slightly more expensive and in a different block. Finally caved getting this as it's too sharp a deal to pass.
Was selling at $270 on Amazon not that long back.

Comes in white too:

The 3 step sharpener is out of stock but the 2 step is still available:
https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Global-MinoSharp-br-2-Step-Ceram... @ $22.37

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    Mino Tsuchida must be pretty happy right now

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    $250 on knives is a lot of $$$

    • Not if they last you 10+ years, that's $25 a year?

      About $40 per knife

      • My Global Synergy set is currently 21 years old ( although I lost 2 in the set…don’t ask me how ).
        So just treated myself to a new Kabuto set :)

      • +1

        I've had the same Globals since I was an apprentice 20 years ago. Some have copped a beating but they're still in great nick. I'm not cooking for a living anymore but they would last a life time in a home kitchen for sure.

        It's kind of like tools, a lot of people don't see the value in spending a lot on power/hand tools for DIY use even if they last a lifetime.

        • i try to take pleasure in what i do rather than a chore and the right tools make it more pleasurable, l tend to spend a lot on tools including knives. metallurgy in good on most international brands now but often it’s the shape of the handle or blade or blade size that determines how nice they are to use, and the small handles on global paring knife might not be everyone’s liking.

          bought a set of the global and will see how i like them, my work horse set is shun at the moment, and i have victorinox for outdoors or when going to holiday houses.

    • -1

      $4 knives last 10+ years too

      • +2

        But will your $4 make you happy or perform better. Even if it’s placebo, people will do the job better.

        • +2

          Lots of people buying global's don't know how to take care of knivrs

          Once it gets blunt it's as good as any knife

          Better to invest in knife training skills and blade sharpening

          • +1

            @mokr: Yes, but you do take more care with more expensive products. In my case, The people who damage my knives are usually guests or family that don't know how much they cost.

      • reality is better sharp cheap knife than blunt expensive knife …. if you won’t get them sharpened, or learn, expensive knives offer little after 1 year of use.

        it’s why companies like wurshof offer free sharpening for life (you pay postage) so people can keep enjoying sharp knives ….

      • Yes but how much time does the $4 knife cost you in terms of time spent on prep and sharpening?

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    Just get a Santoku or chefs knife and be done with it. Possibly also a bread knife if you have it daily. One knife can last you 10 years. You don’t need a whole set that you only use one knife out of.

    • a set like this will be great:
      - 18cm Santoku Knife (GS-46)
      - 20cm Cooks Knife (G-2)
      - 8cm Paring Knife (GSF-18)

      or just a santoku or chef's

      • yes santoku in these sets is a bit small, but i think they are sized to not scare people with too many big knives.

  • Is there a set that comes with a steel? And maybe sheers too?

    • +1

      You want the Takashi
      No idea what it's best price is if RRP is over $1450 and it's "on sale" thru Global for $799.
      I like Global's diamond steel better than the ceramic one personally but if they've got a good edge, the ceramic does work well.

  • Thanks, got the Zeitaku set as I want the Santoku Knife.

  • +1

    $28 postage to Tas. Damn!

  • +2

    The plastic block is terrible. I have this exact set. 1year in the screws at the bottom started rusting from moisture and stained my countertop very badly. Knives themselves were good though.

  • Takumi set on bamboo is back in stock.
    A tad more expensive but don't have to deal with blocks.


    Shame the 3 stage sharpener is OOS.

  • Is the 3 step knife sharpener worth waiting for or is the 2 step really good too?