Earth Choice Dishwashing Tablets 42pk $12.95 @ Woolworths


Popular Ozbargain dishwashing tablets on a rare discount starting July 1.

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  • Thanks OP

  • Still can't beat the woolies Shine 18-in-1 pods $4 for 20.

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      3rd place on Choice's ratings, and a complete fail (F = boycott) on Shop Ethical's ratings. Overseas owned as well.

      • I bought these on special from my local FoodWorks a while back based on the Choice Magazine reviews. I can't wait for the pack to be over. Dishes aren't always clean and the tablet leaves a strange smell in the dishes.

        Im going back to ALDI tablets once the box is finishes

      • 3rd place on Choice's ratings

        When choice start testing on my dishwasher, I'll listen. The Shine pods not only clean as good as the finish platinum, but they leave plastics almost dry.. unlike the aldi, fairy, these, finish powerball, coles.

        Overseas owned as well.

        No there Woolies own brand.

  • I recently had to go back to Finish ones because my local was out of these for a while. Anyone else feel that Finish tabs leave your dishes slightly slippery with some sort of residue somehow?

  • I currently use these. I got some feedback that these are bad for the fisher and Paykal dishdrawers, by causing a lot of foam thereby extending the cycle time with draining the fluid. Has anyone come across this?

    • using these for 5 years on a bosh.. never seen foam of any kind and i've paused and opened the dishwasher many times for various reasons.

    • I have the same dishwasher and have noticed when I open it right after the wash there is sometimes foam at the bottom. Sometimes foam on the dishes aswell. I always thought it was because the dishwasher wasn't draining fast enough..

      • my wash cycle is 1 hour 30min and i select tablet…. never any foam.. at 5minutes in .. 20 minutes in 1 hours in.. at any time… you know there are lots of models of dish washers from the same brand. I highly doubt you have the same one.. i think mines 8 years old

  • Good deal, are these that much better than the Aldi tablets though?

    • I've used both in my Series 6 Bosch. I find them both acceptable. According to Choice, Logix Complete and Logix Platinum performs worse off than Earth for removing egg yolk and red win but Logix Complete is a quarter the price of Earth. I purchase Earth because I want to make a more conscious effort on the environment.


      • I've been buying Logix Complete because they scored overall close enough to Earth Choice for a fraction of the price, and they work well in my dishwasher. But good point about the environment - do you buy the other Earth Choice products too?

  • Yesssss thanks OP I was running low - time to restock!

  • I will be stocking up tomorrow for sure. I see these at this price heaps and i always stock up..

  • Thanks OP, just getting to where we need more.

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    Reasons to buy these tablets:

    • Australian Owned
    • Choice ranks them #1 out of all tablets
    • Shop Ethical ranks them a B (pretty good) on social and environmental grounds

    2nd place on Choice is Coles Ultra Plus Advanced.
    Cheaper than Earth Choice, but completely fails on ethical ratings with a Shop Ethical rating of F (they recommend completely boycotting the product due to its failures).

    Everyone should be using these tablets… but when on sale there's no excuse!
    Go stock up!

    • You inspired me to look up Shop Ethical. It appears the rankings are for the company (woolies) as a whole rather than the tablets themselves, is that right?

  • Can these be cut in half without crumbling to pieces?

    • Yep we do

    • Sorry is it good to use half tablet for half load?

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        Except for very a very oily/soiled loads I use half a tablet for full washes.

        No pre-rinsing either.

        Too much detergent can leave some detergent remaining even after rinsing, especially if you pre-rinse.

  • Hey OP, any deals on the other Earth Choice products?

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      I know the toilet cleaner was on special this week but didn't check their other products for this upcoming week.

      • Plasma we haven’t got any available in the WA stores around me. Do you know why?

        • yeh i chk online for stocks around my area, was only available in Midland yesterday, n no more today. must hv v limited stock.


            @Tomato: It looks like the website stock checker isn't working properly for this product - definitely stock everywhere from what I can see.

  • Choice this Choice that. Logic scratches the hell out of glassware and Fairy is like a soap bomb has gone off in your dishwasher and leaves a faux vomit inducing lemon scent on plastics that can be tasted (it also lingers after a couple of washes).

  • Seems like a nice environmentally friendly product, which we prefer. Although we haven’t used tablets in years as the wrapper didn’t always disintegrate so been using powder. Has anyone had any issues with these?

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      There's two varieties.

      The 42 pack is the one to get. There's a smaller pack (confusingly also from Earth Choice) that is crap. From both personal experience and Choice, it's definitely not the one to get.

      The 42 has never given me any issues. I hate strong perfume, room deodorisers etc. They make me sneeze. And my softy nose doesn't mind these ones at all ;).

      I know it looks like I'm doing the hard sell in this thread (reading some of the posts back you'd think I work for them!). But I'm just a happy customer :).

  • No stock at all near me in vic :(

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