[PC] Once Upon a Death $0 (100% off) @ Microsoft


Once Upon a Death
Plague, hunger and witch hunt are not not the bad part that happened to a medieval kingdom and its people. Very soon they'll face… a zombie apocalypse!
Play as a sinister sorcerer who discovered the secret knowledge of necromancy. Raise an army of the living dead, pillage nearby castles and seize the throne!

You have to build your army from scratch: look for materials and weapons to make your undead soldiers tougher and faster. But the main key to success is to choose right types of zombie. Each one of them has not only its own advantages, but also weaknesses. Before you raid, analyze the enemy forces and consider very carefully which zombies to send!

  • Collect resources and create new buildings to make your undead army stronger;
  • Raid and loot castles;
  • Repel the pathetic attempts of pitiful mortals to take your fortress;
  • Get to the king's castle and seize the throne!

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  • +1 vote

    Regular price $119.95 (yeah, right) and offers in-app purchases. Hmmm, think I'll pass.


    Thanks for letting me know $0 is 100% off 😀👍

  • +6 votes

    Gave it a chance, instant regret as this game is a pure time waster that isn't designed for fun. Concept seemed good with an almost Heroes of Might & Magic feel but is ruined by having to individually click to increase the zombies being trained, individually clicking for upgrading, individually clicking for sending zombies to attack and other bugs like squads not returning unless you save and close the game (Which starts an unskippable full screen ads that are loud too…). Now individually clicking for every action might be okay in some games, but when you are sending armies that are over 100 units in size, you can see how tedious that can be.

    Oh and the in app purchase is for ad free game play, sounds great until you see it's a free 1 week trial that leads to a monthly $7.45 a month subscription…

    So yeah, 1 hour of my time was spent on this, verdict is to avoid this 'game' and play anything else.


    sounds 2 much like trying to sign up for binge for my taste

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