Hong Kong $HKD10k Cash Payout for HKID holders - How to receive this remotely?

If you're like me, and a HKID holder based in Australia who doesn't have a HK bank account / can't travel back to HK any time soon to claim your $HKD10,000 cash handout, I have done a tonne of research, and came across a way you can circumvent this, without having to pay the set up fees (apparently a few hundred AUD) that banks like HSBC are charging to set up a HK account offshore - full credit to this youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTBbe0bk7Yc&t=86s) and I have no affiliation (besides being a customer) to any of the banks / services outlined.

I have tried to summarise and translate (for those who don’t understand cantonese) my experience below, but to pre-empt the messages, this method is definitely not a quick and easy method, but I guess its pretty worth it for the ~$A2,000 you can get at the end, and hopefully I can save you some time with the trial and error I’ve done:

Eligibility - PLEASE CONFIRM YOU ARE ELIGIBLE BY REFERRING TO https://www.cashpayout.gov.hk/eng/index.html. You will also need a valid HK address (friends/family) and HK phone number (refer to step 1 if you don’t have access to a phone number)

I am an Apple user, so most of these steps are for iPhone, however, its a very similar process for Android.
Step 1: Set up a HK phone number (or if you have friends / family, you can use their phone number for setting up). You can use any apps that allow you to do this (Skype, WeChat). This method is using WeChat and costs a approx. $A5.
1.1) Find and follow “multibyte_esender”
1.2) In your messages, click on the eSender thread, and click eSender-Registration Service-Hong Kong Number-Registration Service-No Sim(SMS for WeChat Only)
1.3) Input your own Aus phone number. Select the HKD38 for 90 days plan - suggest this plan as it gives you enough buffer in case there are delays in processing the payout
1.4) Choose your preferred phone number
1.5) Tick the first blue font check box, and the last one - essentially agreeing to terms (first) and not accepting promo material (last) (https://youtu.be/QTBbe0bk7Yc?t=340)
1.6) Pay using preferred method
Your number should now be set up, and you should see confirmation messages in the chat.

Step 2: Set up a ZA Bank account (ZA Bank is HK's first virtual bank / neo bank - similar to Australia's Xinja, Volt, etc)
2.1) Search "ZA Bank" app on your corresponding app store. You will need to change your App Store / Google Play Store location to be Hong Kong.
This step is the most frustrating, especially if you are an iPhone user. I have friends who have Android devices who have said it is a lot easier to do. Google “changing apple ID region” and give that a go, but in the end, I found the easiest way was just to create a new apple ID with a dummy HK address whilst using a VPN located in HK.
2.2) Once you’ve downloaded ZA Bank, register account using your HK number from Step 1 and verify the number.
2.3) Invitation Code: Either “GET300” which is the ZA Bank’s promo code

Step 3: Claim payout via ZA Bank
3.1) Go to “Account” and there should be a rolling banner for “Cash Payout Scheme” - “1-step sign up”. Follow the prompts, really simple registration

Hopefully this was helpful and worked for you guys too!

Let me know if you have any questions!!!!

Thanks OZB fam :)

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    If you refer to the HK government website (https://www.cashpayout.gov.hk/eng/ec.html) the main criteria to meet is you need a "valid HK Permanent ID Card", where a valid HKPIC refers to a smart HKPIC issued on or after 23 June 2003. If you are already holding a HKPIC card, then there are no requirements on flying back within 36 months. There is nothing in this cash payout legislation that forebodes PR residents of HK (who no longer reside in HK) to claim this payout…although I guess it is up to people's judgment as to whether they want to "take money" from a government they may not pay taxes in.

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      No, I meant it's possible that some people are holding the card but haven't reported that they are no longer a permanent resident of Hong Kong…

      I think it's pretty obvious what I'm talking about and the people downvoting are clearly misinformed. The keyword would be "valid", but as to whether not notifying means you still have a valid card, that is the grey area.

      It can't be doubted that there will be some people who will be exploiting it and almost definitely do not qualify as permanent residents. For those of us that are, there are still some issues such as domicile. This is why it actually asks you where you live.

      Sure, if you don't ever plan to fly back to Hong Kong; you could do it and that risk would be on you. You shouldn't be trying to convince others that it is legal though.

      Immigration records are kept for 10 years.

      Login to ozbargain to see the rest of the comments. ;-X


        Let the government decide what is valid and what isn't. These applications aren't done instantly, i'm sure there are checks in place.

        If you still can't sleep at night, immigrate to HK and work for the team overseeing these applications.

        Have a good day.

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    +1 for ripping off governments

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      I'd squeeze every single penny outta CCP regime if i was them.

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      I am half tempted to jump through the hoops, get the money, then donate it to the HK protesters as a big FU to the CCP/HK government.

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        Australian government is just as bad

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          If they are were just as bad, they'd have a law that would criminalize you for saying so :P

          Sing our anthem wrong and 10yrs behind bars lol


            @cloudy: But the chinese government is a superpower with over a billion citizens and nuclear weapons, whereas australia is just some tiny island



              the chinese government is a superpower with over a billion citizens and nuclear weapons, whereas australia is just some tiny island

              Yea but you’re not very smart and I am.

              All non relevant arguments.


    … Ok, I think I've said enough on the topic.

    Seek legal advice first. ;-X

    For everyone else:

    Login and read the collapsable comments. They will show you the full insight. The way the ozbargain forum is setup will not allow those not logged in to see the comments, which I think you guys will find, hold the breathtaking truth.

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    Your post is too long.

    Try HKD > USDT > XMR > AUD > Oz bank. You'll have the funds in a few mins or a business day at most.



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      Are you a troll or a coinboi? You shill shitcoins at every chance.


    I'm trying to help relatives on doing this

    I have some questions. I was wondering when you apply for a HK mobile number via Wechat how do you actually receive the sms itself? I understand we use an Aussie mobile number for registering sms only HK mobile number but how do you receive SMS on that HK mobile number when your phone has the aussie mobile Sim card?

    Also do you use a random HK address to register za bank?

    What about the tax not what do you put in Hong Kong Taxation or Australian Tax file number I'm confused….

    Please advise


      pm'ed you


    I am not sure why you would go with ZA Bank where there are no physical branches

    If you already have access to a HK mobile number, you can also apply for a bank account with bank of china for free

    in addition the Bank of China (Hong Kong) app is available on the Australian App Store so no need to create a new ID in different region


      From what I have researched, HK has an anti money laundering policy that restricts HK-based banks from opening personal accounts without visiting in branch (HK) to verify. Not sure how you managed to open a HK-based BoC account, but their policy documents say they require the "original" versions of proof documents…which doesn't sound like something you can do remotely from Australia (https://www.bochk.com/dam/bochk/desktop/interface/AC_Open_en...)
      ZA Bank obviously has limitations with no physical branch and no means of transacting with the money (unless you transfer it to another account), but the upside, especially in this climate is that you can open the account virtually using the tech they've developed on ID verification.


        This is true I'm not sure if you can open a HK account remotely bank of china, they won't do it any more I got mine done before the 2015 laws came out on money laundering.

        You now also need to provide Australian Tax file number therefore this will be tracked as your incoming for this 10k HKD payout


          I can absolutely attest that it has been done

          in the app it goes through a 3d scan of your face and does image recognition

          i'm not saying this absolves the issue but I definitely have opened a new bank account in the app, without attending a branch and the product is marketed as such

          also the official cash payout info websites also detail the range of banks that are allowed remote account opening. Perhaps something has changed, as you mentioned in the past it was a requirement to attend a branch to open the account and i had attended the local BOC branch to perform my document verification.

          With the BOC app, all you have to do is take a front and back photo of your HKID card, swivel head left and right in selfie mode and perform SMS verification. There is a voice prompt that takes you through the whole process

          I have both opened one such account, received the payout and transferred money out of the account to other bank accounts and also received ATM card in the mail (HK Address). I have relatives that have requested postage to Australian address but those will obviously take a bit longer to verify if you receive the card or not….


            @peter05: for anyone going through this method, you will need to receive an SMS when

            1) initial registration
            2) mobile token authentication
            3) each time you transfer out, if you haven't registered mobile token authentication within the app


              @peter05: Thanks for the info so you really do need the mobile number. But can you use an Aussie number for that for the registration and bank account opening.

              Or you use the eSender method for a temporary HK number? just wondering what is the best method


            @peter05: ok but how do you receive the SMS itself? You would need to get a Hong Kong Mobile number. Can you use an Australian mobile number?


              @neonlight: hk mobile only

              It is probably best for you to ask a friend or family to use their number if you don’t have access to one. In my experience it doesn’t matter how many accounts are opened under the one number. It appears any SIM card will work so I just got a China mobile one

              Coincidentally these China mobile SIM cards can also roam and receive sms in Australia without charge…


                @peter05: I tried Bank of China app it has indeed the scanning feature for HKID it does work. I prefer that than za bank much more trustworthy


            @peter05: Hi, any tips on how to apply without any income evidence? I keep getting rejected and asked to come into a branch…


              @griffy: sorry i have no idea why you would need income evidence. this is a basic product. are you trying to enable all the investment features in their accounts? from all the people that have signed up i have never heard of having to provide income evidence…


      Yeah but what if I don't have a HK mobile number? Can you use eSender to apply for bank of china account using a friend's address??

      Please do tell how to open a Bank Of China Hong Kong account from Australia?

      My relatives asked at local branch they said they provide no such service here at BoC


    Thank you for the clear instructions. Very helpful. Have you received the cash in your account yet? Do you know how long it takes?


      I worked in Hk for a while and had opened an account with hsbc Hk

      Took me 5 mins to apply via hsbc Hk and the money is in my account after 2 weeks


        And what if you haven't got a local HK account. Can you get one without using za bank? Can you apply from overseas?


      Yep received the $10k last week!


    ZA Bank on Andriod Google Play

    "This item is not available in your country"

    shown on google play. How did anyone manage to get thru just download this? Played around no option to adjust your country setting???


      You need to change country to Hong Kong I think


      did you manage to figure this out? still trying to get pass "This item is not available in your country"

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        Forget ZA Bank. Go for Bank of China. I haven't had the time to write out full instruction here. Will do so soon.

        My application to receiving the money into the bank account took me just 1 week and withdrawing the money out from CBA using the provided bank card took me exactly 1 month.


          do you need to open BOCHK or BOC Australia bank acceptable?

          do you need HK sms number?


          did you have to open $50000aud account?


          I opened a BOCHK online account with aus address and aus mobile phone number. Would I get the $10K? or I have to open an account with HK address and HK mobile number?


            @DF8: I also use my Australian mobile number and home address. I received mine in a week. You probably will get yours within these few days.


          Hi, could you please give further detail on which BOCHK account you opened to receive and transfer the HK payout to an OZ account? Thanks in advance


    There are news saying concerns about banking with ZA bank (as it is backed by China) as they would give your details to China (similar issue they said when you use Hwawei phone)




        News/links i had saved were now removed or Error 404 after the Hk national security law was passed by Beijing.

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    I managed to open an account, register, got as far as getting an email advising me the 10k has been credited. Then when I tried to log in, the ZA bank app tells me I need to update, and when I'm in the app store an error message comes up: "ZA Bank" no longer available. The developer has removed this app from the app store.

    Anyone else having this issue? Did I get gypped?

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      Got this as well, not dupped. I think its because, did you happen to change your Apple / Google Play Store to Australia? I had to resign into itunes and was able to see my money in there

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        Ah, yes, my phone (iPhone) keeps automatically flicking the region back to Australia for some reason. I've tried it a few times, and every time I have to select HK 5-6 times before it will stay on HK.

        Thanks! :)


          what was your turnaround time? It seems i've seen some take around 2 weeks

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            @JesusDualWields: it was really quick, applied for the account and the payout on 10/07, received payment on 14/07.

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              @Bulabalabibi: Yeah man very efficient unlike bloody Aussie farking Centrelink and crappy welfare


    You have to have a local bank account to apply for the HKD$10k payout. Got mine done and paid.


    ZA bank offer 1% saving rate that is better than any HK banks. perhaps to slow the devalue your HK money for open this account.


    I'm up to step 3 but when I go to register, I get an error message saying that I can't do it now due to pending internal review (around 3-5 working days). Did anyone get this message and what happens from there on?


    I claimed the 10K via BOCHK app instead. Also they accept Australian address and phone number. Quite pain free really.

    Far easier and faster than ZA Bank.


      Hey how long did it take the bank account to get approved before you can apply for the 10k? Can you apply for the 10k through the app as well?


      @edisonAu: Did you apply for your BOC account in Australia? If so, did you setup your account online or you went into a branch? Thanks


      I know this is an old thread, but just wondering what fees are involved to open an account in HK from Australia? any maintenance fees to keep acc open in HK? thanks


    Hi @deal01 To what I have heard from others so far: (I have not had a chance to go to a bank to confirm if it is true)

    1. HSBC - Will charge AUD$200 once off servicing/handling fee.
    2. Bank of China (BOC) - Open a VIP Term Deposit account and deposit AUD$50,000 for 3 months. No fees

      tell me more :)

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    I will provide full detailed instruction in opening this BOCHK bank account to withdrawing the HK Government Cash Payout Scheme ($10,000 HKD) from any major AU bank ATM machine later on. Feel free to ask me any other questions.

    More information on opening BOCHK bank account is here (https://www.bochk.com/en/more/ebanking/bba.html)

    • Opening this BOCHK account is completely free of charge.
    • You are required to down the "BOCHK 中銀香港" app from your smart device to open the account (Your face and your HK ID card will be captured to set up this account).
    • For a successful application, your NATIONALITY can only be "China (Hong Kong)" or "China (Mainland)" or China (Macao)".
    • You can use your Australia, Canada (other countries are listed on BOC website) mobile number and home address to apply for this bank account.
    • This is an official BOCHK bank account. (BOC in AU have no details or any information of this account in any Australia BOC bank).
    • It takes about 30mins or more to open the account.
    • Your new BOCHK account will be ready within 24 hours.
    • You can apply for the HK Government Cash Payout Scheme right after you set up the bank account (there will be a button/link for you to click on to apply for the Cash Payout Scheme).
    • It only took me 1 week to see the $10,000 HKD (Cash Payout Scheme) in this bank account.
    • Within 30 days you will receive the BOCHK bank card in your mail (posted to your AU home address)
    • There is no need to carry out any international money transfer to withdraw the money out.
    • The money can be withdrawn from any AU major bank ATM machine using the BOC HK bank card (which will be posted to your AU home address within 30 days after opening the bank account).
    • Every single time you withdraw the money out from the AU ATM machine, it will cost you $7.50 AUD (transaction/processing fee). So whether you are going to withdraw $20 AUD or $1650 AUD (=$10,000 HKD) the bank ATM will still charge you $7.50 AUD from that back account.

    A quick 6 steps summary to open this BOCHK bank account:

    1. Download the "BOCHK 中銀香港" mobile app
    2. Scan your HK ID card.
    3. Perform a facial recognition.
    4. Input your mobile number and other details.
    5. Set up internet banking user name and password.
    6. Provide other personal information.
    • You may require to provide your Australia Tax File Number and/or Hong Kong Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) [If you wish to do so]
    • Education, occupation and business information
    • Expected bank activity pattern and level [You can just make it up]

    NOTE: Please write down the following information when setting up your account as is it is very important when logging in and activating your BOC bank card.
    1. User Name
    2. Bank Account Password
    3. 6-digit Passcode
    4. BOC Bank Card PIN


      Is there any information on monthly account keeping fees and/or minimum amount needed to be deposited into the bank account


      Does this process automatically open a Hong Kong Dollar Savings Account?


    Great work Thanks

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    Here is some additional information for opening a BOCHK bank account:

    This BOCHK (Mobile Account Opening) / 中銀香港 (手機開戶)

    • You are new to BOCHK customer, or not holding any BOCHK savings or current account in single account / joint account.

    • You do not need the latest smart HK ID card. As long as it is a valid HK permanent ID card. (Smart HK ID card is supported)

    • You must have a valid email address, mobile number, and home/postal address. (I strongly recommend you use your Australian mobile and address)

    • In the field for NATIONALITY, it can only be "China (Hong Kong)" or "China (Mainland)" or China (Macao)".

    • If you enter a mobile phone number/ residential address/ correspondence address outside Hong Kong, you are required to provide relevant Jurisdiction of Residence and TIN during the account opening process. If you cannot provide TIN, you may not be capable to open an account. [As I do not have a Hong Kong TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) so I provided my Australian TFN (Tax File Number) instead.]

    • Opening this mobile account gives you TWO account numbers. (1) HKD Saving account 港元儲蓄賬戶 and (2) Multi-Currency Saving account 外幣活期儲蓄賬戶

    BOCHK FAQ 常見問題 can be found at the bottom on the page.

    In regards to bank fees, this is what I found (Please let me know if I am wrong here)

    • The service fee for all personal Integrated Banking accounts has been canceled from 1st August, 2019.

    • The annual fee for BOC Card has been canceled from 1st August, 2019.

    General Banking Service Charges (https://www.bochk.com/en/servicecharge.html)
    一般銀行服務收費 (https://www.bochk.com/tc/servicecharge.html)


    • After you received your bank card from the mail you still have to go through a complicated process to activate the card and to set up an "overseas daily ATM withdrawn limit". (Comparing how we activate our bank or credit card here in Australia it is 10 times more difficult)

    • You will NOT receive any mail for the bank card pin number. Since this pin is created by you when you initially set up the account. Please remember to write down your pin number.

    • When withdrawing money from Australian ATM machines, the AU Bank ATM will charge you $7.50 AUD (for CBA ATM) and BOCHK will also charge an additional $15 AUD from your account for withdrawing from overseas.


      Thank you for this. I followed your instructions and have received money in my account and the bank card now. Now just trying to transfer or withdraw the money. How did you activate the ATM overseas function? Did you go through the two-factor authentication? This isn't working for me and they're asking me to go to the branch…?