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Furi - 5 Slot Wood Knife Block (No Knives) $41.30 (RRP $149) + $9 Delivery @ Victoria's Basement eBay


I picked up this knife block as part of a large order from Victoria's Basement using the 30% off eBay code and this is by far my favourite purchase despite some of the other items being a Shun Knife and an ice-cream maker :)

The listing says that it's made from Sapele and Rubberwood but on the box it says Teak and Rubberwood. Either way it looks amazing and shows off my existing two Shun knives and my new Shun bread knife life no other knife block that I've seen. It's definitely become a really nice centrepiece of the kitchen.

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    Expensive for just a knife block

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      Makes me füri-ous!

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    Boast post.

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    Magnetic strip on the wall, by far the best way to show off your knives.

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    Germs/ bacteria loves growing in wood knife blocks. Try find one in commercial kitchen environments …. the 1st thing that the councils will issue a warning for

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      Commercial kitchens are run by pigs… I dont think the conditions in a house would result in the same degree of risk or likelihood. Commercial kitchens tend to be hoseable (or similarly ease of cleaned) meaning the block would often get wet, which would never happen in the home. Timber tables, chairs and cutting boards etc dont breed germs enough to kill anyone anyway.

      I reckon theres probably more germ risks on a couch.

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        Why would commercial kitchen even get the knife block on the first place.

        Most of them I know or have been has magnetic holder against the wall above the bench height.

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      Why would the material matter? If you don't clean your knives, then bacteria will grow.

      I'd much prefer a maple chopping board, much less chance of bacteria than plastic. I would think the same holds true for knife blocks.


        Yes, knife blocks are just the same to clean as chopping boards, and are used the same way, excellent point.


      Agree with you.
      Even roaches love wood so much.

      Commercial kitchen never have wooden block knifes.

      Never have I ever seen


    Anyone know what steel Furi use in their knives? Not sure where they make them now but this is an Aussie brand started in Brissie. Might be still worth considering given they are supposed to be decent quality anyway.

    Jap is nice but damn it, cant we find some love for something of our own?


      They use soft steel, speaking as an owner and sharpener of a few. They're decent, but there's a reason I use my Shun for pretty much eveything.

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        So does that mean they are easy to blunt but also easy to sharpen for a muppet? Or is it too soft and therefore easy to mess it up? Its never simple with blades. Its a shame they dont provide much more than a pretty uninformative description of the steel mix.

        Kylie Kwong is their celebrity chef, she wouldnt lie to me would she?

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          They're decent for the money, I'd say, but yes, you need to sharpen them quite often. I like mine enough to keep them and use them (but if got a couple more Shun knives I'd never use the Furi's, but that's a pretty unfair bar to have to clear).

          Any endorser will be lying to you at some point about something, pretty much.

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          that would pretty much be the same for carbon steel knives. easy to sharpen.