Qcell Maxx with Fronius Inverter


Installing a solar panels is not easy as there are so many products and warranties. Got a quote with Qcell maxx with Fronius 6.6 kw system in Victoria for single phase for $1999. Just wondering has anyone got this how are the reviews??


  • Good parts, is that after Vic rebate and STC?
    Does the price include the Vic solar loan?
    Is the installer listed on SolarQuotes?
    Does your house have any shading issues where the panels are going to go?

    • Yes it is after stc and Vic rebate. There will be $1888 loan on top of that.. they would be certified installer so I can see there name on gov website while applying for loan.. there is no shading issues as it is east facing..

      • If the $1999 price is before $1888 loan it's an amazing deal.

        If it's including the $1888 price it's good.

        I would personally prefer an older established installer for warranty claims 5,10,15 years down the road.

        • No way it's before the loan, the way I see it is 1999 + 1888 + 1888 which is normal price for such system. Qcell qmax is the lower end of the qcell range with shorter warranty but they're still decent brand only after lg and sunpower

  • Is the installer reputable, or a call centre/sales team that jobs out to the cheapest sub-contractor. If the latter, it is a battle to get anything fixed if there is a problem.

    • Installer reputation seems to be new in market.. no idea how the installer would be.. that’s my concern how we can find out that whatever they are doing is right as per industry standards. Only thing I know they are using Titan rail kit.

      • The problem is when the phone rings out in 12 months time when you have an issue. It's cheap tho.

  • There is a Facebook page called Crap Solar….. some of the things that you see there will make you think twice about going with the cheapest quote.