Toyota Mechanic near Melbourne CBD


I've got a 2008 Camry Altise Manual and need to get a clutch replacement done. Any idea how much it could cost and from where I should get it done?

I'm in Parkville, VIC



  • Depends if you are going to a dealership, Indy, or a backyarder.

    It'll pay to shop around and get a few quotes first. Avoid MyCar (ex Kmart tyre & Auto)

    Expect to pay up to $1000 or so unless you can get it done by a backyard mechanic.

    The majority of the costs will be for labour.

    • How do you find a backyard mechanic though?

      • Usually through a friend of a friend.

        Would you really trust a random guy you found on scumtree or fartbook who is doing clutch changes in their back yard? Get what you pay for.

    1. Ring your local dealer and ask how much.
    2. Ring your local mechanic and ask.
    3. Book in at local mechanic because stealership price is too high.
  • Around $300 =-$50 for the clutch kit (pressure plate, clutch plate, thrust bearing) without a flywheel.

    Labour? You'd hope Toyota were logical. 2 hours out, 3 hours in (?????)

  • Wait for car to catch fire, abandon, get new car

  • Any idea how much it could cost

    On a 2008 Camry? Possibly more than the car is worth…

    • How hard is it to change the clutch on a FWD? I’ve done a TWD before and that isn’t particularly hard.

      • It's not too hard, it's just a pain in the arse. the gearbox is in there sideways and has the diff all in one unit. Usually involves disassembly of half the front suspension. If it's the V6, it's even worse as there is very little room to get at anything to get a gearbox out. (Side note: Don't think the V6 came in a manual)

        It's going to be a most of the day job. As others have said, labour is the killer cost on these jobs.

        4wd and RWD vehicles are much easier.

      • Depends on the vehicle.

        Support the engine from above.
        Remove airbox, battery, shift cables etc from up top.
        Some cars you have to drop the subframe, some you have to lower it a bit, some you can leave in place.
        Drain oil from gbox.
        Undo front suspension from ball joint, strut etc.
        Remove driveshafts.
        Undo gbox/engine mounts and remaining bellhousing bolts.
        Remove gbox.
        Have flywheel ground, inspect clutch fork, slave, rear main etc.
        Replace flywheel and align clutch.
        Reverse procedure.

        Can be anything from a couple of hours to all day or more.

        • Thanks. I figured it’d be harder with less room to move.

          They probably didn’t continue it into the newer models but we had a 97 V6 Manual Camry. Plenty of power … and torque steer

  • South Melbourne Toyota

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