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Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky 700ml $139.99 Delivered @ Costco [Membership Required]


$140 delivered for those with membership, $167 @ VC and $200 @ DM.

Thankyou original poster.


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  • Still no stock in NSW

  • Oof these Japanese whiskey prices keep getting steeper…

    • Yeah, don't get me wrong Hibiki is really nice, but the NAS version is definitely not a $140 whisky.

      • Couldn't agree more. I genuinely like this whisky, but there are better VALUE drops out there.

        • Which ones do you recommend? I was going to buy this but saw these comments and was curious :D

          • @SammyB: Personally - I like to wait for sales, especially the ebay plus ones… Also, remember that everyone will have different tastes - i am not a huge fan of peaty whisky.. More towards sherry / port / bourbon casks.

            I recently stocked up on the ebay plus sales and saved about $80 across Upshot, Eagle Rare and Starward Nova. None are particularly great, but for the savings, they were/are nice easy drinkers..

            • Chivas Mizunara @ ~$60 from a recent post on OB ( sold out here in vic )
            • Johnny Green @ ~$66 FirstChoice ( i would not pay more than this though as it is a little peaty )
            • Woodford Double Oaked ~$ $75, although i have seen it for less than $70
            • I also saw Aberlour 12 recently but i cant find it… I love it but wouldnt pay more than $75. I have bought it from posts here at less than $70..

            First choice have a good deal on Talisker at the moment - but it's not my cup of tea.
            PS - Difference between JW Green and Aberlour == 2 glasses of Johnnie will give me a headache the next day… I can drink Aberlour 12 all night and not get a headache…. Aberlour A'Bundah is better but rarely cheap.

            Aberlour 12 - online price @ $74

            Woodford Double Oaked @$69

  • "Sorry, there is insufficient stock for your cart."

  • Same as when this deal was listed a few days ago. No stock. Called a store in Melbourne and they checked every store - no stock.

  • $10 more than Yesterday and no stock.

  • I’m so pleased that there is demand for these
    Japanese whiskies at exorbitant prices that I can pick up my favourite islay scotch at cheaper prices , go jap whiskies ;)

  • Holy moly has the price of Japanese whiskey shot through the roof? I'm fairly sure I bought a bottle of this a few years ago in Japan to bring back for around $50.

    • Equivalent price in Japan now is probably 5-5.5k yen so around $75. Will cost more here with having to import it in and our local taxes adding $87/100% of alcohol ($37 here) and also GST (call it $10). But overall yes, prices are still going up!

      • It's almost impossible to find a bottle of Hibiki in the big metro areas in Japan at the moment. I found a bottle in a regional city down south and RRP was around 8000, which is over AU$100.

        • Yeah the demand is obviously outweighing the supply. Gone are the days 6 years ago when I was drinking Hibiki 17 for like $100!

  • I got hibiki 21 unopened limited edition. I heard i can sell it for 800-1k aud

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