iPhone SE 256GB $899 (OW P/B $854.05) | iPhone XS Gold 64GB $899, 256GB $1049, 512GB $1249 @ The School Locker


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    Time to update website footers

    XS 64GB $899 - $100 cheaper than jb

    • Rich coming from MS Paint haha

    • You can set it to show the current year with a bit of shortcode, but if that stops working it'll look even worse than an old year.


        So many websites were "Copyright 19100" and "19101" in 2000/2001.

        • Something else is bound to be outdated each year so you should check anyway. "We plan on expanding into Victoria by 2018" doesn't look great in 2020 either.

      • show the current year with a bit of shortcode

        Yep. Would literally taken them 1 minute.

        <p>Copyright &copy; <script>document.write(new Date().getFullYear())</script> The School Locker</p>

        • Your code would blurt that piece of text out somewhere on the top left part of the page, so not a solution.

          This would have fixed it though

          document.getElementsByClassName('address')[0].innerText = `© ${new Date().getFullYear()} The School Locker. All Rights Reserved.`

          Yep. Would literally taken them 1 minute.

          Literally not. They would have to find the correct file to edit, add the code, test it out on different browsers.

          Much easier to remove the date altogether and keep it simple: The School Locker. All Rights Reserved.

          • @ocoolio:

            Your code would blurt that piece of text out somewhere on the top left part of the page, so not a solution.

            Not if you add it to the correct section.

            Literally not. They would have to find the correct file to edit, add the code, test it out on different browsers.

            Given their very basic website I would copy the original text, search/replace with new text. Save all. Upload changed files. Done.

            Testing would take bugger all time. Open up website on appropriate browser, force refresh, scroll to bottom of page and check update. Close. Drink beer.

          • @ocoolio: Just checked ozbargain. Even they manually update footer section.

            <p>Copyright &copy; 2006-2020 OzBargain ABN: 26 144 073 772</p>

  • It’s a shame OW don’t stock the XS online

  • Is the SE camera better then the XS?

  • How is iPhone SE 256 vs iPhone X 256?

  • I don't get it. This seems better https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/547592
    For comparison, SE 256gb is $755.64
    And a better saving than that if you disconnect your nbn for 3 months.

    I'm thinking of going that way to get a cheap iphone for my partner. The 64gb SE ends up about $331 after I disconnect nbn for three months. Debating if we need the 11 Pro for photo quality in low light though.

    • Unless I'm mistaken you can't use Flybuys to buy the SE. You'd have to spend your $119pm + everything else to buy the iPhone.

      • That's correct. But $600 fb can be used for petrol/coles shopping. Which I suppose is worth only $540 due to being able to get 5% off normally.

        • FB points can be used at Coles express? I did not know that. Also @ 5% discount it would be 570 and not 540.

  • I have an iPhone 8 (for last 3 years)
    Have been thinking of upgrading to iPhone 11 base model for a while - but now considering XS based on this deal.
    Which one would people recommend - 11 or XS?

    Also.. If going for XS, refurbished model at Apple is $699 - is this "safe"? Thanks!

    • refurbished iPhones are only on sale in the US apple site, not Australia.

    • You're referring to US pricing with $699. I don't believe the AUS refurb store stocks iPhones.

    • The iPhone 11 (not pro) is big as! The XS is the same size as the 11 Pro.

      Many, including me, hate the cutting-board size iPhone 11, but your mileage may vary.

    • The SE is basically an iPhone 8 with two gen newer/the latest chip (until September) (+ newer camera stuff).
      Mrs entropy has an XS Max, Little miss entropy has an 8, master entropy the new SE. The XS is definitely an upgrade on an 8, but not* that *much, and in your case I would wait till September to see what an iPhone 12 has. Apparently it will come in three sizes, including a baseless one size of an 8 with a larger screen. Or get the current 11 then at a discount.

  • Good price for the 256 SE

    • $900 for a phone which most the parts are 3-5 years old still doesnt sit right

      • The chipset (arguably the defining factor in a phones performance) is basically unrivalled. Try again.

  • so expensive…. my friends were able to buy new iphone only with the government help using jobseeker allowance from centrelink…

  • Are these phones brand new?

  • hmmm, anyone know if JB Hifi would pricematch this site? I have a JB gift card that I'd like to use…

    • Highly unlikely - I was in JB this morning (looking at iPhone 11, their price is $1199 for the base model) - they would not even price match Mobileciti which was $1188.. JB HQ apparently said they should not reduce price of Apple products than the advertised ones, which is BS I think.

      I called OW just then, they said they'd price match Mobileciti no prob. But now I'm thinking of going for the XS model instead, save some $$ - according to the Apple website, it's similar to iPhone 11 in a lot of ways and much better than my current iPhone 8!

      • 11 pro 64gb for $955.80 using my link above

      • I got it price match at parramatta westfield jb hifi
        Gold 256 gb for 1049

        I first purchased the phone at 1149 follow by seeing ozbargain and did a uturned back within 15min and got the refund.

        I guess it comes down to whom you speak to.

        Hope it helps.

  • iPhone 12 will be priced at 950AUD with 128GB and OLED

  • Can you buy from them if you are not a student?

  • I keep getting 'The requested quantity for "iPhone XS 256GB - Space Grey" is not available.' but it still says there is stock available..

  • Local officeworks didn't have stock, can't get through to them via phone

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