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Car Windscreen Wiper Blades $47.20 Delivered (20% off) Refillable and Made in Australia @ Jenok Wiper Blades


Before you read the details, read the comments, proud to be an Australian Manufacturer.

Includes the following:
2 x Wiper blades (Front)
2 x Refills
Free Delivery

Jenok manufactures aero car wiper blades in Victoria, Australia. We have been supplying the automotive trade for over 7 years, with hundreds of mechanics using our products. Why? because there customers love them and so will you.
Our product is unique, it is refillable, no need to keep buying the entire wiper blades every time you cannot see s—-t through your dirty windscreen when driving, just replace the windscreen wiper blade rubbers and you will have crystal clear vision again.
This offer is for all our 975 models that covers 95% of all car makes and models in Australia.
Just go to the website, select your make, model, body type and year of your car, check out the product and on the checkout page enter in the promotional code for your 20% discount.
We stand by the product we make, so feel free to read the 5 star reviews we have received from our customers since offering them online.
You will receive a tracking number via email when we dispatch your wiper blades

Happy driving

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Jenok Wiper Blades
Jenok Wiper Blades


  • I bought a set a few months ago and got them just in time for some heavy rains - very happy!

  • I bought two sets on the last deal for our two cars and they perform really well. Easy to install and having the extra refills is a bonus.

  • Grabbed some, thanks. Got 2 different blades on at the moment, because Supercheap didn't have a matching set.

    • Hi Gurras, that sucks, glad you found Jenok wiper blades, John works had to produce these products in Australia and that is why 100's of mechanics use them and trust them.

  • Always good to see good quality locally manufactured products.

  • To be honest, this is the first time I've heard of Jenok wipers, but for the price, I decided to try it. Will report back on how it performs once I get them.

  • Could not find Peugeot 5008. I have 2018 model. Do you make blades for these?

    • Hi Sam,
      Best to send a quick email to [email protected], he will be able to sort it out for you.

      • Hi Sam,
        Just spoken with John, he can provide you with wipers to suit your 5008, send him an email with your car make and model, tell him you are from ozbargain and he will call you. If you are happy to place the order over the phone as we need to update the database for your car.

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    Hi Borntospeed,
    We manufacture in Melbourne, been around +7 years, but most of that time is been supplying to the trade, it will take us time to develop our brand.
    Hope you are happy with the product and please provide some feedback.

  • Awesome this confirms that my.mechanic didn't rip.me off!

  • Tried ordering last time with Amex but the payment system flipped out. Can you confirm if this has been fixed? Don’t have my cc with me currently to try it.
    Any for those who have tried - how do these compare to the Bosch?

    • I can't compare, but currently have these on two cars. What I can tell you is that with all the rain we've had lately, they've worked really well for me and it's nice to be able to have a system that doesn't require a new wiper arm to replace the next set (which come free with this deal).

      • Yes Wombat, being able to just replace the one part the perishes is why the design works in the long term, just the rubber.
        Thanks for your feedback appreciated

          • @wazza23: Payment failed: I5433-07031327: Invalid Permission : CardNum (Transaction ID: 0)

            Again - please sort out your payment system!

            It clearly says AMEX there on the payment part yet twice now (this promotion and last year) it does not work.

  • Just an FYI: You're missing Kia Stinger on your website

  • what does INC INP mean?

  • Gonna test these. Will report back.

  • do the ones for a wagon include the rear?

  • Do you do rear blades for wagons at all? I need to do front and rear on my Forester

  • Was planning to buy a set for my car. Website doesn't have an Infiniti Q50 2015 sedan. Can you please assist?

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