KitchenAid - American Unit/Wattage in Australia

Hey guys,

is anyone using a KitchenAid that has an american plug/wattage etc.

Just wondering if there's anything to look out for with regards to it potentially not working in Australia. A friend is using one of those forwarding companies like Shipito for some American shopping, and was thinking of buying a kitchenAid that comes in a colour that I've checked wouldn't be available in Australia anytime soon.

It says it's 325 watts on the USA website and I assume I need to buy a transformer to step it down. I normally see 220/240 > 110/120 watts, but this is the first time seeing a 325 watts electrical item (maybe cause I also never take note of such things).

Taking cost and shipping out of the equation, how do I make this work and what do I need to look out for? What sort of transformer/convert do i need?



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    This purchase would be very risky, and should not be attempted unless the US model comes in 110-220V. Better to confirm that first. The transformer size alone would be a deterrent in terms of limited space usually available in kitchens, other than its cost.

  • Watts is not volts. Watts is volts times amps.

    Us is 110 volt. We use 220/240. You will need a voltage converter.

    Just buy it here, you won't have an abomination of a step up transformer in your kitchen, and will have a warranty.

  • The first KitchenAid I got was from the US, and I managed to use it for a few years (using a transformer) before it just stopped working one day. Ended up selling it for parts

  • Good luck with Shipito if anything goes wrong with the shipment.

  • Check the input voltage range, I just checked a few devices that are within arms reach and they were all rated to take 110V-240V input, provided that's the case you'll only need an AU adapter plug.

  • How much cheaper is it? There have been some great deals on Kitchenaid mixers in the last couple of years. Much easier to buy Australian stock if the price isn't much difference.

  • I have one that I bought when I was living in the US. I run it via a 240-110V transformer and it seems to work ok so far. Also bear in mind that in the US the power is 60Hz whereas here it is 50Hz. This can affect some devices and I suspect that my Kitchenaid doesn't like it when it is working hard. I'm half expecting it to just seize up and die one day, at which point I'll buy an Australian version.

    Don't bother wasting your time buying a US version and getting it shipped over. It's a pain in the butt dealing with a heavy, ugly transformer in the kitchen too.

  • And don't be tempted to think a transformer will be a small thing like a USB charger. It'll be a lump for something that draws a lot of power

  • I bought a pink ribbon Artisan mixer for the missus quite a few years back for around US $300 and a 220 > 110w step-down transformer along with it (transformer cost around $50 as I was living in another country at the time).

    It's essentially a calculated risk; you'll need to not only remember to plug the mixer into the transformer, the transformer into the power socket, but you'll also be bearing the risk if either product blows, your time is going down the drain chasing warranty. Furthermore, storing and cleaning the transformer is also a pain.

    Would I do it again? no. I picked up a kitchenaid chopper from the states late last year, it's now for parts and I ended up purchasing an aussie version as replacement (no international warranty in the T&Cs).

    Having said that, both the US mixer and transformer are still going strong 8 years on with same performance as Oz version in a side-by-side comparison. Yes - I picked an Aussie version up on sale and haven't seen my Mrs use the US one since, but the pink is such a nice colour.

    Let me know if you'd like me to check the wattage on my pink mixer to see if 325w

  • What colour is your friend after? This doesn’t sound like a good purchase to me. IF your friend is set on the colour thing. Check if it is available in the UK… At least you won’t need to mess around with transformers,

    Warranty for one thing would be the US 1 year warranty. ACL would not apply
    Voltage would be a big issue and having to store a transformer in a kitchen where stuff gets wet or dirty sounds like a disaster.

    USA is 110v/60hz we use 240/50hz. You’ll need a step up transformer.

  • I once bought an expensive foot massager from Japan (110v) and plugged it in without thinking about the wattage. Small trail of fried electronics smoke came from the machine and that's what happens.
    I was fortunate a friend of mine works in electronics and was able to pull it apart, find the circuits/piece/electronic that fried and replace it. I bought a power converter and was able to use it again.
    Aliexpress has kitchen mixers with 220v, probably a better price and equal wait time.

    If it is this kitchenaid mixer then check the question and answers. It is 110v, and it will fry if you plug it into 220v.

  • also be aware the ice cream mixer attachment from the US doesn't fit foreign ones, and vice versa

  • I bought a large Kitchen Aid mixer from the US quite a few years ago, for hundreds of dollars cheaper including the freight, I use it a lot.
    I bought a step down voltage converter from Ebay actually.
    It all works very well, the only thing is to make sure the voltage converter is big enough in watts, mine is maximum 2000W.
    Cost me around $70 - $80 at the time, but they are heavy and quite large

  • I bought mine in from UK years ago back when the GBP was in the mid 70s and saved a bunch. It was at 240v, I just had to change the plug over.

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