What Is Everyone's Thoughts on Plush Shield

Bought a Fabric Sofa a couple of weeks ago from Plush, and one of the options was also purchasing 'Plush Shield'. Sofa cost me approximately $1,600 and the Plush Shield was an additional $200 on top. For those who don't know what it is, it's a 5 year protection plan for all accidental damage to your sofa (e.g. food stains, coffee, crayons etc). What are people's thoughts around this concept - do people generally opt in for this? To note, it's just me and my girlfriend in our 2 bedroom apartment, no pets.
For those who don't have this sort of protection, what's the best wya of getting such stains off a sofa?

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    Get it, it's only $200
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    Depends on how your friend's behave when they come over


  • Read the small print, there is often a gotcha in there somewhere.

  • It's probably best if you buy a sofa of a color you like from the start, so it's easier to resist the urge to change it with crayons

    • This is what we did when we got our new couch. We red the fine print of the store fabric protection warranty and to meet the requirements you had to call the hotline and follow their instructions before the stain dried and your only entitlement was a professional cleaner. We decided for the $200 we could scotch guard and get it professionally cleaned twice.

  • Did you already get it?

  • My opinion is that it's like an extended warranty - which is always something I consider a waste of money unless it has terms that are incredibly compelling.

    All the sofas we've had in our lifetime has eventually shown signs of wear and tear. They've had kids and dogs on them. Dirty shoes, dirty paws, crumbs of food, etc. We just clean them up as best we can. And they did clean up just fine.

    I imagine I wouldn't be too keen on having to go through the whole claims process if I did have that "protection". So in my case, it's just extra profit for the seller.

    Another analogy is the paint protection that the ming mole will try to sell you when you buy a car. Very similar thing.

  • Was looking at plush and other brands of sofas, ended up going with a nic scali last weekend. They tried to upsell as well, $200 for piece of mind if you do spill red wine on it, sounded pretty good, although in my 15 years of owning my previous couch, no matter what ive spilled on it its always come out.

    Best thing to do, save the money, spray a fabric protector/water repellent on and spend the $180 you saved on some scotch or wine.

  • Meh just put it towards your next lounge.