Is LG G8X an option for us?

I'm a huge fan of Lg's insistence on including specs that can't be graphed. Quad dac and good microphone, great haptic feedback, wave gesture for security, usb 3.1, ergonomical design (switching speakers to cater for penetrating second screen for calls), and just so much more.

Can I get the g8x? Or is my only option the v50 or v60?

Edit: are you serious? Lg straight up pulled all of their flagships out of our market? Whelp, that sucks.


  • Yeah not sure what options are for good phone DACs these days. Might have to consider a standalone DAP which is annoying, or even a portable DAC.

  • As someone who bought a V30+ I won't be getting another LG phone. I bought it to use with my nice headphones but I barely use them, have active ones that I wear outdoors, to the gym ect.

    The phone itself is ok, i'd hardly call it a flagship. Lg just don't make great software and it has constant issues with my bluetooth stereo and other annoying things that you don't notice with a Samsung, Apple, Oppo etc. I feel like it's had one update in the past 12 months and am not surprised they have focused on mid-range phones.

    • I getcha, i had many issues with the g6 myself, but I'm willing to deal with the software issues for the hardware. I've been using my phone as a full time computer over the last 2 years, and loaded linux in it. The dual screen function, usbc 3.1, the microphone and ergonomical designs are huge pluses for me.

      Infact, ignoring all of that, I much have the g6 over many phones of today just because of in hand ergonomics. No one cares as much about that since the early motos.

  • Still plenty of G8s around from vendors, and there are some nearly new (with remaining warranty) on Gumtree for $500-ish.
    I would have a G8 in a second, I rate LG's hardware and reliability even if they are not that snappy with OS updates. But I have a G7, it was a bargain and I don't really need a new phone (I keep telling myself…)

    • While the g8s is almost there, the smaller battery and lack of dual screen pushes me to wait for the next LG, or maybe even the Microsoft duo instead.

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