Expense Claim for Sole Trader

Hi, Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My son started importing clothes for his new business and because he stores the clothing at his home.He had to replace his damaged front door. Can he claim this back on tax?


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    What did his accountant say?



  • At best you need to figure out how much of the house is used for business. % floor space might be a good calculation. Imagine if the ATO came knocking on your door, if it doesn't make sense to a regular person it probably isn't a reasonable claim.

    • Well at least the door they are knocking on will be new and shiny!

    • Can't come knocking on the door if there is no door.

  • Get ready for the ATO to kick down your door

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      Next post from the OP: ATO kicked down my door; is the cost of replacing it deductible?

  • idk how this could be a viable business. Wish him all the best though. Accountants cost money, this isn't freeaccountant.com.au

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