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Code 7: Cracking the Code for an Epic Life

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Age Level: 6 and up | Grade Level: 1 and up
Guided Reading Level: H-M | Lexileยฎ Measure: 500L - 600L
From the best-selling award-winning author of The Proto Project by Bryan R. Johnson

US — https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076H9H1ND

Guide to Fasting, Intermittent Fasting and Keto Diet

The dieting world is always coming up with novel ways to develop new diets, which people can try and follow for their success.

But still, many dieters end up giving up their dieting and weight loss challenge because it is grueling and difficult.
AU — https://www.amazon.com.au/Guide-Fasting-Intermittent-Keto-Di...
US — https://www.amazon.com/Guide-Fasting-Intermittent-Keto-Diet-...

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    Sick, cheers. Need some motivation to keep periodically starving myself

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    it is grueling and difficult.

    It's not difficult if you stick to whole foods. You don't feel hungry and you don't have the major physical and psychological issues caused by grain and sugar.

    It's remarkable that the population is so brainwashed that it's still eating food that inflames every muscle in the body and causes major psychological disturbances but that's what you get when a population is controlled by advertising.

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      I would disagree Diji
      Have tried keto last month
      Calculated my macros
      Followed a meal plan
      Did not cheat
      Was hungry most of the time (despite the fact that 70% of my calories were from fat)
      No change to my left shoulder pain

      At the end of the month my weight increased by 2 kilos

      Keto works for most but not all :) And I am so envious of those people

      I will read the book to see where I could have gone wrong ๐Ÿ˜Š

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        No nuts? Were you drinking enough water? Were you getting enough salt?

        I'm on dirty keto since Nov 2018, started at 117kg, now at 94kg. I find it sustainable.


          Two litres of water
          Added salt
          Atleast one bouillon cube per day

          Looked up for possible solutions

          Too many carbs/ too few carbs
          Too much fat/ too little fat
          Eating too much/ not eating enough

          Like I said it works for most people
          And the ones for whom it works will post vlogs on it, the ones for whom it won't work will complain about it here ๐Ÿ˜‹


            @docians: Your reply is my experience. It's not working so you look for reasons why…. but the solutions contradict both each other and the theory. So you go to a new source only to read the rehashed theory without them bridging the huge gap between theory and the few example recipes which often use ingredients the theory just told you not to eat. Or they talk about eating whole foods then tell you to buy processed powders, vitamin pills, and proprietary substitutes like imitation honey and coconut aminos (which always have huge carb counts!?).

            So you give up, defrost a steak, decide to get on youtube again looking for answers to hopefully start tomorrow. Only they're talking about losing 100 grams this week and how it's going to take x years to reach their goal.

            If keto really works someone needs to write a better book that bridges the gap. Or even better set up a website where you enter your weight/height, deselect foods you can't or won't eat, then spits out a meal plan with measurements and a shopping list that for example tells you to buy a cauliflower that's at least x grams and uses it over two weeks so 3/4 of it doesn't get thrown away unused. And uses no proprietary products like honey substitutes, low carb chocolate bars, imitation or processed this or that powder. There should be no need for anything except real food, herbs and spices.

            From what I've seen most of them talk about 'keto' then do something that isn't keto. Instead they're limiting calories and exercising and claiming you won't feel hungry while you can hear your stomach growling. Big deal. We can eat any meal on the planet including KFC or Dominos and do that. Or just fast and drink only water for a month or 4 days every 7.

            Maybe there is someone out there who doesn't teach one thing then eats and does something else but I haven't found them.

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              @Faulty P xel: What aspect doesn't work for you? Besides medical reasons, most ppl do Keto diet for weight loss, which it seems like it works for you?

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            @docians: Lol, I really wanna dissect your diet man. I dunno how anyone can eat 70% fat and gain weight… unless you were in a calorie surplus of course ๐Ÿ˜…


                @docians: Cheers ๐Ÿ˜Š Seems legit. Pretty sure this was one of the pages I read when I first started too ๐Ÿ˜…

                So how many kcal/kj were you eating daily? And what's your BMR?



                  So how many kcal/kj were you eating daily? And what's your BMR?

                  Around 1900 cal per day

                  BMR? Or BMI; 31 btw


                    @docians: Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). I don't think people use BMI anymore as it's not really accurate e.g. a short body builder would be classified as obese ๐Ÿ˜…

                    If your goal is weight loss, it's a pretty simple equation, you need to be in a calorie deficit. So if you are not losing weight, I would be reducing this number by 10% every few of weeks. The website you sent didn't talk about this at all, and since you said you gained weight, I'll have to assume this why (but I could be wrong).

                    If your goal is to be in Ketosis, well, it did speak a lot about the that part, and you mentioned your macros, so I think you know enough about that. But I remember I didn't spend too much time on DietDocotor and went over to https://www.ruled.me

                    Obvs exercise is another factor too, and I'm not sure what this issue is with your arm, so I can't comment on this ๐Ÿค”

                    I think it's still debatable which is more important, calorie intake VS macros. Lol, I've been on both sides, and I guess it depends what you want to achieve. The third aspect is timing/fasting. I wasn't able to get this eBook as I miss the free period, but let me know how you go after reading it ๐Ÿ˜Š

                    Whatever you goal is, I hope you get there man. If it's just weight loss, then that's pretty easy. But if it's a long term lifestyle change, that'll take time, and you're right, maybe Keto isn't for you and your lifestyle. If you need help I'm happy to ๐Ÿ˜Š It'll be a long road dude, big changes always are. If it's easy, in my opinion, it won't last.

                    P.S. I also used https://www.eatthismuch.com/ for other diets are i road tested a few until I found my Fit ๐Ÿ˜‰


                      @neezy: how do I find out my BMR?

                      But I remember I didn't spend too much time on DietDocotor and went over to https://www.ruled.me

                      as per ruled.me "Eat when youโ€™re hungry"

                      there was hardly a time when I was not hungry, perhaps that is what got me into trouble

                      If your goal is weight loss, it's a pretty simple equation, you need to be in a calorie deficit

                      My total calories were under 1900, which is a calorie deficit for me by atleast 300 Cal

                      P.S. I also used https://www.eatthismuch.com/

                      thanks, looks very interesting


                        @docians: I'm still new to this, so I dunno how to reply to specific comments yet ๐Ÿ˜…

                        There are lots of BMR calculators out there e.g. https://www.calculator.net/bmr-calculator.html
                        I'm assuming that they all use a similar equation, but you can try a few to make sure you get approx the same number.

                        I'm not sure how you knew you were in a calorie deficit without knowing your BMR though ๐Ÿค” which I suspect could be the issue.

                        It can get a bit tricky adding the physical expenditure part, but if your goal is to lose weight, and you go off the Resting rate, you'll def know you're in a deficit. But I've also heard you don't wanna be too low as it's not sustainable and your body will bounce back with a vengeance ๐Ÿ˜…

                        But yeah the 'eat when you're hungry' line is a bit more simplified then I'd like. The idea is that you're eating some much fat, which digests slowly and keeps you satiated, that you shouldn't feel like eating more e.g. an average person wouldn't be able to finish a whole Wagyu A5 steak alone to themselves.
                        I feel like it's a tag line for marketing. I believe that routine is better, and fasting also helps to keep you in a deficit, as again, some people would struggle to eat 1500kcal in one sitting.
                        What I suspect is happening is that your insulin is spiking somehow. Maybe from some unaccounted sugar calories somewhere? I've also read that sugar substitutes/alternatives makes you eat more, as your body THINKS it's getting energy/calories… but it's not, so it signals you to eat more. https://www.insider.com/drinking-diet-low-calorie-artificial...

                        Insulin is the key in the Keto diet and weightloss. It's why after smashing heaps of food to the point you can't move… a few hours later, you feel hungry again e.g. https://youtu.be/mNYlIcXynwE

                        Btw, I'm happy to exchange contact info to keep going with this. Or move this to a forum so we don't flood this feed ๐Ÿ˜Š I genuinely want to know why it's not working for you and want to help if I can. But also understand if you don't want to.



                          I'm still new to this, so I dunno how to reply to specific comments yet

                          you need to enable messaging, so I could message you

                          hmmn checked your calculator- put in my numbers and my BMR is 1868

                          funnily enough I had entered my numbers in ruled.me prior to my keto, to calculate my macros, and my intake was deemed to be 1868 (which I rounded up to 1900)

                          here https://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html (link obtained from your BMR calculator)

                          as per this calculator I need 2568 calories to maintain my weight and if I were to decrease my intake to 2068 Cal I would decrease by 0.5kg per week
                          I had restricted infact to 1900Cal, only to increase by 0.5kg per week and a total gain of 2kg

                          In theory keto should have helped me lose weight. I doubt insulin would be a factor in this as the keto diet claims to cure diabetics (who have a deranged insulin response). I did not have any diet sodas/ low cal sodas/ artificial sweeteners to have possibly caused an insulin spike.

                          a typical breakfast would be black tea + 1tsp cream + 3 eggs cooked in coconut oil + two strips fatty bacon + half an avocado; two hours later I would be hungry again. There is no way this breakky could trigger a significant response to make me hungry

                          Like I said keto works for most but not all
                          And as it doesn't work for the minority we suffer in silence lol

                          fasting also helps to keep you in a deficit

                          true, isn't that what most weight loss diets ask for?

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          I wish it worked for me. I've done it a few times for several months each time. I lose 12kg the first couple of months then it stops. I'd eat one meal at night of pork, beef, or chicken with cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts with melted butter and pink Himalayan salt. And the obligatory 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar. Drink at least 2L of water every day but more like 3 or 4.

          About your hunger problem, I've found if I eat ANY kind of carbs it stokes the fire of hunger. What I mean is before trying dirty keto I've eaten only meat for several months a few times. If I don't exercise the same thing as above happens. If I do exercise I keep losing weight. I went from 4XL shirts to Medium which (after shrinkage from being washed) were becoming loose too, so I was about to buy S size. But my point is I don't feel hungry this way. But the moment I add any vegetable or trace of sugar like in berries, nuts, or a tsp of cream, I'm RAGING hungry and it destroys will power.

          The more fatty the meat the more and faster I lose weight too. Once I ate lamb forequarter chops for a few weeks. I dropped one belt notch every 3 days. And I wasn't restricting food amount. I'd eat every time I felt hungry, 3 chops each time, anything from twice to four times a day, lots of water and rode a bicycle 15km at least 4-6 days a week. When I ran out of lamb and switched to pork or chicken the weight loss continued but slower.

          I used every hole in a leather belt then when it became so loose my pants were falling off every time my hands were full, I punched several new holes. Then I went down through most of those until I went off the diet. Then slowly gained it all back over 18 months.

          Then I tried dirty keto and the first paragraph happened again which leaves me ALWAYS hungry even the few times I've stuffed myself until full to test it! So eating any carbs means I eat more, and I try to limit the amount of food I have raging hunger until I give in. Either way I lose nothing after the first 12kg (without exercise).

          Maybe healthy keto works but I can't figure it out. They never tell you WHAT to eat and it's supposedly requires a different calculation for each person. That's nonsense. That's calorie control which is the exact opposite of they say keto is. That is, all the books and sites I've seen rehashing the same theory as if the clouds are magically going to part and you'll know what to eat, even though that didn't happen the previous 3 dozen times you read it.

          I don't care WHY it (supposedly) works. I want to be told what to eat. Instead they list which foods to avoid or eat then through a bunch of calculations at you. Then you learn the carb count on Australian food is different to the carb count of USA food. And they tell you to eat protein powder this, and substitute that. It's too complicated and from what I've seen weight loss is far too slow. People on youtube, the ones who 'get it right' themselves without being told what to eat, talk about YEARS to reach their goal weight. They cheer over losing 100g. Stuff that. I know if I eat as much meat as I like, no carbs, drink only water, ride a bike, then after 2 months switch to no food, that in 35 days from beginning fasting I go from ~130kg to ~90kg.

          Then I was told about "Dr Berg" on youtube. He tells you to 'just do what I say and it always works'(eating 12 cups of salad or vegetables per day). Yeah right. Well I did that, go see paragraph 1. He conveniently always ignores my questions in his livechats like how he says he eats 4x eggs per day and to eat 12x cups of salad or vegetables but somehow eats only one small meal.

          Anyway I can't find how to translate the theory and calculations into meals and I won't buy his book because it sounds like many of the things he alludes to in his videos are not available here. Like low carb honey substitute, and this or that powder.

          So I suspect clean keto would be the same as every other time I eat any carbs. Become starving hungry, so you lose self control, eat more, and stop losing weight. I can do that by eating whatever I like without all the suffering. In fact I know that's what happens because I did it at paragraph 1 with broccoli/cauliflower only without any variety. The moment I add carbs I have to eat double or triple the amount of meat or else hunger drives me insane thinking about chocolate and potato and pumpkin and fruit etc.

          I've also just starved myself beore. I began with meat for a few weeks then ate nothing. I'd constantly sip water dozens of times a day when hunger reappeared every few minutes. That required less self control than when I add any carbs, but constantly going to the toilet is really tedious. I fasted that way for 35 days. Had to stop because I became so weak I couldn't do anything except sit or lie down and my heartbeat began doing weird things.

          Questions: Did you exercise that entire time and what type and how much? And I suspect you probably stick to the same few meals so what do you eat and how much?


            @Faulty P xel: I do some weight lifting - https://stronglifts.com/5x5/. I would also spend 60-75 mins brisk walking on the treadmill. Now with the gyms closed where I live, I'm just netflixing…

            As for food, it's the usual keto-friendly stuff. I find myself avoiding food that has more than 13g of carbs for every 100g. I don't limit my fat or protein and will eat until satisfied. I do not like the idea of counting/measuring calories - I've done it before and it worked but then gained the weight back. I was always hungry too.

            I do some fasting as well. First big meal would be at 5pm and I will graze until around 9pm. HOWEVER, when I'm hungry, I will eat. I'd eat a can of tuna at work, or have one of these https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/76850/musashi-high-p...

            I honestly won't be able to tell you how much I eat. My wife have said that since I started keto, we have spent less money on groceries :)


            @Faulty P xel:

            Then I was told about "Dr Berg" on youtube

            I'm assuming you do know he is a chiropractor (or chiropodist in the USA, unlike here they have the title of Dr)

            I have never found a single picture of him looking overweight let alone obese
            So I'm assuming he is a naturally thin man who is raking in the moolah by keeping his title and advising people on how to lose weight


            @Faulty P xel:

            Did you exercise that entire time and what type and how much? And I suspect you probably stick to the same few meals so what do you eat and how much?

            exercised atleast 5 days per week and atleast 200Cal per day

            yes the same few meals which
            a. met my caloric intake of 1900 Cal(as opposed to my requirement of 2500)
            b. met my macros
            c. no artificial sweeteners
            d. kept my total carbs under 25gm per day


        What's your blood glucose level like? I think it's essential to measure your levels, at least in the beginning. The best option, if you can afford it, is to get a continuous glucose monitor such as Freestyle Libre (I believe that is the only brand currently available in Australia). Yes, it is expensive but is very useful to get an insight how different foods and feeding patterns impact your glucose (and by proxy, insulin levels). This will then allow you to calibrate your qualitative food intake. For example, I just had a massive meal of one fried egg, mushroom, 5 strips of bacon,slice of cheese, fried spinach, kimchi, natto, generous dollop of aioli and ajvar, a pickle and 4 slices of tempeh all fried in shitloads of lard and coconut oil. One hour later, blood glucose? Perfectly straight line same as before the meal. Absolutely no increase in BG level. If I had anything carby, BG would have gone way up by that time. Hunger? No, just a satisfying feeling of satiety. Of course, most likely you cannot have such a meal 3 times a day and expect to lose weight. I did not have breakfast today, only coffee, and will most likely either skip dinner or have a light one. Insulin is the key for weight gain/loss and the only practical way to measure it at home is indirectly, via blood glucose levels.


          What's your blood glucose level like?

          not even prediabetic

          insulin has a sharp increase to carbs
          moderate increase to protein
          and small increase to fat

          calculated my macros;
          cooked in butter/ ghee/ lard/ coconut oil
          never really had the feeling of satiety eg dinner I would eat a steak and Brussels sprouts and stop not because I was full but because I didn't want to gain weight

          Insulin is the key for weight gain/loss

          true but not the only hormone; leptin plays a role as well

          I think my insulin levels are fine but perhaps I am leptin resistant :)


    Keto is disgusting

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    Lol, I guess this has turned into a Keto thread now (btw, the AU link isnt free anymore).

    I do "low carb, high fat" as opposed to "Keto". Works for me for what I want, but yeah, I get that everyone is different.

    I think the Protien aspect is overlooked a lot. Gotta keep your eye on that too. I don't wanna simplify the process in case I say something wrong and get roasted… but look up what happens to excess Protien in your body and where/how it's stored in your body.

    Gotta deplete those glycogen stores if you wanna go full keto ;-)


      I do "low carb, high fat" as opposed to "Keto".

      didnt realise there were so many variants
      the version I did was low carb high fat moderate proteins
      I did calculate my macros, and ensured there wasn't any chance of gluconeogenesis :)

      Gotta deplete those glycogen stores if you wanna go full keto ;-)

      urine and blood both confirmed ketosis :)