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Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8 Lens $272.30 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Good price considering local stock, great for portraits while still keeping the small size and weight of m43. Might be too far for general usage though. Price is for the black version.


Lens type: Portrait Prime
Lens mount: Micro Four Thirds
Focal Length: 45mm
35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 90mm
Maximum Aperture: f1.8
Filter Size: 37mm
Weight: 115g

Compatible with Micro Four Thirds cameras (e.g. Panasonic/Olympus)

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  • +7 votes

    Lots of bargains incoming now that Olympus has called it a quit.

    I personally wouldn't rush out and buy one….just yet.

  • if you are ok with second hand, gumtree/fb marketplace should have some cheaper options available

  • Nice lens, I use mine quite a bit. I'm hoping to see a good price on the 17mm F1.8 in the near future.

  • I really wish Olympus didn't have to quit. I really liked the MFT system… but the E-M1X was a clear sign that they were chasing the wrong segment with the wrong product

    • If that is the 1DX / D5 equivalent camera they made, that was very cool. Pushing the limits of what is possible is always a something to be admired. Would get it in an instant if I was committed in the Olympus family.

  • I have this lens, paid 220 for it on Facebook a year back but mine was pretty much new in box. Definitely a sharp lens and has pulled in some great portrait shots for me. This Amazon price is pretty good.

    I got an em-10 mk iii body and bit the bullet the other day and got an em-5 mkii body as well. Great camera and lenses so great time to buy up.

  • This lens is sharp!

  • Great lens

  • I bought this lens from Gerry in 2016 before they went bust, for $279. Is this a deal even though Olympus are out now?

    • I bought my E-M10ii kit from them at a ridiculous price too ($600 at the time) before they went bust. I mourn for Gerry Gibbs and Olympus :(

  • I dont know how trustworthy this site is but its $262 here https://mymobile.com.au/olympus-m-zuiko-digital-ed-45mm-f-1-... (seems to be a grey import)

  • wow that's cheap for such a quality lens!!

  • this is a good lens, though I prefer the sigma 56 1.4
    sigma 56 1.4 for MFT is the true portrait lens. this one is OK

    • 56/1.4 on Apsc is great (=85mm), though on m43 its a bit too long (112mm) for portraits.

      • for portraits the longer the better, on full frame I prefer 200 2.8, so 112 is certainly not too long. the further away from the subject, the less distortion of the facial features. on full frame I take best portraits with 200mm and 300mm lenses if I can allow to step back enough to fill the frame to the requirement.

        not to mention that 200 2.8 blows background out of focus like, say 50 1.4 could never do just by design (unless you choose background carefully, it might still be distracting even at 50 1.4)

        it's all a matter of artistic purpose, I guess, I don't mind capturing kids on 35mm or 22mm on crop because people don't care about kids facial features distortion much

        for adults including your partner the longer the better (that's what she said right haha)

        • in the long run, best portrait lens if you're a Canon person would be 200/2L if you can afford and lift the damn thing

          another option is 300/2.8 that you can go ahead and also shoot safari with

          but if photography be your hobby, 200/2.8L and 135/2L are affordable and serviceable options

          oh yes and 70-200/2.8L if you don't mind carrying one around. I had one but 99% of the time I shot it at 200mm so I sold it and got a 200/2.8L instead. much lighter. black. perfect

          also I have a 300/4L which is also the sharpest tele you can get your hands on without selling both kidneys. this is poor man's safari lens, and does amazing portraits, too. I am not sure which one provides shallower dof between this and 200/2.8L but this one feels sharper

  • People need to remember that Olympus signed a MOU (memorandum of understaning), not a sale contract. Yes it likely it will be sold to JIP but that officially hasn't happened, nor do we know what their future plans are. A lot of clickbait videos from YouTube 'experts' saying Olympus is dead when, as of right now, it is not.

    • Correct.

      Harvey Norman doesn't seem to think so though cos they've jettisoned just about all their Olympus gear now.

      • Harvey have been slowly moving out of cameras for a while and have not really been selling Olympus for a while.
        I wouldn't take the actions of Harvey Norman as much of an indication.

        • True but when the deal for the 14-150mm lens went up the other day they had some other lense and em-10 mk iii and some other thing I can't remember. All sold out and removed listings from the websites a couple of days later. Dunno seems to align

      • Kind of made sense, and for JB to do so as well. retailers who just sells assortment of things, as opposed to specialist stores like DigiDirect, Teds etc, would rather cut their losses short and offload most of it, furthermore most of the stuff Harvey offloaded are old, EM5 MkII is like 5 yrs old…time to clear it now than if it becomes harder to clear even more.

    • Read between the lines - JIP is going to gut it and sell off it's assets

  • price back up to $333.xx

  • Loved my E-M1 but it couldn't compete with smartphones and full frame. It's been sold now. Had this lens at one point - good lens.

    • The em1 may be a bit old now but I can't think of a phone that has better image quality that it. Which phone are you using?

      • I'm referencing more around the m43 market - they got squeezed from smartphones getting better, more convenient and good enough for most people and full frame getting cheaper for the photographer enthusiasts.

        Meanwhile m43 cameras continued to get more and more expensive as Olympus tried to chase the pro market. The e-m1 mark 2 and mark 3 was absurdly priced

  • It's so sad, this was one of the cream of the crop lenses. I always wish that Olympus could have just focussed on making affordable lenses for other formats instead, maybe they could have taken their skills, applied affordable and good lens making for E-Mounts.

    I have very little hope for Panasonic as well. To me the m43 market had died 3 yrs ago, Olympus went so stagnant and chased the wrong path, where as Panasonic was and is still mostly in the lower to mid end market but every year they release new models, it's all over the place, this is what I find odd with both Olympus and Panasonic, they keep releasing weird intermediate models, that has a bit from the high end one then a bit from the low end one, and it's all over the place. It would just be nice if they had EM-5 only full stop, and every Mk revision it improves upon the last, at 2 yr revisions. But EM-10, EM-1, etc it's like you needed a matrix and pricing comparison to figure which one to buy. Then sometimes EM-10's latest Mk revision has newer stuff that the most current EM-5 doesn't have, it's such a mind f*k.

    • Olympus has just been sold to JIP, who will restructure the business, make it profitable and sell it off again.

      The brand will not die through the recent happenings.

      • The sale has not been finalised, it's intent. Secondly you should read this:


        They never restructure and they don't have capital to make it profitable. They're worse than administrator's. In this instance it seems like Olympus is making a big loss to pay them to take it, they just want to empty their hands of work laws and obligations in Japan.

        I still wonder if Olympus had approached Sony, etc to sell the business, there is definitely some value. But I guess probably to Sony it's also a headache if there are a lot of laws with retaining the employees. My guess is, Sony, Pana, etc companies will just wait for JIP to offload patents and other thing of value and swoop those up.

    • E-M5 iii is kind of like and E-M1 ii on the inside. Then you have the flagship E-M1x, though the recently released E-M1 iii can do most of what the E-M1x can do!

      I try not do delve into the E-M10.

      Yeah…ok…gets a bit confusing I guess.

      Still good cameras and lenses though.

    • The thing is that the MFT system had same amazing glass on the horizon that offered real differentiation from any other systems on offer. The 12-100 f4 with its ois coupled with ibis was outstanding as a pin sharp travel lens. Then there was the lens roadmap with upcoming Weather sealed primes and compact telephotos.

      The Pan Leica 8-18 and Oly 12-40 were so hard for me to let go of because they had such amazing potential, but the bodies and sensor innovation just didn't keep up.

      The e-m5iii is a good camera, but it could have been great. New sensor with better DR, USB-c charging/supply with headphone support, tethering, HDR raw with/without high res mode, Auto phone transfer, live Nd, log profile and better video options would have made it an absolute killer if they could have retained the same price point in that lightweight and compact body