Is This Enough Space to Leave for The Fridge?

I'm thinking about getting this fridge (

The dimensions are 1750mm in height with a width of 800mm.

My fridge nook is about 1790mm x 838mm.

So I have about 19mm of clearance each side and about 40mm. Do you think that's enough?


  • Yes that's fine

  • Like a glove.

  • Perhaps just check you have a depth of 735mm available as well?

    • depth is fine - i also got a lot of space out front, so don't mind it coming out a bit.

      • Just because it fits neatly, doesn't mean it fits neatly.
        You need to consider the power connector to the point, and then there's the extra space needed for the swinging arm for the door to open.

        But the most forgotten thing is you need to make extra space allowances so that the fridge motor has ample space to "breathe". And most fridges seem to get a little warm on the sides, so making sure there's a gap between the walls also helps your efficiency/longevity.

        • well there's a power point in the nook. I've probably got about 1.5m of free space in front of it so it can stick out quite a bit and won't matter.

          At this point, the main concern is the clearances on the side. It says on the manual that it needs 6cm on each side - I've got 2cm…

          • @witsa: Another consideration is whether your nook walls are perfectly level. That could impact the space available further I know mine are not but luckily I had plenty of room.

  • Depends on make. Some like Samsung need 50mm each side I think so could void warranty if less. You may just be limited to certain makes.

    • Just checked SJXP580GSL manual and they want 60mm or more each side. Huge gaps!

      • yeah i just saw that (

        It also needs 900mm at the top.

        that's crazy - i can't help to think that they're just being overly conservative to cover themselves legally.

        who has that much space in their nook?

        • Thing is, all that heat needs to escape, hence the need for plenty of air gap. They are usually quite generous with spaces, but if there is any level of 'enclosure' then the fridge won't be as efficient.

          • @sane: Yeah I'm wondering if the manufacturer's gap is just for them to advertise it at a certain star rating and that it would operate fine with a smaller gap but might need to work a little harder on hot days. Which is why it's not something they advertise and you have to go looking inside the manual for it.

  • Don’t forget skirting boards if relevant.

  • Check the doorways leading to the kitchen. I had apple space for bigger fridges in my fridge spot, but the doorways were too small.

  • Usually the manual has the specs for the space required for trades people to prep up…

  • I have a cabinet above my fridge with a big void behind it for the heat from the back of the fridge to escape from

    • I do too, so I assume I could get away with a smaller clearance due to the heat naturally venting up through the void,like a chimney.

  • Seems like a very tight gap of only 20mm each side. Remember there's not much airflow around the back and it's relying on convention to create what little airflow there is. Maybe look at something a little smaller.

    • When we moved house, the fridge space was a little close, so I retrieved two 12v fans from an old computer and installed them behind the fridge.
      That really helped to cool the area and dissipate the heat. That was four years ago - all still good.

      • so it's just permanently on? did you just sit them on the floor behind the fridge?

        wouldn't it be loud?

        • If you're too worried and have programming skill, just buy a plug with energy monitoring and set the fan to turn on whenever the compressot runs

        • The fans are 80mm diam, I put a 30mm spacer under them to allow circulation, and installed them horizontally (ie the 'exhaust' is vertical).A 12v-1a adaptor is turned on by an adjustable thermostat, set at 35deg. If you listen carefully close to the fridge, they can just be heard.

  • Watch the overheating issues with insufficient space. It can make your fridge work too hard in hot weather.

  • Usually your top cabinet doesn't reach the back and has a void.

    If you don't have a void then that is quite a tight space.

    The amount of space you need is also dependent on the Ambient temperature of the room in summer. Higher temperature needs more cooling (ventilation).

    It sounds quite tight at the top. It will impact efficiency as the space behind the fridge may end up being fairly warm.

    If you really want the fridge you could consider a small extractor fan to expel air from the rear cavity.

    As the sides are 19mm clearance your fridge front has to stick out slightly to allow the door to open but it won't be much. We have tight sides on our fridge and its fine. We made the cavity smaller than the manufacturer recommendation so we could have bigger cupboards on the side.

    If you change it to have 10 mm clearance on one side and 28 mm on the other side then the door will be easier to open without pulling the fridge forward as much.

  • Sounds too tight. It will turn on and work, but as time goes by you will find that it uses a lot of power in the warm weather. A slightly smaller fridge will work better for the space. Think air flow - if you have an opening above the cabinet to vent and you can keep the fridge well away from the wall it may be enough. The other thing, roll it out and vacuum the vents before each summer, you will be surprised how much dust blocks the vents each year.

  • When we moved into our current place, the fridge space was small and we could juuuuuuuust barely fit a fridge in there. We had to get a contractor to widen the space and basically resize the drawers next to it, about $900 so not too bad. Better to be too big than too small imo. You might end up having to pay more for new fridges or power in the long run.

  • Your electricity bill will be through the roof, your fridge may not keep stuff cold enough on hot days and it will probably die a premature death.

    You need enough ventilation around the fridge to remove the heat. As a rule of thumb, if you can't fit your arm up to the wrist in the gaps around the fridge, you don't have enough room.