Thoughts on Adjustable Beds?

Has anyone tried Adjustable beds before?

I suffer from reflux / heartburn at night so thinking of investing in one. Thoughts?


  • An adjustable-yield investment bed? I love it!

  • Bicarb dissolved in some water is cheaper.

  • Great for watching TV in bed. Just get a comfortable mattress that will bend properly and not some saggy spring mattress.

  • I found a wedge pillow to be worthwhile. An example is at:

  • I tried one at a hotel. Does that count?

    I wouldn't think it would be worth the money as you'd set it once and wouldn't use the controls again. The bed itself worked great, was firm and in good condition at the time. I would have guessed the bed was new.

    I don't suffer from heartburn.

  • I've got a wedge pillow I'm not using if you want, I'll pm you. I found that having two teaspoons of psyllium husk in water before going to bed gave my stomach something to chew on and let me get to sleep. This will also cure low level constipation which is a major cause of acid reflux.

    Recently I found that if I eat mustard at all during the day I get acid reflux. This really pisses me off because I love mustard. Don't give up on looking for a dietary cause just because your doctor has.

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