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Joonya Non-Toxic Baby Nappies from $62.30 Crawler Size 168 Pack @ joonya eBay


We are long time users of the Joonya baby wipes and with no.2 coming very soon (5 days overdue!) we were looking for some bulk buy nappies. Joonya are part of the 30% retailers on eBay but only have their nappies available otherwise we would have also stocked up on the wipes.

Using the 30% off code on eBay you're getting them for 30% less than their monthly subscription price on their website so it's a brilliant deal.

Totally free of chlorine, parabens, latex, phthalates, perfumes & heavy metals. Hypoallergenic materials ideal for sensitive baby skin. Backsheet, topsheet & bag contain bio-based, earth-friendly materials. Highly absorbent core contains wood pulp from responsibly harvested forests – certified by FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council).

6-11kg Crawler Size (168 nappies):

10-15kg Toddler Size (150 nappies):

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Joonya website:

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  • +12 votes

    How much for the toxic ones?


      haha I opened this one to make the same joke, you were in first.

  • +1 vote

    Whose selling toxic baby nappies?


      Probably the same company that made toxic baby formula.


    Best wishes OP for your no 2.

  • +3 votes

    You should definitely have nappies ready before you feel the no2 coming. I can never hold it in long enough for my online orders to arrive.


    Smallest size they have is 6kg+