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Show Your Motoring Club Card (NRMA, RACV, RAC, RAA, RACT, AA) & Save 30% on Full Priced Items @ Repco


Just saw a post about RACQ getting discount at Repco.

Questions asked about whether it applied to other Auto Clubs and it does!!!!

Available in store and on-line from now until Sunday 5th July.

Trad T&C’s apply.

Field at checkout to enter in your card number and discount is then applied.

Have fun !

  • Offers valid Fri 3 – Sun 5 July 2020. Discount applies to full retail price. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. Excludes transmissions, engines, cylinder heads, automotive, marine or deep cycle batteries, Milwaukee, Redarc, GME and trade purchases and equipment.

Store stock only.

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  • I'll also add that I've not had my card on hand when ordering previously and just put a semi random number (knew what it started with and how many digits) in and it worked fine…

  • Do repco offer a service to change over car batteries?

  • I bought a 20 dollar item at repco Broome and was happily surprised to see that cashrewards had an in store cash bavk of about 5% atta he'd to my registered credit card. I love cash rewards.

  • RAC as well for Western Australia.

  • Would this be applicable if I signed up to the $5 monthly NRMA blue membership?

    Edit, never mind. Excludes automotive batteries.

  • Dammit, bought a copper washer yesterday and only saved 20%, or about 40 cents. How unlucky am I?

  • Anyone ordered stuff from Repco for delivery having issues not receiving their products recently?

    • +2 votes

      Have also had trouble receiving incorrect items, shipped to wrong address (billing vs shipping), then got called a (profanity) over the phone. Had to go into the store to swap items and they wouldn't even refund shipping. They haven't transitioned into the online shopping world too well.
      My local shop has friendly staff at least.

      • I also had trouble with Repco shipping the order of someone else to me. I would assume that person would have received my items. Was told to take it back to the closest store. Problem is that the items I ordered are no longer available.

    • Last mailordered with Repco interstate in May… they sent it thru Toll.

      Toll had got hacked 2nd time, all their systems went offline for a fortnight… nobody knew what was going where.

      After about a week… Courier left a Missed You card.

      Waited a few days. Call centre was hapless, no system working. Called Repco… yeah ok, they remembered me, yeah they sent via Toll. Called Toll again few days later, system still not up.

      Amazingly about week later… courier rang again… yay, received.

      Not game to try another mailorder just yet.

  • Where's the best place to get a car battery from? Seems these deals exclude automotive batteries….

    • Try Bunnings or Costco if you can't wait for the regular specials. Or, Beaurepaires, who are usually cheap(est) in my area when the big discounts aren't available - which is invariably when your battery dies, n'est-ce pas?

  • Does anyone find Repco's customer service is pretty much non-existant? Super agro old blokes who seem pissed off to be working there lol. I've been to numerous stores in Adelaide and its all the same.

    • Must be the water over there. I've been to every store in Canberra at various times and found them to be very helpful and courteous, without exception.

    • Super old bloke seemed nice but had difficulty hearing. But he was super pissed about someone who was on the phone for excessively long times whilst the store was relatively busy.

  • I entered my NRMA card number on the online checkout page and it applied 30% off there too, thanks OP

  • Weird a full priced stocked item I tried says "Product is excluded from the SYCS discount". I can't see why? This is the item - https://www.repco.com.au/en/brands/bowdens-own/bowden-s-own-...

    • Worked for me. Came down to 9.09
      Using this to apply tyre gel.

      Been looking out for low shine dressings

      • I managed to get it instore for that price so all good. I actually use CarPro PERL. Diluted 1:1 lasts forever and gives a nice matte black finish. Can’t stand that shiny stuff.

  • Blackvue Dashcams eligible for 30% off.